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    Was done 8am yesterday. No gas pain, no nausea, onto Panadol and Nurofen and off the IV. My only issues are tiredness and some pain at the main incision. I should be right to go home tomorrow as long as I can get a litre of fluids today, which I think will actually be the hardest part of it all. Just glad it's done after 14+ months of waiting!
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    Pain relief, antibiotics, obs done, sc Heparin at 0600, then got up, washed, changed into day clothes, and made bed. Visited by Theresa post-brekkie, who checked wounds. All good. I can have a shower, will need to borrow ward blow dryer to gently dry wounds and Fixomull. Drains checked - still draining, which is good. I think that with all the walking that I am doing that is assisting drainage, and less chance of it collecting as compared to those who aren't so mobile. She doesn't want me going off hospital grounds (I had mentioned that I was thinking of trotting down to Hampden Road) though. I am just having some "Mobicol" which I've mixed with prunes that I've had soaking in hot water, along with a good dessertspoon of ground flaxseed. Plenty of "wind" but no follow-through. Hint - just don't walk behind me or get into a lift after I have been in lol! Pffffft! Just seen the Dr, drains still draining, to leave in. Mr Nguyen will be in at some stage. All good and running very smoothly, so I am very happy
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    118.8! That's a loss of 3.6kg this week Hubby has just had gastric bypass and I have been measuring out both of our meals. I hadn't realised how my portion size had slowly been increasing when I was just doing it by eye.
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    Thought i would give an update here. After having all fill removed about 2 months ago I've still got stuck and regurgitated on an almost daily basis. Spoke with surgeon today and will be having band out next friday 18th dec. As I'll be in over night I'm worried as it'll be my first night away from my daughter. I think emotionally I'll be a mess. But the band must come out. I've really had enough. Every time i vomit she sees me. Not wanting that as an example for her. Since having my daughter i gained about 25kg which is just over half what i lost. I am now terrified i will gain the rest plus more back. Surgeon is realistic and said more than likely i will gain it back, especially as i won't be converting to a sleeve for around 12 months. I've been studying nursing full time and between school next year and placement i just won't be able to get it done till the xmas holidays. I know things will eventually work out but it feels like a bit of me is leaving. .. you know because I've had it for years. I'm just not willing to put up with another year of stuck and vomiting and being scared to eat out because i may need to run to the loo. Oh and I'm back on the opti till surgery. I better lose at least 1kg. Anywho hope everyone is well. Will update after surgery Ness
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    Thanks for the photos, & sharing your journey with us Denzel, so many of us hope to be in your shoes in the not too distant future!! Seems you are doing really well, keep it up!!! x
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    I ran out of energy last night to update progress, so here goes: Tuesday - up after 0600 obs and meds. Washed self and changed into day clothes. Stripped bed, and remade it with 'cosy' underneath fresh bottom sheet. Had not had a good night as had only had Paracetamol after the PCA removed, and had missed the evening dose. One area when the drain is was stinging - just positional. So was feeling sore and a bit wiped out. Had some oxycodone so I could mobilise well. Visited by the Dr on behalf of Surgeon, all good, drains (x 3) still draining. Visited by the lovely Theresa, who changed dressings. All wounds look really good, and she reassured me that the extreme swelling in my lower arms and in my legs in completely normal. Informal photos taken, I am REALLY impressed about how it looks, and keep in mind I am VERY swollen. Went for three walks, one just down to the main entrance (can do that one at speed now!), a 20 min one out the back of the ward to a carpark, and then down to the Specialist Centre to collect my hand xrays from the Rheumatologist who was meant to have posted them back months ago, back via a different wing and then backtracked to Main Reception to buy some raffle tickets; and late afternoon - it was just beautiful out - out the back of the ward to a carpark, right around the back of the hospital premises and went east to the crèche, then further east to the Medical Centre, poking my head in, then back via a circuitous route = 30 mins. Umm, somewhat tired in the evening lol! but stayed up to watch the final of TBL, not that I have been following it, but it is very inspiring seeing the befores and them now all glammed up. Full kudos to the contestants!!! Was to tired to update this. These are the photos from yesterday:
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    Woo hoo!! Its so good once its finally done when you wait a long time. Good that your feeling well, i was fine untill i had to have a swollow and scan, the stuff they made me drink made me vomit and from then on i felt sick all the time. Back to my normal self now, i had my sleeve done last tue. Just keep having small sips of fluid, i will be so happy when i can eat normal food again as i was on optifast for 2 months before op and still in the fluids only part of my recovery. All the best with everything, and hopefully you get to go home tomorrow!
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    Up 200g to 91kg. I need to get this sorted out.
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    92.4kg - increase of 200g
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    Yeah i avoided him after that, went down and saw my mum in her room and told her, she said they don't have to see it at all!!
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    Hey! Thanks so much Sleever86 and Kazbo! You both really helped a lot and gave me great info to take away and think about. I had a consultation with my surgeon this monday gone and we had a good talk about all proceedures. He reccomended the lapband as the safest because of its reversability, however suggested for me if i dont want the lapband, the bypass would be the way to go. I am only hearing worse and worse things with the lapband. I know of several people who have had it done and most of them have issues with being able to keep food down for whatever reason.. I'm thinking if the band ever eroded, the bypass would be the next step so i may as well jump straight to it instead of waiting for something unpleasent to happen first. Fyi, all the best to those lapbanded peeps out there *thumbs up* hope you all do really well! Getting excited for my surgery date! I've never been slim, its hard to imagine what that will feel/look like that may sound weird? lol Thanks again
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    WELL DONE!!!!!!! I have been doing zumba for cardio and power barre for strength (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG2h8G8p5Wc&list=RDXzgc-h5ObhA&index=3 here is a link to show you a typical workout). The barre class is an over all body workout. I have been doing this for from the day booked in for my procedure which was in March this year. I am not stressing that I haven't lost weight (although I have toned up in certain places) I just want to be as fit as I can be before I go in. Once again you look amazing and what an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
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    I'll probably get smacked for this but for me having the band means I never have to be on a diet again. Just eat the healthy everyday non diet foods and of course much, much less and that's about it, oh and exercise heaps to.
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    Everyone is different and its a very personal choice, I choose to tell everyone and still do. I'm like that vehicle add where he stops to tell everyone about the vehicle . One of the many reason I choose to tell everyone was so I wouldn't fail and have to go down that road again. I'm a walking and cycling billboard for the Lap Band and I like getting the message out there that there is a cure for being obese and with the help of a band it's possible. I even had some gym and cycling shirts made up so to get the message out there.
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    Hi Bec, I'm 4 1/2 years in and have zero issues with the weights or any kind of exercise. I was at first surprised the Doc even let you have the band or why you even need it then I looked up the BMI, height and kgs scores for females and I see there a little different to use guys. I've come down from 180 at my worst to 105 and I'm 6' 1'' and am happiest at 105. My dietician recommended 95kgs for my idea weight which I was for a while but with all the exercising and the weights I'm happiest at 105. As for returning to the weights, that's a hard on, maybe 6 months but maybe sooner with just light weights and no twisting. The waiting period would depend on how your band is fastened to the stomach and how the ports secured to the wall on the abdomen. Flipped ports are an issue during and after the installation, I'm lucky my band is stitched to my stomach wall and so is my port, it's stitched on and also covered with surgical mesh which is also stitched into place to hold it in place so to prevent it from ever flipping or coming loose. How much weight are you hoping to loose? Best of luck with the further.
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    18.5kg difference. I can't feel much difference but I can see some of it in my face when side by side. Long way to go still, but getting there!
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    Exact same today - 92.2kg
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    Last wed 98.1 today 96.9 so lost 1.2. Happy with that. Cheers.
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    I am joining in on weigh in Wednesday! Staring weight 102.7 Banded 8/10/15 101kg Today 90.5
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    Up another 500g to 90.8kg and I'm not at all surprised. I've gone from being too tight to having almost no restriction at all. My next clinic appointment can't come fast enough. I don't know what to do. I can't get another fill cause it'll tip back to being too tight, but I'm constantly hungry. Even when I was too tight I was hungry all the time.
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    122.4, so 1.3kg loss. I've been careful to stick to about 1000 calories a day as I've started a new med that has a bad side effect of increased appetite
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    I told anyone who had ears!
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    I told everyone, what other people think of me is none of my business One person tried to shame me but I quickly turned it back on them and told them "damned if you do damned if you don't with you isn't it, you commented before surgery that I was too fat and should do something, now I have done something about it you feel the need to provide negative comments as well? Somehow I don't think the issue is with me so if you have nothing nice or productive to say then say nothing thanks" it was actually one of my bosses she didn't quite know what to say. I did approach her later and said sorry if you took offense to what I was saying but you were commenting on my personal situation not work so I'm sorry but you got what you deserved. She told me she hadn't even realised she was being so negative and was ashamed of herself. Since then she's been quite encouraging, so don't be afraid to put the naysayers back in their boxes!
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    I only told a few select people, people I felt I could trust or who would be supportive of my decision. I didn't want the negativity & the judgement, or the 'you're not big enough for that'. I needed this and was worried enough about failing without the ongoing scrutiny of people checking up on you. I am slowly coming out of the closet now, haha. I have lost enough weight that people are noticing, and now that I know the band is working for me, I am happy to tell people who seem interested. I still haven't told my sisters, they have never struggled with weight like I have so just wouldn't understand, but in time I will tell them. It's 100% up to you who you tell, but if there are people that you don't want to be aware of your decision my advice is to keep it to a very tight group of trusted people that you tell. People like to gossip!!! Leya x
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    Personally I didn't advertise it widely. The actual people I told prior to it, were close friends, family and my boss. If anyone asked me what I was doing with pre-op or post-op diet I told them. Nowadays when asked how I've lost so much, I tell them if I have the time for the convo that usually follows.