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    Wow you are doing amazing I've still got to wait a year roughly had alot happen recently include moving house but much happier now... finally signed up for the PHI so I'm now committed its just a long wait 12 months ive gone up to 145kgs so I've gotta be careful the next year not to go up too much because I'm giving myself a 12 month timeframe from the operation to lose everything i need which from 145 i need to get below 200lbs(90kgs) top be under 100kgs and 200lbs...so that's roughly 60kgs loss needed in 12 months which i see is quite achievable it's just a matter of changing my whole mind frame and diet and exercise. But i know i need to do this to extend my life no way will i be 40 and still be obese!!! Thank you everyone for your inspiration!!