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    Hi all, long time no post! I'm officially all married off. Overall, the day went pretty perfectly. We had a few hiccups, but nothing that I couldn't handle - and in the scheme of things it didn't matter! I'm so thrilled everything turned out just the way we wanted - including the stunning 22 degree winters day!!!! Good to see all your planning coming along. My best advice is to enjoy every moment, as it will be over before you know it!
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    I was waiting outside my local chemist and they had a sign up "Are you a JERF person?" I wondered what a JERF was....then I realised it meant "Just Eat Real Food". I've seen the "Men who made us fat" doco before - it is really, really worthwhile watching!!
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    4 weeks post op and I am almost 50% to goal weight. it's an amazing thing. I haven't felt this energetic and happy for years.
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    Here is the benefit of my experience regarding carbs.... I have always been very anti on anticarbers. Carbs are important as they provide the fuel that our brains need to function and should be included in our diet. Yeah, yeah there was some research conducted by some people @ Harvard with indicates that this may not be the case and this research has had holes poked through it...but anyway... A sleever tends to do much better with their satiety and weight loss in the short and long term if they have a high protein diet. They stay fuller for longer, much more so than someone who isn't sleeved. It's a really effective way to use the sleeve. That said, it is important to get a good balance of everything...we should be aiming for at least 60 grams of protein per day, eating protein with every meal and making it the main event will assist this. Having snacks that are protein-rich is also important. I disputed this myself. Then I tried my old Low GI diet, with low GI carbs as the main event. Quite simply, I was HUNGRY and when I have a carb-centric meal, I want more carbs. If I have a protein rich meal, I am satisfied for far longer. I never thought that I'd see the day that I would be supporting a high protein, low carb diet. A carb is not a carb - I eat carbs....fruit, vegetables, legumes are all sources of carbohydrate. I still eat bread, I sometimes eat pasta and rice but I don't find it satisfying like I used to. I prefer to eat protein then veges then (if I have room) traditional carbs (such as potato, rice, pasta, etc). You will do well if you avoid processed foods and try to have 'whole foods' where possible...they take longer to digest and are a 'better' source of fuel. Trust me, I've tried everything, tested theories, made my own rules, disputed facts and have concluded that the high protein/low carb lifestyle IS the most effective. Do I demonize carbs? HELL NO!! I do enjoy a wrap, sandwich and even the odd fried rice or pasta dish (I had the most divine aglio e olio - linguine with olive oil, chilli and garlic....and I got a couple of meatballs added too)...I certainly wouldn't judge or condemn anyone who chooses to eat carbs like some forums tend to do...I treat carbs much like I used to treat cakes and sweets - they are 'sometimes foods'
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    Im finding this recipe delish blended... 500g (2-3 breast chicken fillets) 1 x tin of apricot nectar 1 x packet of french onion soup mix Curry powder to taste 1 tablespoon corn flour to thicken the sauce In a casserole dish place the diced chicken breast pour half of the tin of apricot nectar over the chicken in a bowl mix the remainder apricot nectar, french onion soup mix, curry powder & corn flour then pour over the chicken - mix it all in nice Put it in the oven on 150degrees for about an hour delish with rice or mash potato on the side + veggies
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    Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, I am facing increasing issues moderating the site and although we have some wonderful moderators, they can't be everywhere at once. I'm now in the final 6 months of medical school and once I graduate I go into the increasingly crazy hours of internship, so it will only get worse. So I am putting out an open call to anyone who is interested in joining the moderation team for Banding Together. Please send through via email to david@bandingtogether.com.au: an overview of why you want to be a moderator what ideas you have for how we could improve this site what experience you have in the past with site or forum moderation. Please note that experience is not a pre-requisite - we want passion for the site and a proven track record of level-headedness and helpfulness on the site. Once all applications are received, they will be reviewed by the existing admins and then our shortlist will be published back on the site for the entire community to review before they are approved. If people have an issue with someone being made a moderator, or have a concern that they feel we need to know about, this will be the time to let us know (in private). Once the community consultation stage is complete, the new admins will then be given online training from me via webinar and then released into the wild to help manage the site. If you are interested in applying to be a moderator, please feel free to email me at david@bandingtogether.com.au. Applications close on Sunday the 5th of July. Many thanks, Dave
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    90% to goal! Only 5kg to go
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    As for the spacing, this is part of the default design of the forum sadly, it's not as easy to change. Will see what I can do but will do big "coding" changes in about 10 days or so once everyone has chipped in thoughts and ideas so that I only need to do one round of changes. If you find it all too big, you can also try holding down CTRL and - (the minus symbol) which will zoom out your browser a little bit (you can zoom back in with CTRL and + and reset to normal zoom with CTRL and 0 (zero)) Thanks
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    I thought it was cold on holiday.... I am freezing now...
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    I am glad you have us to ''talk'' to then Nessa, so whenever you feel the need, talk away.
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    All fixed. Apologies for delay.
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    I haven't met the psychologist yet. I go back for my test results Friday and them I'm referred but unsure if I see the psychologist or surgeon first. I'm in the Kwinana area. I'm sure I do want this, some days I can just pick at food all day because I'm hungry or don't have that full feeling.
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    Just as an aside, I noticed in a Coles supermarket today, in the "Health Food" aisle, most of the foods are processed and packaged. Interesting, don't you think? I would have thought health foods were more those in the fruit & veg and meat departments (whole food style)..... Kazbo's "whole foods" comment reminded me of that realisation I had this morning. I also remember a teaching I learnt at Jenny Craig, "shop the walls", where they suggested you do most of your shopping around the walls of a supermarket, rather than inside the aisles. That's where you'll find the healthiest options, ie the fruit & veg, meat and dairy and deli departments, although these days delis are loaded with plenty of bad choices also.
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    It sounds promising, Nessa. It's normal in any social setting for there to be lulls in the conversation. He sounds like a gentleman and trust me, those are far and few between these days.
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    Debateable about people not being able to handle carbs! (and there are differences in carbs) - what we are seeing now is 40 + years of high carbohydrate, low fat diets. AKA "Diseases of Civilisation" http://www.dovepress.com/the-western-diet-and-lifestyle-and-diseases-of-civilization-peer-reviewed-article-RRCC and from the well-respected, peer reviewed Pub Med: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15699220 What we can overtly see ie. overweight/obesity - is actually a symptom of insulin resistance, and an be part of a constellation of symptoms/diseases including diabetes (along with diseases associated with that e.g.diabetic retinopathy, renal disease etc), cardio-vascular disease etc. With the sleeve, as intake is so small, it is important to have protein first as it is needed for cell repair and growth + it has a 'thermic' effect in metabolism, then if there is any room after have non-starch veg, then starchy veg/carbs. Protein is also required for maintaining your muscle mass, which is the most efficient burner of fuel and the most metabolically active. More muscle mass (used, not just sitting there lol!) burns more calories. Also with protein first you are having nutrient dense food, not 'fillers'. And these fillers, as we all know, you can eat, then feel hungry again a little while later, then eat again and so the cycle continues...= hit after hit of insulin.
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    Nessa, I don't think a few awkward silences are a negative thing - from what I can remember of dating, these were to be expected. We can't chat all night with someone we only just met, man or woman. It was nice he asked you to let him know you got home safely, and also that he said the night had no ''expectations''. From what my daughters tell me [22 and 29], hardly any men ask you for an actual date - you just start talking at a bar or whatever and it goes on from there, and they said most of the men certainly do expect the night to end up at one of your places, and the woman is expected to be the ''dessert'' [if you know what I mean] to finish the night off. Personally, I would no more jump into bed with a man I had known for a few hours than I would poke needles into my eyes [and that's my daughters thinking too thank God!]. So him saying that to you was a good sign of a decent guy, if you follow my warped thinking. Glad your friend is okay. Also would like to apologise to you for asking for updates on your private life. I mean, I love to hear when things are going well for you, but I have no right to ask for details, so if I have caused some offence I am sorry. Your private life is just that - private, unless of course you don't mind talking about it. I find it a good place to get things off your chest, because the people you are 'talking' to you are not people you ever see, just ordinary people who all struggle with weight control, which as we all know is a situation no-one can really understand unless they have been there themselves.
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    I think last night went well. There were a few moments of awkward silence. I just don't think fatigue and wine (only 2 glasses) are a good combination. Felt a bit ew by the end of the night. He told me to message him when I got home as he was a bit concerned and was relieved to hear from me. He messaged me this morning to say thank you for last night, found me easy to talk to (really?!?!) and that my tipsiness was kinda funny. I told him I'm glad I could be a source of his amusement lol. Last night was just drinks, he said himself it wasn't a date with "expectations at the end of the night"...whatever that means. He seemed keen to meet again, I don't know. I guess we'll see what happens. My friend is OK, just very shaken up. A truck clipped her car which sent her spinning into another car and that car flipped. That driver just got a few minor scratches.
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    had all fill removed, long story. why has my head gone crazy? eating like a piggy, o,d habits back with bells on! feeling angry at myself, but that doughnut at arvo tea was bloody fantastic. now re-reading posts to help me get back on track. thank you everyone for being here and bejng so honest.
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    Nessa, have a great time tonight. I am sure your co-worker wouldn't set you up with a creep. Have a couple of drinks for dutch courage, and just talk and get to know him. He is probably just as nervous as you are, and if you really don't like him, you can leave after a respectable time, and don't have to see him again. But as I have said, I am sure your co-worker will know what sort of guy you would like. Just enjoy.
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    Just had a huge 1.5 fill, this brings me up to 9.5 mil in a 12 mil band. Time to get my soup on!
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    LIFE IS GREAT!!!! í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸
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    Hey all, I see there are lots of members but I dont see alot joining up for 2015? Im keen on chatting to people that are on the same journey that I am about to embark on. My banding happens on the 23rd of July and I am very excited to launch into this new stage of my life. Cheers to all!
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    Well it's been 4 months since I had my sleeve & I've now lost 47kg since then - still have another 28kg to be at goal but really chuffed with my progress so far! Feeling so healthy these days :-D