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    Hi everyone, Been lurking here for a while now and thought it was about time to "come out of the woodwork" say hi and introduce myself. I'm David, 43, originally from Melbourne but am now living in sunny Brisbane. Bit about my background - Been struggling with my weight since my late teens, however it was in my twenties that it started really taking off. I met my partner 16 years ago and since then have put on 30 kilos. Everyone keeps saying "oh just means you're content" Well that ain't it. Yes I am very content, but it's my inability to portion control my food as well as a little bit of indulgence in the naughty things that has been the major contributor. Not long after we moved up here I had a Myocardial Infarction, luckily for me this was unstable angina and not a full heart attack. Regardless it scared the shit out of me. For a few months post surgery, I was much better with my portion control and exercising, but for whatever the reason I again fell off the band wagon. I decided in December (3 years since the MI) that I was going to do something about it. On NYE, I made a personal promise to myself that I was going finally take the bull by the horns and take control again. I've been researching WLS for the last 2 or so years but only recently got serious about it. If you asked me back then what was a bougie was I probably would have said to you it's when you are 1 shot over in golf.....LOL. A close friend of mine in Melbourne had the sleeve done a few years back and she is really happy with it, however I have seen the struggles she has had and also cannot avoid the toilet runs she does after she eats each and every time I am down there visiting and we catch up - not a very pleasant thought just after you've eaten yourself and you know what she is doing. It's for this reason in part that my initial attraction to the band very quickly diminished. The other thing that intiailly attracted me to the band was the "advertisement" that it was reversible. Over time I have read so many stories of things going wrong with the band and actually causing severe damage, sometimes to the point where the bypass is the only option left due to scarring etc. Whilst I have the what I think is the world's most supportive boss, I'm also not fond of needing to take time off work to have fills etc. that are associated with having a band. Personally for me I think the sleeve will help reform my "bad" habits and suit my lifestyle better. I also like the thought that whilst my intake will be reduced, I can still enjoy just about all food types - well so I have heard. Anyway, progressing the story along, I met with Dr Justin Greenslade last Friday and have booked myself in for 14th March. I figure that it's better to do it sooner rather than later or I will more than likely procrastinate and put it off. I'm also off to Bali for 2 weeks well deserved rest and recreation (been a massive year) at the end of May, so this give me about 9 - 10 weeks to recover and get the diet to a stage where I will be able to cope overseas and not become a massive "stress head" Dr Greenslade also feels this timing is good. Currently in the process of getting together my Early Release for Super submitted. I'm going through an agent and they are confident I will have the money by third week of Feb. Booked Dietitian for middle of Feb so looks like all systems are "go" I LOVE reading all your posts (well most of them....hahahaha) Special thanks to David R, Kazbo and Denzel for all your posts with comments, offers of support and encouragement and for who I especially keep my eyes out for when looking for new posts to read. It's because of members on the forum like you that we continue to have this vital support network. All three of you are especially inspiring to me. Anyway enough from me, sorry I raved on a bit, but I'm especially excited (and a little apprehensive) so going to sign off for now, hope this post finds you all well. Cheers, David
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    Question - why are you considering a lap band, per se? I would encourage you to explore ALL WLS options as lap banding is fast becoming obsolete as it is the least effective WLS option and is so problematic. The follow up (with fills and adjustments) can be onerous and the risks of problems down the track (slips, leaks, erosion, etc) increase as time goes on. Problems with trying to find the 'green zone', food getting stuck, pouch dilation, oesophageal dilation and inability to eat certain foods can make you miserable. I am a survivor of depression, anxiety, emotional eating and the lap band made everything worse for me - I am vocal about my bad experience with the lap band and I am currently lobbying it to be banned in the country as an ineffective and dangerous medical device. My body is permanently mutilated because of the lap band which was removed in 2013. Gastric bypass is considered the gold standard of WLS - it's been around for decades and has a good success rate. Weight loss is generally faster and stays off longer than other WLS options. Gastric sleeve is fast becoming the WLS of choice, the gastric sleeve is just a normal stomach but on a much smaller scale. Many people feel 'safer' with a lap band because it is reversable - I'm sure with your surgical nursing background you would know that any surgery leaves it's mark on the body with scarring and adhesions.
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    The opti phase was the hardest part because my family are such big eaters and they would eat bountiful food and I wasn't allowed... talk about torture! Thankfully about 3 days in my sister jumped on the optifast wagon and decided to give it a go. It was a god sent. Albeit, she is a lot more flexible with what she chooses to eat but just having someone else do part of it with me is such a help. Itll all be worth it in the end - that's what I keep telling myself. I'm already 10kgs down since starting the opti phase so it's a definite encouragement! All the best for you and wish you all the best for the 16th!
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    Congrats Jo, sounds like an exciting month and year ahead, I hope all settles down a bit. I am on Day 2 Opti and struggled at work. A bit tired and light headed. Unfortunately a bit snappy with kids tonight as well which isn't good. Due 16th and can't wait. "Onwards and downwards " that is freaking me out in a very good way. Fingers crossed