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    I haven't been on this site for many years. I was banded in 2012. I have always been overweight and a yo yo dieter. I ballooned out to 104kgs which was my max ever weight when I was banded and lost over 20 kgs in first 6 mths. I then plateaued for ages and didn't lose any more weight. Slowly slowly my bad habits crept in and over the years, I have regained and lost weight. Maxing at 95kgs and not being able to get under 82 kgs despite a goal of between 68-73kgs. I have been exercising on and off for the past 3 years. This year I maxed out again to 97kgs and started exercising again. But haven't been able to get eating right so keep losing and gaining the same 4 kgs which is frustrating. So frustrating I feel I need my brain banded. I thought the band would be the magic bullet - but it wasnt/isnt. It doesn't help that I am a secret bander so don't have any one that keeps me accountable. My hubby has given up on my WL efforts. He loves eating which doesn't help, so he is also my enabler rather than motivator. I remember this was a really helpful forum so thought I would reconnect and start again in the hopes it keeps me accountable and I can get on top of and manage my habits.
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    I am terribly disappointed for you that no-one has replied. I am sure that you are aware of all this, but always good to refresh. "What can you do today to improve and keep great results? Regardless of the type of weight loss surgery, check your eating style: Slow down your eating pace. If you have a gastric band, you may need to wait up to 90 seconds between each swallow. Chew well and clear the mouth between small forkfuls (spoonfuls). There’s no need to rush when the meal is small. Skip energy-laden drinks, such as sugar-drinks (soft drinks, cordials, energy drinks) and drinks containing alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, cider, liqueurs). Choose nutrient rich foods including protein rich foods. Protein is nature’s natural appetite suppressant. Stick with a smaller serving size that is just enough to take your hunger away without either making you feel over-full or leaving you hungry soon after - a fine balance that takes time to to discover. Serve more and you’ll attempt to eat more - human nature at work! Serve too little and you will slip into a less helpful grazing and snacking pattern. Learn to recognise the differences between true tummy hunger and head hunger. Head hunger is driven by social occasion, desire, emotions, or mood. Respond to head hunger with something other than food. Stop grazing and random snacking. Between meal eating and drinking is easy to forget and accounts for stalled weight loss and weight regain in many. " http://www.foodtalk.com.au/contents/en-us/d136_The_Pouch_Reset_Test_Diet__does_it_really_work_.html