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    Yeah the nurse from my Surgeon's clinic pretty much said the same thing today, I wasn't trying to be a hero, I just found it easy and trust me if something felt like it hurt I would stop doing it altogether.
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    As @Nessa1977 . I gave myself an incisional hernia from doing too much, and had to be operated on later that year (developed post-op complications from that, and readmitted twice to hospital via Emergency - so not worth it!) I found that I could sleep in my favourite sleeping position (recovery position) if I propped a squishy pillow under my abdomen, and lay on that. Graduating from sipping - when it feels comfortable to you . All the best.
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    Welcome to the sleeved side. Please take care in the post op period. You've had major surgery. You need to let things heal. The laparoscopy scopes passed through muscle, which can result in pain. You may feel OK but doesn't mean you have to be superman/woman and try and do things.
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    Ditto, we are all relieved. Had my fingers crossed. Cheers.
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    Yay! Pleased to know that you came through OK. I've been thinking of you, and wondering how you are. Now it's time to recover from this surgery, and don't worry about the weight loss side of things - that will come. You just have to look after yourself.
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    Congratulations, glad to hear that everything is ok. Best of luck with your recovery
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    Well done and congratulations! From what I've read of your posts, you've had an incredibly difficult journey to get to this point. Hopefully the hardest part is now behind you and it will be a smooth and steady weight loss for you from this point on.