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    The best fix for my posture was dancing! You can't follow properly if you haven't engaged your core and have your arm and shoulders set evenly and firmly. When teaching I was constantly saying ok everyone before you take your partners hand I want you to take your shoulders up back and down. Since doing pilates I now know I should have added in tilt your pelvis slightly forward and engage the muscles just above your belly button, feel like your pulling the muscles towards each other and then back towards your spine. Oh and the other thing I was always saying, eyes up don't look down! If that doesn't make you feel at least 2 inches taller nothing will!
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    Goody - I am queen of the stuck and throwing up. Anyhow after a bloody horrible couple of weeks when I couldn't stand it another minute longer I went to see the surgeon's consultant nurse. She told me the best thing to do when the situation came up was go back to only liquid for 2 days - no yoghurt custard etc just liquid so water juice cups of tea coffee optislim. Like just after your surgery - low and behold the stuckness and throwing up stopped. Its happened again since then and did I follow her advice straight away no - hmmmm slow learner me. Anyhow I have done it twice now worked both times. Next couple of days go onto the mushies. When you get into major stuckness and throwing up you end up with quite a bit of swelling so it needs to settle. You may be hungry for those couple of days but its better than being stuck and throwing up for weeks on end.
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    I've found yoga and pilates have helped with mine. I used to slouch a lot when sitting but now sit tall and my shoulders are back without even thinking about it. My core doesn't collapse on itself when I sit on the floor or without a back rest either
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    Good work, make sure you get a copy of your clearance certificate from HCF either faxed or emailed to yourself, they will probably say that they will forward it directly to your new fund but this takes a lot of time and often gets forgotten. If you have the certificate yourself then you can ensure that the new fund gets it and processed is to honour all waiting periods already served
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    Thanks soo much for the support, toys forum really has helped get me through the last few weeks. I have a positive update. I have been well now for 2 weeks and I'm starting to eat a little more variety. Its still very much depends on the day but I'm definitely making progress on the food front. I'm back to see my surgeon this week and hopefully we'll be talking about a CT to make sure the leak is gone and then the removal of the stent so I'm back to normal again. I have been back at work and everything is starting to feel normal again. I'm still a bit tired and low on energy but managing to get through the days at the office :-)
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    Woop woop! It's such a good feeling when everything has gone right :-)