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    The before photo was taken 2 days before my sips surgery in May last year. I've cropped out my face and a visible tattoo but there I was in all my glory. The afters are from today and wearing a size 8 fitted skirt with a zipper with total loss of 60.5kgs (was 61kgs but today I was up as I'd eaten and had coffee before weighing myself). I hope these photos help those pre op as I found the transformations inspiring - I still do.
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    So very well done! Looking absolutely fabulous!
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    I've finally found the MGB or SIPS you talk about its also called mini BYPASS but I've read any complications with reflux or something and there's really no difference between the 2 bypasses in regards to weight loss you still have to be strict with your intake
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    I keep forgetting about weighing in on Wednesdays and I've gotten out of the habit of weighing myself daily. Anyway I weighed myself today after coffee and breakfast and I'm up 500 grams (probably my breakfast) at a weight of 57.6kgs. I'm beyond happy with my progress. I look and feel great and only have 2.6kg to goal weight but as I said I'm not focusing on magic numbers anymore. I'm slimmer now and have more muscle definition than I did in my 20s. I had my first negative comment when a coworker commented that I'd lost so much weight and another said to her that now I look weak. Um ok then. I said no way I have muscles I never had before and flexed my arm showing off my definition lol I found it a bit rude to be honest. I am healthy bmi now whereas before I was still in the obese categories.