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    A cup of food at five months post op does seem like a fair bit, but every person is different and so is every sleeve. What's normal for you is most likely not normal for me, so it's very difficult to say with any certainty. Your pain may be related to the speed at which you eat - do you have bites that are no bigger than a 10c coin? Do you chew your food for a minimum of 20 chews? Does it take you at least 20 minutes to eat a meal? Many overweight people speed eat, which means you can eat a LOT more than is desirable before your stomach signals it is full. It's a freaking hard habit to break but it is achievable - there are a few good apps out there that can help. As for stretching your sleeve - normally it takes up to 3 years for a sleeve to stretch (which for those playing along at home is NORMAL and DESIRABLE). By that time it has done its job, helped you lose weight and now allows you to eat small adult sized portions of healthy food that will help you maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life. If you overeat slider foods consistently you will regain all your lost weight plus more. You are still in your honeymoon phase. Please, I beg you, establish good eating habits NOW before it's too late. This is your one time ever, never to be repeated opportunity to lose the excess weight that you carry. You will never get another opportunity to do this with such (relative) ease, take advantage of it while you can. Cheers.
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    Complications are for other people, right? It won’t happen to me, right? Wrong. It happened. 13 months post bypass surgery. Everything had been perfect: I had achieved my weight loss goals. I felt great, healthy, active, happy. And then. I woke up in the wee hours in excruciating pain. My tummy was on fire, the pain radiating out and down my abdomen. Weirdly, my left shoulder felt like it had been broken. i tried to ride it out but ended up calling an ambulance. Fast forward 12 hours, after an X-ray, ultrasound and CT, I was being prepped for surgery. There were two options: 1. Twisted perforated bowel, they would have had to slice me all the way open to find the damaged section 2. Perforated ulcer, keyhole surgery luckily for me it was number 2. but how?! Why? I knew the risks of bypass surgery, but somehow, the bit about NEVER taking anti inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen, didn’t sink in. I had been taking anti-reflux meds, but my prescription ran out, and I knew that I had an appointment with my bypass surgeon in a couple of weeks- and we were going to wean me off them anyway, so not taking them didn’t worry me. Unfortunately I’d also taken a bunch of anti inflammatory drugs for a neck injury. And apparently I internalise my stress. Anyway, 3 weeks on, im fine. But it was scary- I put the people I love the most through a really terrifying ordeal for something that could have been prevented. So. The moral of the story, is if you have had WLS, you absolutely cannot take pain drugs other than paracetamol. (the only ‘silver lining’ is that I’ve just dropped another 7kgs. I didn’t really need to, but I’ll take it!)