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    With dietician appointments if you get a chronic disease management plan from your gp you are entitled to 5 free visits with a dietician. No advice on Adelaide surgeons as I'm in Perth but maybe join fb groups. My surgeon has his own support fb group which is only for his patients. Even just weight loss support groups you can get surgeon recommendations. Also I know you have your heart set on roux en y but listen to your surgeons recommendation and why they are recommending that. I was adamant I only wanted the sleeve, my surgeon recommended either sleeve or sips. After doing research and hearing him tell me pros and cons of both procedures I ended up choosing sips. It was right for me. Not saying roux en y isn't the right choice but to listen to your surgeon. If necessary have more than one consult. Yes it gets expensive if you consult with more than one surgeon when consults are on average $200 with a small Medicare rebate. I just got lucky. I had 2 referral letters, saw my surgeon first and knew he was the one so cancelled the other consult. Best of luck with everything. The wait time will be over before you know it.
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    Yeah good idea I guess. I'll have to see what the doctor says before I commit but I know I'd like the RNY BYPASS and of course I want to be fitter and healthier and live longer
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    I don't react well to anesthetics or pain relief. Mostly I wanted to improve my fitness and lose weight to make the surgery easier. If you're over certain bmis the risks are higher. I was lucky that even before surgery my only issue was my weight though and I didn't have any other health issues.