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    Hello All, Been a while since i posted but i thought id give you an overall update 1 year post op. Start weight 142kg Current weight 81.8kg Total loss 60.2kg in ONE YEAR Never thought id be here and this update is to tell you all that this is possible and stay positive, some people in life and online even a few on this site may try to discourage you. Use it as fuel to push yourself forward, to fuel your engine, work harder, walk further, SMILE BIGGER. Since surgery i have had a few other problems occur which are related. My digestive system is still rather crappy, after many tests and trials we still arnt sure why. My doc is now testing for a few more serious illnesses which im praying for negative results on but im staying optimistic. Im very low in vitamin B12 which is due to not eating much animal products and the digestive issues im having. Im just not absorbing as much as I need. I eat a bit of everything these days buy mostly vegitables. Veggies and salads sit more comfortably so they are usually my choice. I stay away from dairy ,eggs and sugared drinks as they tend to upset my stomach. Excess skin isnt as bad as i thought it would be, tummy is the main area that bothers me as i get rashes and its really hard to target that little bit of fat that sits in that pouch. All in all, for the health benefits ive gained, im not so bothered but the health issues i have now. Appart from having to use the toilet frequently, and getting stomach cramping life is pretty good Thanks to everyone who supported me on this page from the start, it was really helpfull and i hope this ipfate helps someone else out there :)