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    I have posted a few times about my experience with the band, having been banded over 4 years ago, getting about 2/3 of the way and then battling regains ever since. Currently I'm closer to my pre-surgery weight than lowest weight post surgery I have been trying (thinking about mainly!) to get back on the horse in recent months as I'm unhappy with where I am now. I'm doing Lite n Easy atm and have been for a couple months, with not much success as I struggle to stick to it, I like it some days and get terribly bored of it on others and cheat. I've recently tried weight loss hypnotherapy and gained weight in the months following this. I went back and told the therapist I found the program she gave me overwhelming and difficult to follow. She was condescending, told me how many thousands of Australians the program had helped and that if I haven't had success it's because for some reason I am "holding on to" my weight. I left there feeling even worse. I have been exercising every day lately and trying to make good choices but obviously not enough. This week I attended an OA meeting as I feel worn down and depressed with my situation and needed some support. Hopefully soon I will be able to start dealing with the negative thought cycle around food, feeling more positive and start seeing some results..
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    Hi Everyone, I just had my first appointment with my exercise physiologist and he was awesome! I highly recommend seeing one as they have experience with gastric sleeve patients and know the best exercises that you should be doing to assist with a HEALTHY weightloss so you not loosing muscle weight. You get this thing from your GP called Allied Health which entitles you to 4 - 6 sessions that is covered by medicare (also need to ensure that the EP accepts allied health) This guy made me feel really comfortable, listened to me and explained everything to me so I would understand.
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    Up 730 gm from last week. Oh well. "Swings and roundabouts". How is everyone else?
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    Hi DavidR, i know I'm a bit late with a response to your post haha. Im currently 3.5 years banded and have just spoken with my doctor about revision surgery as my band is just not working (food is just getting stuck, rather than giving me the restriction). Don't be so hard on yourself with not losing much more weight with the sleeve. My doctor told me that the second wls operation is not going to be as effective as if it were done the first time (I could potentially only lose another 10-15kg with the sleeve), so I now have the option of sleeve or bypass (the bypass wasn't an option on the beginning when I went for my very first consultation when considering the band). WHindsight is a wonderful thing, if I'd have known then what I know now, I would have gone with the sleeve from the get go.