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    Amazing effort @Boganlicious just wonderful xxx I’m 1.8kgs away from goal. Total loss has been just under 38kgs. It’s been a slow crawl to the finish line but I too am at the point where I’m happy where I am For me, this operation was about my Kidney Health more so than weight loss and whilst I still have chronic kidney disease, the side effects are much more manageable now. I’m now a size 12-14 which on my 172cm frame looks great. I just had my 6 month surgeversary this week and couldn’t be happier. I’m still loosing weight just slowly and I’m sure I’ll get to my goal weight before Christmas which was my goal.
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    Just wanted to update I'm 200 grams away from losing 50kgs. That's an entire person! I'm down to 68.3kgs as posted in weigh in Wednesday and couldn't be happier. My little boy recently turned 1 (how time flies) and I'm so happy with the photos taken at his party. I didn't have anything to pick apart except my weird facial expression in one of them but I had a good laugh about it. I was 6 months post op on the 17th November. Would love to get down to 55kgs but will see what happens and how I'm feeling. The best part is even though I'm not at goal weight and haven't had my plastic surgery yet I'm just so happy with how I look and for the most part feel comfortable in my skin. My husband is thrilled too. I can't keep his hands off me and of course not just the physical changes that he's attracted to but he loves that I'm happy and confident. How are all the other May people going?
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    I have now lost 46kgs. I'm 72.1kgs. Feeling pleased.
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    So far I'm down 43.3kgs and I have 20kgs to go. Technically 19.8 to get to my personal goal but I'm not sure how to change target weight on the monitor my weight app. My weight loss has definitely slowed down but I am still losing. It seems so close yet so far. I had to share as I'm so happy with my progress.
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    I'm booked in for a gastroscopy next Wednesday with a Gastroenterologist. Will weigh in that am!
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    I weighed myself yesterday and am 66.4kgs. So close to my goal now and my rings need to be resized again. I'm down to a size 10 - 12.
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    68.3kgs. I made it to the 60s!
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    Thanks @denzel! i have seen your pics, the transformation is amazing! ive suggested the idea of a tummy tuck/breast lift to my DH a number of times, saying I’d go on a holiday to Thailand... but he is not so keen. I’m keen to see how everything evens out after I get to my goal weight (10-13kgs away!!) and if my skin bounces back at all. My tum apron and boobs are a lost cause, although they can be ‘tucked’ away under clothing! And for those playing at home- I’m psyched to say I tried on size 16 dresses at fancy shops on the weekend and THEY FIT!!! So exited!
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    Hi Laonie, Here’s my story. 15 months ago I had 123kgs on a teeny tiny 5’2” frame and was a size 20-22. I had high blood pressure, PCOS and was pre diabetic. I had issues with knees and could barely get through the day without my legs aching. Everything was an effort and I was always exhausted. So I signed up for the surgery, followed the surgeon’s orders to the letter and cried on the way to the hospital (I was scared). But it was the best decision I ever made. I followed the instructions of my surgeon 100% and got amazing results because of that. At the 12 month mark I had lost 55kgs and was a size 10. I love clothes shopping and dressing up. I have heaps more energy and my medical issues are a thing of the past now. I’m happier and healthier then I ever remember being and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who was thinking about it. It has honestly changed my life.
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    I have loose flesh bulging out of my bra under my arms . I could do with an upper body lift. I have already had a "360" (abdominoplasty + belt lipectomy) and arm lifts. I need thigh lifts as the flesh "tsunamis" around when I am walking - and I am a fast walker - which is uncomfortable. But I need a good win on the Lotto to get this done. I would also like to have a breast lift, but this is lower in priority than my thighs. At my heaviest I had a BMI of 35.X, and at my post-sleeve/gastric infection lightest a BMI of 17.X. So a drop of 18 BMI. If you want to read about my plastic reconstructive surgery check out my blog. Please be warned - it contains graphic pics.
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    Yes it includes 3 weeks pre Optifast. I get most of my exercise at work climbing stairs and I do minimum 10000 steps. I drink protein water. I have only just started thinking about exercise. I went for my first run last week and was pleased with how far I could jog non stop. I also did some hand weights. I had a body scan today and was pleased with my muscle mass and body fat percentage. Body fat 30.3% and the target range for females it said 20 - 30%. I'm 72.1kgs at home. I was 73kgs there. Visceral fat was in acceptable range. I still want to reduce it further. Im hoping to get to 55kgs but also build muscle. I don't want to be skinny fat.
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    Six month surgiversary today! Start weight: 134.9 current weight: 89.2 total weight loss (6 months since surgery plus 2 weeks Opti) 45.7kg had my 6month catch up with surgeon a couple of weeks ago, all my bloods are fantastic. From a health point of view, I can be ‘done’ with losing weight, but I think I’ve still got another 10 to 15 to go. Feeling so good!
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    I haven't been on this site for many years. I was banded in 2012. I have always been overweight and a yo yo dieter. I ballooned out to 104kgs which was my max ever weight when I was banded and lost over 20 kgs in first 6 mths. I then plateaued for ages and didn't lose any more weight. Slowly slowly my bad habits crept in and over the years, I have regained and lost weight. Maxing at 95kgs and not being able to get under 82 kgs despite a goal of between 68-73kgs. I have been exercising on and off for the past 3 years. This year I maxed out again to 97kgs and started exercising again. But haven't been able to get eating right so keep losing and gaining the same 4 kgs which is frustrating. So frustrating I feel I need my brain banded. I thought the band would be the magic bullet - but it wasnt/isnt. It doesn't help that I am a secret bander so don't have any one that keeps me accountable. My hubby has given up on my WL efforts. He loves eating which doesn't help, so he is also my enabler rather than motivator. I remember this was a really helpful forum so thought I would reconnect and start again in the hopes it keeps me accountable and I can get on top of and manage my habits.
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    Thanks Rosemary, Two weeks today since surgery, staples have been removed but still some soreness at some of the incisions. Struggling with the move onto purée foods and I don’t think I’m drinking enough. Have started going for short 10 min walks and am hoping to start walking on the treadmill this week. I have another 1 1/2 weeks off work, just hope I can be on soft foods before I return. Weight hasn’t come off as fast as I thought it would- maybe I’m just a bit impatient. I hope all the other October girls are doing ok, would love to hear how everyone is doing.
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    Whereabouts in Sydney are you. I have a Bulk billed doctor in Penrith.
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    I put on 8kg - most in the first month after band removal. Then healthy eating took over - and when you start Optifast prior to sleeve it will come off I lost 6 kg in 2 weeks, then had surgery cancelled and moved to November. I have not put on any further weight in these 6 weeks, despite a trip to Bali. Start Optifast again next week. Good luck - and don't stress too much.
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    @zaruse, that is wonderful! Congratulations and very well done .
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    NSV- first flight since losing a decent amount of weight: seatbelt had so much tail I couldn’t believe it! Before surgery I was always too embarrassed to ask for an extension, so the buckle was always right at the end and sometimes uncomfortably snug. Plus I didn’t feel like I was taking up more space than I’d paid for. (Although I’m still broad- can’t do anything about that) yay!
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    Ok back again. I'm terrible with sticking to this weight loss wednesday thing. I have not lost any weight since I last posted a couple of months ago (sad) but I haven't gained so... at least that's something. 67.7 today. Back on the bandwagon. It's hard because it's so easy to sit at this weight.. I have a normal BMI, I'm not terribly chubby looking or anything and my clothes still fit. But I also know how great I feel at 63kg and how in the grand scheme of things, 5kg is nothing (??? so why is it so hard UGH), and I feel better about myself, it's just enough to make me look overall a bit slimmer and my clothes fit.. but better. So I'm trying to just remind myself of that when I just want to eat good food. I'm also on holiday at the moment before I start my internship in early Jan.. when I'm running around hospital all day it's easy to eat less. When I'm at home and a bit bored it's easy to eat way more! Anyway. I'll try to stick with this weight loss wednesday stuff from now on. I graduate next week and it would be nice to maybe have the scales show a little less just for that confidence boost you know, haha Congrats boganlicious and denzel by the way! I've just read your progress here and you've both done amazingly well in the last couple of months!
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    Well done, you are doing great. I guess we all should expect for the weight loss to slow down as we get closer to goal weight. All those lower weekly weight losses add up and you will be there before you know it!
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    Hi All, I haven't actually logged onto this site for god knows how long. Years. Once upon a time...I was 112kg at my heaviest. Size 18..almost 20 if I'm 100% honest. It was 12months after my first child was born, and I was heavier than when I was pregnant with him! I underwent the gastric banding in Nov 2012. I stuck to the rules, ate the right foods, in the right portions, and did the right exercise. I managed to shed 37kg over the next 18months, to my lowest ever weight of 75kg (size 12), and I couldn't have been happier. I couldn't seem to get under that to reach my goal weight of 65kg but I was happy anyway. Unfortunately when I went back to fulltime work, an admin role, the weight started to creep back up. Juggling working fulltime as a FIFO mum was exhausting and I was become much less active. Sitting at a desk all day, indulging in the staff birthday cakes or treat lunches. I became complacent and put on about 10kg the first year I was there. Fast forward to Oct 2016 - I gave birth to my second child, and began a year-long battle with severe post-natal depression. Unfortuntely this resulted in the breakdown of my marriage as well, another reason for me to comfort-eat and not wanting to get out of bed. Between my depressive symptoms, having fill taken out (and not put back in) for my pregnancy, and various medications I was on, I piled the weight back on and I've found myself more or less back where I started. It's been a really rough 12 months. My youngest is now 18months old. Unfortunately I am separated (although not giving up hope), and I'm learning how to put myself first for a change. I joined a gym close to work late last year, and I go (amlmost) every lunchbreak for an hour during the week. I joined ParkRun - a 5km run (or walk) every Saturday morning, and I want to start learning how to run! My goal is to just beat my time every week, even if it's only by a minute. I applied and enrolled into university, something I never got to do after highschool, and come July, I will be starting a bachelor degree in Psychology. I'm so excited about this and see it as an investment in my future. I also am considering moving back to my home-state (WA) to be with my family again, after 7 years of living in Adelaide with my husband. I am hoping we will work things out and he'll come with me, but I'm preparing to go on my own (with the kids) if he won't. All of the above sounds like a lot to handle at once but I'm determined to make it happen. It's going to be the year of ME, and I'm trying to find myself again. I'm following my heart, feeding my mind and trying my hardest to regain my fitness. I'm starting over today on Optifast, 3x a day for 12 weeks for that kickstart I so desperately need. I'm also planning to make an appointment and reconnect with my banding doctor, have a bit more fill put in and work with him to lose the weight again. Most importantly, I've rejoined this community to find the support and encouragement I've been missing he last few years as I struggled to control my weight on my own. This is Day 1....107kg, size 18
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    I went from 35 BMI at my all-time heaviest to 17.something at my all-time skinniest, (approx 18 BMI difference, no wonder I looked like a prune!). The pics are on my blog. (and I am a lot older, and have had many more years gaining/loosing weight, and my poor skin simply couldn't stretch and retract anymore) .
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    Hi Fandangle and Mouse-mum. I'm also an October sleever, although a week after both of you- 16th October. Also feeling nervous and excited! I have had a few too many "last" tim-tams, but am trying to think of the surgery not as future deprivation but a fabulous tool to reduce hunger and stomach capacity and help me on the way to healthy, sensible eating and a healthier relationship with food. I am just about to start the pre-op Optifast. Best wishes to you both :-)