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    I'm going to go out on a limb here, and make a controversial statement. My lapband was a MUCH better hunger suppressor than my sleeve. Far and away. My sleeve is working and I have lost 12kg in 8 weeks (pretty good considering I got sleeved at a BMI of 30, long story told elsewhere). I dont regret it and I think its a better long term tool because it cant slip or erode. But I am Hungry. All. The. Time. The tiny portions dont stick, I'm absolutely starving at every snack and mealtime. It's not tragic, you get hungry, you eat right? But with the band, even once I had a pouch, I did not get hungry, ever. With my sleeve I must snack, I'm just too hungry not to. And I'm having to really work that old 5pm on the way home from work temptation that has always been my downfall because I am starving hungry. Whereas it used to always be just because work finished and I was tired and it was a habit, but not because I was hungry. Weight loss is slow because I cant mange the 800 calorie a day routine, I'd die. I'm eating 1400 or so.
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    Sure. I have a coffee when I wake up and later on the way to work, I buy a skinny cappucino - usually a large one as I'm conditioned to run on a LOT of caffeine, lol, but its a good dose of calcium and protein the dairy. I hate breakfast - cant stand eggs, bacon or anything savoury in the morning and carby cereals make me hungrier. I usually make a decent sandwich - chicken and avo on wholegrain, something like that - to take to work. I have half at morning tea and half at lunch. I find the combo of bread and protein fillings does the best for me. I usually take a small container of something like strawberries or grapes to have in the afternoon. Throughout the day, I drink water and have a couple of cups of coffee. I always cook at night. Tonight we had steak with a really nice salad, which included avocado and pine-nuts. I had the tip of a piece of steak and about half a cup of the salad and I'm stuffed - in fact I think I might have overdone it a bit. Its Friday so I had a glass of wine but that's a once a week thing. To me, that seems like a lot of food for a bariatric patient but I always ate like that with my band too. I am really active in my every day job too so I guess that's a factor. I've lost weight so I'm not overly concerned, its more of an observation. I think that band sitting around the outside of the top of my stomach really did a lot to keep hunger away for me, and I expected that with the sleeve due to the supression of hunger hormones etc. I dont mind being hungry, it doesnt kill you but honeslty ALL this sleeve does for me is make me full after a small serving, whereas I feel that my band controlled hunger and cravings much much better. I have not eaten any junk at all since surgery - none of my usual vices - biscuits, muffins, chocolate. But that's down to the willpower you have with a new surgery NOT lack of hunger or no cravings. I know an obvious answer is breakfast, sometimes i have a yogurt, but its only adding more food that will slow weight loss even more! And I know people will suggest protein powder, but nobody will ever convince me its not complete rubbish food. So full of sh*t I dont want to eat. And I have yet to find a protein powder that does not give me violent gas and diarrhoea. Dont get me wrong, I'm honestly glad I did this and not complaining, but I did sort of expect that fast and dramatic weight loss at the start. I think its age, the fact that I've had a large weight loss before and I do seem to recall my surgeon making a throwaway comment about being conservative in sleeve size in case I got too skinny, being that I was really only *just* obese when I was operated on.