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    Hi all, well I'm 700g off having lost 50kg in the past two years, in fact it will be exactly 2 weeks in just 10 days. I had sleeve in April 2013 and revision to bypass in September 2014 due to severe reflux. Finally feeling "normal" and loving fitting into normal sized clothes and being able to comfortably wear dresses!
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    The good news is that I don't have a leak! The good news is that I had a bit more fill put in! I apparently have 8.5ml in a 12ml band after checking today. Obviously there was a mis reporting on my notes from previous surgeon (he has since retired) that said I had 12.5ml in my band and that "too bad, but we can't put anymore in-this is the limit of your band" The last month or so I've felt like I had to "diet" just to maintain my weight and now I'm feeling a lot more optimistic. The new surgeon is great and very approachable and hopefully I've now reached my sweet spot. I did have whooping cough last year and with all the coughing causing swelling I had to have fill taken out. I can only think it was put in my notes as a fill instead of unfill. Can't explain the discrepancy any other way. I feel a bit cheesed off that for the last 12 months I've had a real struggle and still piled on the weight and felt defeated because I was unable to get any more fill due to the band being at maximum. She has also given me a referral for a blood test to make sure my levels for Vit D, B12 B1 zinc and iron levels + liver function are OK. She asked when I last had them done and I've never had them done since banding 2011.
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    I had a massage today and I could fit my arms next to my sides on the massage bed. Sounds silly, but when I had a huge arse and hips my arms wouldn't fit and I had to lie on my hands so my arms would stay in place.
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    I went overseas for a month, no scales, no full body length mirrors.. My stomach was so huge and I was scared that I had undone all the effort I've put into this journey. I come home and weigh myself, no damage done. Go me! What a relief.. I was bloated from the horrible tap water there, nasty stuff. I actually dropped a kg while over there, last time I gained 10!
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    When I was out on the weekend I was sitting outside very late at night. It was only 5c and I wasn't dressed for it so was freezing my butt off. A (smoking hot) bloke (that I'd been lusting after for 5 years) noticed and went and got his jacket for me. As he went to put it on me my first automatic thought was, "Oh, no. How embarrassing. This isn't going to fit me. I'll just put it over my shoulders so he doesn't notice how much bigger I am than him." But then he insisted on me actually putting it on properly so I'd be warmer and I then realised that it was just the eternally fat girl inside me insisting that I was still fat when I'm not. So I put it on and it was heaps big on me. I think I'll always be that fat girl inside. When I saw photos of me with this bloke later on I could see that I'm much smaller than him. Like, I looked like a normal sized girl. It was nice to be able to wear a boy's jacket ... made me feel all girlie and giggly inside ... lol.
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    I find since the site went down I'm finding it difficult to get back into being on the site. Also the food seems to have got worse, making bad choices. So must get back into checking in once a day. Anyone else find this? Hope everyone is good!!
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    HI Julie, I don't think I have ever talked to you before - I've been hanging around since banding last Nov so have seen a number of yours posts. I felt like I was going nowhere at the start but now I am loosing. I have been lucky in that I have had the support of a really good dietician and I think she has been my saving grace in the journey. I saw her on Saturday she said that only having 1 meal a day is a recipe for disaster and poor losses - I was sorta thinking the less I eat surely the more weight I will loose - she wants me to eat more than what I am - go figure. She has set me up with a new eating plan to include more protein and calcium. I don't know if the same sort of thing may be happening for you also. Just a suggestion - don't know if it may help you also.
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    My mum had hers done by Dr Dolan for $4500. She looks great, the scar is straight. He is fantastic.
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    I must be just lucky then as intend to recover from surgery quite quickly. After my band surgery I had no pain killers other than what they gave me during surgery and I was out of hospital the next morning and driving and went shopping. After my port replacement surgery and then band removal I was the same. Even with the sleeve I just had some pain killers the first day and that was it. On Tuesday I went to my surgeons (five days after my operation) and asked him if he was fine with me returning to work the next day and he said that he was and gave me a certificate for those 4 days off work. He commented then that I was one of the fastest recovering patients he has.
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    Is he a plastic/reconstructive surgeon or just general surgeon?
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    50kg by one year then slowly lost the next 10kg. Will be 3 years in June.
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    Have actually reached the 50kg lost mark now, stuck on that number for a good two weeks now but that's ok, that seems to be happening a lot now that I'm close to goal
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    I think I was 88.9kg this morning. 200g down from last week.
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    52.5, down 500g again woo hoo!
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    Hi guys nice to be back after withdrawal symptoms from not having our wonderful forum. 70.4 for me this week so 900g down in a fortnight. Hope everyone is travelling well? Oh and finally in the health BMI range 😜 woohoo!
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    I swear by Hydralyte (found in pharmacies, chemist warehouse is the cheapest) I've posted on here before about the stuff & seriously it's a life saver for me. I was banded way back in 2009 & I've been seriously dehydrated ever since, I've had times where I've vomited, been dizzy to the point of lying down in the shower, to the worst leg & feet cramps & needing to be taken to hospital for a drip to perk me back up, but now I swear by Hydralyte, either the dissolvable in water kind, powder or ice blocks. I always start my day off with Hydralyte & sip another one throughout the day at work. Try it & see how you go, but for me in my experience as I can't comment for anyone else, is that since banding I've found it extremely difficult to drink water because I get so full & feel very uncomfortable afterwards
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    As an 'old' regular contributor and now daily lurker, I'm delighted to make another contribution to keep this fabulous site afloat. (I'm 4 years banded and hover, 5 or 6kg above my 'in your dreams' goal weight. I am however around what is deemed a healthy weight.) I am confident that those who use this site on a daily basis will also make a contribution.
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    Hi, great start. I have my first fill on the 13th May. I was supposed to have it done next week but I won't be in the state. I am nearly 5weeks post op and feeling so great. You are doing so well. Do you feel any difference with the fill? The whole site was down for around 5days. Thankfully it is back up and running........I didn't realize how much I relyed on it
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    Yeah, my reflux just kept getting progressively worse to the point where all I did was work and sleep and I was needing to take sick days from work coz I felt so bad, bypass was my only option to hopefully fix or improve it, which it thankfully has, no reflux and no reflux meds!
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    Just wore a bikini on the beach in Hawaii. OMG. Can't believe I can do that.
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    From a BMI of 41 to around 31, the weight fell off without much dietary change on my behlf. The reduction in portion sizes did it for me, I think. 31 to 28, which is where I am now - took a year. I've been at a BMI 28 for the last year and boy do I fight for every 100g loss. The batteries died in my scales and I haven't replaced them. I still wonder all the time what I actually weigh, but I've noticed in myself that my waist feels tighter, that my clothes feel different. It's made me more tuned into the smaller, finer details. You'll have times when you CBF "dieting" or counting calories or whichever weight loss format you choose. That's okay. As long as it's swings and roundabouts, in my opinion. I don't believe anyone can stick to a diet forever and a day without slipping. Say in the 7 days of the week you have 6 bad days. Next week, try to have only 5 bad days. Change up one meal each day - start with protein shake or opti for breakfast every day for a week and see how you feel. Just make small changes, one at a time, so it doesn't feel so insurmountable.
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    This is not meant as having a go at BrizKate, but when I read comments like this it does make me wonder whether the person is still in a honeymoon period after recently having WLS and sooner or later the time will come when weight loss stalls requiring the effort many of us above are talking about in order to lose the remaining weight. Good luck to you if weight loss comes easy. It definitely was never easy for me. If I thought switching to a sleeve or gastric bypass would mean a permanent easy ride I'd definitely switch over from the band, but I genuinely believe my issues (being sugar addiction) can't be solved by any WLS.
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    I am using fitness pal, logging in what I eat, and how much. I also measure all my foods. I usually measure one cup to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I cook from scratch and make everything fresh. I eat a high protein diet with no or little carbs. I drink about 2 litres of water. Sometimes I might have a treat but that's rarely. Exercising I do about 30mins to 45 mins. Not sure if I'm doing the right exercise. I'm doing walking on the treadmill and also using the home gym. I just don't understand why it's such a slow process. I know everyone is different but I just get so upset when I see people lose 30 kg when I can barely drop. It's so frustrating
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    Because after everything I have read or watched or studied in others and myself, it appears the almost everyone over-estimates how many calories they are eating and the more obese you are the more likely it is that your perception of what you should be able to eat (or what's normal) is very far away from what actually is the appropriate amount of calories to eat. I know when I weighed 140kgs I thought I didn't eat that much really, but in fact I ate double a normal person and on may days much more than that. I really dislike when people mention in here that they eat "healthy" as it implies a negative tone to others that aren't eating "healthy". I assume when people say they eat "healthy" it means they are cooking foods from scratch rather than buying prepared meals, but I guess it could mean anything including how they believe they eat and not how they actually eat. Even cooking your own meals and adding oils/fats or how you cook or portion size can make a home cooked meal just as high or higher as a bought meal even a so-called junk food meal. Or people graze or snack all day long and think this is normal, because food manufacturers constantly advertise snack foods to us. I personally choose to eat take away foods or even a macca's cheeseburger if that's what I want because it doesn't matter what you eat to lose weight the only objective measure that matters is calories consumed. Focusing on calories allows someone to "budget" their calories and spend them the most wisely for their particular eating style as everyone is different which is why some diets work for some and not for others. Anyway, I'm probably just writing a long post because I'm avoiding doing something else I'm suppose to be doing right now. hehehe