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    I’m barely getting enough of ANYTHING. Struggling to get any more than a life of fluid in each day. Cannot stomach Optifast so moved to Soup which is nice but takes 2-3 hours to get though 150mls. I have a sugar free up and go in the morning then soup at lunch and protein milk at night with Powerade zero in between. Still, I can’t get past 1litre each day and it’s only 400 calories so my energy is super low. Does anyone have any fantastic purée recipes???? I start on Tuesday.
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    I don’t think i am @trillions i bought some protein water but I was ill after drinking it... looked at the ingredients and decided to tip the other bottles out! I bought some isowhey but I’m yet to have any... just trying to have eggs and meat. Made a yummy meatloaf the other night/ it is perfect - easy to chew, low fat, veggies hidden in... and freaken yum! I’m just sad that my portions are so tiny! (But it is good, I’m getting used to being able to enjoy small bits. I don’t need to eat heaps to savour the taste!)
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    I'm considering a bypass, which one will be up to the surgeon because I'm an ex-bander. I do perceive the bypass as fairly drastic, but they're finding high rates of stomach stretching with the sleeve and of course reflux. I guess I have a bit more reading to do.
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    Hi everyone, One key piece of feedback from users has been the need for a broader team of moderators, because our current team have been working for years to keep this place running, and giving them some assistance would be helpful. With the goal of expanding the site to help all weight loss surgery patients, it's going to be a big job to keep this place on track, so we need people with patience, and interest in helping to run this place and most importantly a passion for helping their peers through the surgery process. Nomination Process: Please private message me your nomination. You can nominate yourself or someone you know who you think would be great. I ask that all nominees have a history of this site so we can see how they have interacted with people in the past. Nominations will be open for the next 3 weeks, after which all nominees will be contacted to confirm they wish to accept the nomination. Once all nominations are confirmed, they will be assessed by myself and the rest of the current moderation team, before being announced to the community. Thanks for your interest and nominarions ... there are many exciting developments planned for Banding Together and I can't wait to get more passionate people involved!