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    I was also a little excited the other night with a NSV.. I actually got out of the shower and the towel wrapped around my whole body and didnt gape at the bottom. Hubby was a little bit disappointed that he no longer gets flashed!! Lol.
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    hmmm, lap banding is a tool, which we have all heard before, there to help us not so fortunate to lose weight. Ask yourself why you truly wanted to be banded, think about your answer and write it down place it on fridge. Break your old habit of not getting past the 10 kgs come on you can do it :-) Now get back to the doctor and tell him everything you have said on here, he will tell you the best thing for you, if its you need another fill, let him do it, if its time to see a dietician, go see one..... You are a super model, you just can't see it yet.
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    Hang in there Mary! Try not to get yourself in a spin. Get back to the Prof and talk to him about the issue of being able to eat one day and not the next. No doubt he has come across this issue before and he knows how to fix it. Please try to think of the positives, particularly your weightloss so far. When you say you ate because you wanted to, maybe eating was such a good friend to you in the past that you are mourning it's loss a little. But think of all the new friends you could make - walking in the fresh air, not sweating profusely when it's only 23 degrees, buying clothes in 'normal' shops, meeting and talking with other bandits, having more energy, keeping nasties such as diabetes and heart disease at bay..... there are heaps. Come on girl, please cheer up and get to the Prof.
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    It is understandable that your priorities change when something like this affects our kids. Just remember that your health and happiness are important too. Your little man will need you to be there for him for the long haul. Your ability to advocate for him will be strengthened if you are feeling healthy and strong. Don't put your own needs too much in the back seat, even if they seem to pale beside the other challenges. All the best to you and your little man.
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    I see it this way when the weight does not move for a few weeks......the band is not only helping me LOSE weight; it is also stopping me from GAINING weight. Every kg lost, albeit slowly, is probably gone for good. In other words, the weight loss is permanent. I probably lost 200kg over my lifetime but always put it back on again. I am happy knowing this will be the last time
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    U got that right! Time to drop some tactless hints - like "You bastard, you owe me big time for that ! A nice diamond would just about see you forgiven "
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    Hi hon, I really believe it does us good to vent so keep doing it, keep writing or blogging or whatever you need to do to get it out. Do whatever you need to do to get through the down days and I so hope that the black mist starts to lift and you will start to feel better very soon. I know from your posts that you are a lovely, caring, intelligent woman and you are so much better than those stupid people that are trying to drag you down to their level at work. Be kind to yourself hon and stay in touch xxx
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    Doing Optifast prior to surgery, whilst it will result in weight loss, isn't about that. They get you to do Optifast because it makes your organs shrink, in particular, your liver, which is squished right up against your stomach. It reduces the risk of them needing to convert to open surgery ... and trust me, you DO NOT want open surgery. Getting lapbanded or sleeved means changing the way you eat ... for the rest of your life. It's not a magic wand ... you will still have to work at losing weight, and then maintaining weight, forever. Doing Optifast is a good way to detox and break unhealthy habits. Ask yourself ... if you can't do Optifast for 4 weeks, how on earth will you be able to commit to changing your habits for the rest of your life ? Sorry if I sound harsh, but this is the reality of being lapbanded or sleeved if you want it to work. As for your surgeon wanting you to also see the psychologist, dietician, anaesthetist and get blood tests done ... this is standard and sensible. You're having surgery ... he needs to make sure you're not going to die on the table, and that mentally you're in a good place. The dietician is important as well to make sure you know what and how to eat. Weight loss surgery is definitely a roller coaster ride at times but it'll also change your life for the better. You've gotta roll with the punches and look forward to all the wonderful changes it will make to your life. Take a look at the NSV thread ... it's amazingly inspiring.
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    I am actually writing this from my hospital bed I was banded yesterday! Feeling a bit sore but overall not too bad
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    Debbie You made me spit my diet coke when I got to the bit about the stick mags.....cracked me up!!! I met my hubby at 70kgs and he's loved me up to 114kg (120kgs when I was pregnant) and I hope he'll love me all the way down to 65kgs... I worked with a guy years ago who married an overweight virgin... When the boys at the pub were teasing him about her, he said he married her for two reasons. 1. It ensured he didn't get an STD from her; and 2. whilst he was away with work he knew no guy would crack on to her. That guy was a pig and didn't deserve any girl. I met his wife a few years later and she was a lovely woman who was married to a pig of a man. He's a small percentage of men who don't have respect for women full stop.... Our husbands love, respect and support us. They want to see us happy and healthy, its why they have loved us at our 'worst'... Its about time we give them a chance to love us at our best.
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    WOW - Minijumb - that last line in your Blog really hit home with me. It really is a wonderful opportunity that we've all been given and it would be such a waste to sabotage it. Hope you can banish your depression as I know what it's like trying to deal with that on top of everything else we have happening in our lives. Great to hear that getting back to the gym has helped and buying those skinny clothes should surely put a smile on your face. Good Luck to you:) "Lapbanding is the best opportunity I've ever had to lose weight, I really don't want to waste it." I think I'm going to make that sentence my mantra from now on - might write it out and stick it to the fridge Cheers, Cath
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    well if this helps you ....... my now 16 year old has given me and some poor old dear lady a memory when he was about 3 1/2........ i was shopping and had him in the trolley as you do .... and i had pulled up to read and compare labels (son is lactose intolerant)... and this poor old Nana with a walking frame bent over to get something off the bottom shelf and her butt was just at the right height for my sweet darling child to stretch his arm and make like he was hand squeezing an orange up her butt crack whilst going hard at his best fart impression noise ( ) ...... i heard a god almighty shriek!!!... and i think both our hearts stopped .... he was smiling like a cat on warm milk ... i burst into tears i was so embarrassed and truly did not know where that come from ..... as parents this is certainly not something that we do so i think saying it comes from parents is a bit harsh sometimes because kids go to kindy/playgroups/ parks-- they watch and learn and mimic from other kids too.....and i didn't know what to say ... and bless her kind heart she says ... well i certainly haven't had any thrills like that in years ... wait till i tell the girls at bingo about my feisty young sugar cookie ..... needless to say i left immediately, i could not do the shopping for months in fear that i would see her again ..... i went straight home ... burst into tears again while ringing my hubby..... embarrassment is an understatement .... we laugh about it now cause i felt like i was in a comedy movie script at the time. so i hope this helps some what ...in time it will all move on. having 4 kids ... youngest is 13 .... i have plenty of these stories .... so brace yourself ....but the one above is a the cake topper in our house also another moment which i didn't know what to say ... i must of somewhere in my travels called my hubby "my old lover" (which since this has become a nickname amongst friends at the time).... and as a rule we have always said to the children that it is bed time or they have to go out side and play or into a room if visiting other people when it come to movies that i felt were above their levels .... and i say .. this is an adult movIe you need to leave the room. (T.v and movies are a pet hate when people let young children watch a scary or violent movie)...... sooooooooooo one day, my hubby has been away working and i am super excited that he is home and we are going to lunch and the movies while the youngest is at kindy for the day (cause this was the first few times we had been childfree).... when we come to pick her up ... the assistant (who thank gawd had been there while with our other children went through the same kindy and knew us) tells us that at morning news Gemilla stands up and says "my mummy is so excited because her old lover got home yesterday and he is taking her out today to watch adult movies" ...... BIGGEST SHAME.... IMAGINE WHAT THE PARENTS THAT STAYED FOR MORNING NEWS THOUGHT!!!!! bless them hey
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    Sorry Neddy i beg to differ. Just because you have had lap band doesn't mean you can't indulge in sweets and foods you like every now and again. Idoneit just remember we are human, having a slip up every now and again is going to happen and its not the end of the world. Neddy, just my opinion Don't let it get to you:)
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    And I have just learned a lesson in that , my band is at 5.9ml and I was loosing up to 3.4kg in 6 weeks but felt hungry so asked fill doctor to take the edge off with a smidgen of fill. That was ok at first but then could hardly eat anything except soup from friday to monday (was in the red zone) when I had the smidgen removed. And I canl not believe it was only .1 of a mil and it made me so sick. Now it is out I am starting to feel so much better and started eating again. The lesson learned if you are still loosing and feel a bit hungry do not try to get the band adjusted and leave it alone. Cheers Libby
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    Happy 50th! I'm looking forward to celebrating my 50th looking fabulous. I have two years to work on it lol.
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    YAY!!!!!! BP is finally back in a normal range :) :)
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    maybe go back and talk to your doc about it, I doubt you would do much better sleeved, my friend had that op and there are quite a few things she can not eat and she is also known to vomit after eating the smallest amount if it has too much sugar or fat. There are things to deal with with both operations, maybe get some fill out and it may improve. While you feel so depressed about it all its going to seem even worse. Chin up, it can only get better from here
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    I understand where you're coming from! I went back to work and people thought I had been on a holiday and commented on how refreshed I looked! I'm sure others will notice, but may not pick up that it's weight loss at the start - just that something is different. I'm 3 weeks post op and I still wonder if I've done the right thing, even though deep down I know it was the right decision. I have only told my immediate family so it's hard to try and find food that's suitable when you're out. I found stuff like cheese really good because you can keep chewing until it's quite mushy! Stuff like potato salad might be good?
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    My mum was the same, she asked/begged me to try to loose it "the proper way" she was only very very scared about the surgery that I wouldnt live through it. Or that I would have some nasty complication that would destroy my quality of life. Once I gave her the info I was given she was happy for me but still sort of worried. Once op was done and dusted and she could see me loose the weight she was rapt. "Why didn't I do it 10yrs ago. I needed to loose 80 kilos I would never be able to do that on my own, which shows as I had tried most things and was very successful but put it back on. You will have varied responses from all different kinds of people if you are open about surgery. I am and most are ok and happy for me the rest are shocked at first but tend to come around when they see the weightloss. Those that are negative and still now are nasty about it after loosing 50 kilos, are not really my friends then are they. Those are the jealous ones that want to see my unhealthy and unhappy to bolster themselves. Just keep on trucking and they will either come around or they can be bumped down to aquaintance Good luck
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    Fat mind is a b*tch. I think back to when I was 18 and weighed 70kgs and was a size 12/14. I thought I was so fat compared to all my friends who were 8/10s. Now I'd be extremely happy to be that small again and am old enough now to appreciate it. You are doing a fabulous job to have kept the weight off and not gain
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    Welcome loverband There are a bunch of us going through the same stuff on the August bandits thread there is also a couple of versions of what people do to get them through that horrid opti fast phase trust me you aren't alone with the emotional feelings, I think we all go through it I can't wait to not have to fold my undies either, or maybe be able to buy them in the non nanna section lol
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    I have had weight problems all of my life too Cath.Even though with a BMI in the mid 30s, we do not have some of the super/morbid obesity issues faced by some of our friends on this forum, it is still a problem, especaiily when it yo-yos by about 25 kg every few years. I was one of the original patients at CBS. I was baned in 1997 when my 'top weight' was 97 kg (I am 160 cm tall). I spent all of 1998 with the mindset that I wanted to be fit and well and strong mentally, physically and emotionally. By the end of 1998 I was 61 kg and ran in the Mountain to Surf run at the back of Lorne (held on the Friday night before the Pier to Pub swim). I finished in the top 10% for women in my (over40) age group. I currently weigh around 64 kg and have worn mostly size 12 clothes since 1998. I love my band and I cannot speak highly enough of all of the people at CBS. More power to you Cath!! Soph
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    Thanks everyone:) Im home on thre couch after surgery at 330pm yesterday It all went great and Im feeling pretty good, but finding it a struggle to swallow much at all...i feel very full. The gas pain in my chest is bugging me too but its not as bad as yesterday. The incisions are good...I was shocked to see staples not stitches...that freaked me a bit but I must admit it makes me fel more secure! So..onwards and upwards from here!
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    First thing I would suggest is start writing down everything you eat (and don't lie it won't help). Speak to your doctor to check you fill is all okay too and band is in its right place. After two weeks and see a dietician. It may not be the problem but you need to start somewhere. You should be eating no more than 1800cals to maintain weight. If you are eating less, make sure its not less than 1200cals otherwise your body goes into starvation mode and stores everything. Are you eating complex carbs but not exercising. Your body burns calories on its own, but some it really just can't. Next look at your pedometer (or put it back on) and check you are getting 1000steps per day. Unfortunately our body's do have simple mass. Calories In must equal calories out otherwise you gain weight. If this isn't the case it may be hormonal and you made need to get bloods taken. Check if your allergic to wheat etc. Good Luck. Stay positive!
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    Ned, love your shed.