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    I will admit, there are times where I am sad about the fact I can't jam an endless amount of food down my neck any more. But honestly, the tradeoff is SO much better. Yesterday, I bought a heap of size 12 tops and that was better than not being able to eat the whole pepperoni pizza later that night. It is very normal to go through a grieving process. Once you are past the recovery stage, you won't think of it very often at all And when you do, the results will argue louder than the grieving food addict
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    Was out dancing last night, in heels, and didn't get puffed out at all. Barely even broke a sweat. Also, was able to do The Nutbush properly ... you know the little jumpy round thingy ... that, instead of having to find a way to gracefully shuffle around. Almost bounced my boobs and belly off though ... lol.
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    I just finished my first running race!! Achieved a new running pb of 5km in 36 minutes!!! So happy!
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    I was walking through the shopping mall and noticed Autograph had a sale on. I was about to walk in when I realised I was wearing a size 10 skirt (I KNOW, right?) and I don't have to do that anymore!
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    I use olive oil, but can get heavy handed. Hated paying the cost of canned spray, and adding to the rubbish problems. I purchased a oil sprayer from woolies, now i can pay for really good oil, top up my sprayer and use less in cooking. I got all jamie oliver excited and got two more sprayers. Now i gave garlic flavored and chille flavored oil too.
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    Hi There I had my band done on 17th March and am just starting to get over the gas and pain - on the upside I am moving around and walking without difficulty. I love the fact that I am not hungry or craving bad foods! It feels surreal because before the op I was always hungry! Good Luck Jules33 and Wooks! Keep us informed of your progress. Thanks every one for shareing your feelings and experiences it is so helpful!
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    Lol my name is Tina as well I thought I'd started something and forgotten about it for a minute!
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    Had fill number 5 on Thursday. I don't know how much fill I have and don't really care as its all just numbers. But I think this might be the magic 1. My weight has been very slow to change since surgery in November - but I hit a big milestone yesterday into double figures yeeha - so that is 17.5 loss since the beginning of my journey. Surgeon thinks 80kg is a good final goal for me as I am almost 6ft - numbers do my head in (is that why I work in accounts payable lol) I don't want to get caught up in numbers and am happy just to keep loosing. When I had my surgery I had it in my head that I wanted to be under 100 before xmas - I think its just set me up for disappointment so I don't look at goals of so much before this date as long as I am going down I will be happy. I don't feel hungry at all in the mornings and just have my berocca with tablets. I have been having a green smoothie which I make before I go to work but haven't been drinking it to lunchtime. Last night I just had a 3inch square piece of homemade pizza for dinner. I sat down with a handful of grapes later in the night but I think they may be a bit of a no go as I could feel them being stuck after eating 2. The other day I chewed some up and spat out the skins - gross really but didn't get stuck lol. I bought myself a really nice outfit yesterday on the end of summer sales. Hubby and I are going to the pictures this arv so I am going to wear it - he even took photos of me to send my sister who lives away. I never normally let him take my pic as I hate to look at them but let him do it willingly lol. Hopefully all the November banders are all still trucking away merrily and seeing good losses.
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    I went to Seed at Watertown with a workmate yesterday (it's like a DFO) they had a further 50% off sale items. Found a lovely sheer long black shirt with some cute details that would great with leggings and boots. Picked up a 12 and then found a 14 after show my gf the shirt put what I thought was a 12 back on the rack and went to try it on. Loved it, so did my gf took it off to go and pay for it and realised it was actually the size 12 not the 14 that had fit me perfectly As it sits over my bum, stomach and chest the fact that I fit into a 12 I was pretty damn thrilled! (Of course I bought it!)
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    Onwards and upwards, it's sad that she has drifted away from you but perhaps a blessing in disguise. So many friendships are put under strain with weddings. You did the right thing asking her to still be a guest at the wedding, that shows great maturity. Having been a bridesmaid and having some bridezillas (not saying you are one at all!!) I have decided when I get married I would like to ask our mothers to be our witnesses and take all that strain away. Perhaps there is someone close to you that you would not have perhaps considered due to the traditional MOH role?
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    it is sad she is not there for your big day, but you know what you need positive vibes now.
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    I'm ready to take the plunge! Anyone had experience with surgeons in Cairns?
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    An absolute tribute to my inner fat girl, I read the title as "Sugary time" I was under for around 2 hours but I was a band-to-sleeve so I had a little bit of scar tissue and he also repaired a hernia I never knew I had!
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    Hi Jules! Im considering surgery in June with Dr Pat. Goodluck! I would also like to be in the double digits, not sure when the last time I was either!
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    Thanks everyone! I heard it was a protein issue too so I bought some protein powder but I haven't started taking it yet. I also have the hair skin and nails stuff (I got it pre-surgery to take to help my skin bounce back but the smell put me off it) so I will start taking that too. I also find I am bruising A LOT! My legs are covered in huge, dark bruises - I have been told that's a lack of protein too so it looks like I will definitely have to bump that up. Thanks for your help! PS I am reluctant to go to my dietician because she is all about super low calorie diet and I hate the chemicals - I'm more of a clean eating kind of gal and I think she would die if she saw how many calories I eat in a day! But they are "good" calories
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    I agree with AB mate go the really warm (as hot as you can stand) drink! I find it really helpful not that I pd that much as I only have 3mls in my 10 ml band. all the best mate.
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    Just a little excited weighed my self and scales have migrated down 110kg to 107kg . now it cant all be fluid can it? now if only I can get the ticker tape thingy to work.
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    Hey AB, that doesn't sound band related so much as something else in that region, maybe gallstones perhaps? I know everyone had a different symptom with those. But I would be asking for another opinion. I've been having something weird going on for the last 2 weeks had a bad stuck moment a couple of weeks ago and now I have a funny feeling a pouch may have developed it seems to take ages for food to go down and I'm burping food afterwards no matter how slow I eat. Even my flat white coffee seems to be catching and then (this is gross) I seem to burp up lumps of milky coffee substance it's a bit strange I can't take big gulps of liquid or it comes straight back up so I think a visit to the Dr is in order for me...
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    I saw my dietician once prior to surgery and a couple times after. I found it important afterwards, not only for motivation but for the what to have when kinda thing. But in saying that..... I can email my dietician, and that is a free service she provides. Ask if yours offers that too = no cost. EPC - As I have a Chronic Illness, my GP does what's called a Enhanced Primary Care assessment for me. People with chronic illnesses can get these done for anything from podiatrist to physio to dietician appts. As part of my plan, I got two dietician appts put in and they incurred no cost for me. If you qualify for this service you could put a couple of appts under it to ease your cost. As for staying on liquids until you see her @ 5 weeks post op YIKES! I'd be ready to strangle someone at that point! lol I don't know why she'd say that, but then again, I don't know if she has a specific reason for it. All these professionals have different plans of attack for us all. God forbid any of them be consistent *sigh* We do the best we can with what we've got.
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    Hi All, I am on the sleeved side, had my op on Wednesday, there were nine of us on the day. I have had a dream operation and recovery with the only pain being when I got out of bed a couple of hrs after the op And a bit of chest pain that was from wind but that went after a walk up the corridor. I don't feel like I have had an operation let alone most of my tummy removed and I have zero appetite so my biggest challenge Has been remembering to drink so I have set my alarm every hour on my phone to keep me on track. Dr Liew was absolutely wonderful I am sooo pleased that I choose him for my surgeon and a big bonus was that he does not charge a gap so my out of pocket expenses were $450 excess for hospital and $532 for the aneathetist . Am I happy that I have had this sleeve surgery, YES YES YES , Best wishes to all the others waiting for their sleeves and I hope you also have a dream op and recovery.
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    I'm a person who lost weight pretty easily after the surgery but my surgeon never set goals for me. He said indicatively I would probably lose 15 - 20k in the first couple of months. If you see my signature I'm still losing but the rate is definitely slowing down as I get closer to goal weight. I'm now just a kilo outside of 'normal' weight range so I expect for it to be a lot slower. There are plenty of people for whom the weight drops off easily after surgery but just as many stories of people who lost nothing for a while. Long term though for sleevers I have noticed from posts that people mostly do lose weight. Some people it just takes a little while for their body to start losing. Don't stress about the timeframe and kilos per week - just trust your body and know that eventually you will keep losing if you keep your diet right.
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    I can't do chin ups ... yet. It's my gym goal for this year. All I want is to be able to bust out one single chin up. I'm training on the assisted pull up machine, so far still on the easiest setting, but I'm up to being able to do 6 ... lol.
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    On the topic of feet, I now have spaces between my toes! My toes that formally looked like tightly packed chunky cut hot chips, now have sunlight glistening between them..ahhh I'm feeling the breeze
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    Hi Jgls, I'm being banded on the 29th of this month. I'm paying Zeev $1,900(compared to his usual $2900) and paying the anesthetist $500, so $2400 all up. Has Zeev offered you the google special? I saw that you're a single mum and that might help you out! Also because you can't be banded for a few months, the offer may just come back. Ask him about it, he's a great guy! I'm happy to answer any questions! I did post that on the zeev duieb thread, but I guess you didn't see it! The band will benefit both you and your daughter, if you're making better choices you will be giving her better choices too.
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    Hi Jgls I've found money seems to come and go regardless. Sure it does seem like a saving (on paper) when you add up the crap bought pre-surgery like the takeaways, the quick fix foods when out in the car, the movie nights of dvds and of course the snacks that go with it. But despite what people try to say re: eating healthier is cheaper, in my experience it is not. Sure, as a lap bander (me) I do eat less, alot less, however the food is alot better quality than before, add on top of that the multivitamins and any other protein powders etc and yes these things do add up. Do I begrudge these expenses? Of course not, as previous comments said, this is saving my life each and every day and this procedure, despite looking like it is about numbers (kilos, calories, mls etc) it really shouldn't be. You mentioned your daughter, I'd say the thought of watching her flourish, perhaps seeing a wedding day or maybe children if that's her wish, would be something worth getting healthy for as well. I've been with my band for 100 days now and to be honest, I couldn't say I've really saved any money living the bandit lifestyle. Infact I may of spent more! As now I am more confident to go out places, do things, buy a few more clothes, and am currently planning an overseas holiday (my first in 20 years). Yep I am spending more cash for sure and it's fabulous to be getting my life back Good luck!