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    Thanks @zaruse I am packed and ready for the early morning wake up See you on the other side!! xxx
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    And I’ll go first!! Hehe When I first met the surgeon, I’d done quite a bit of research on the sleeve- I thought it seemed like the best option for me. After meeting the surgeon, I read through all the literature and decided on the RNY, mostly because: - RNY can help reduce (and eliminate for some people) reflux - RNY skips the duodenum- which reduces the amount of nutrients absorbed - which means you aren’t getting as many calls from the good you eat. - the stomach isn’t actually taken out. Risk of complications down the track can be slightly higher with the RNY over a sleeve... My surgeon aid if I were planning to move to a desert island and will never see a doctor again, she would do a sleeve! Im only two weeks into my post RNY journey, but so far so good!