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    Oooohhhhhh, fury, blind $#@&ing fury. I have started running around our local sports field which is opposite a well-to-do high school. At 10am this morning - after sitting in my car for 20 mins waiting for dog-walkers, kids etc to disappear - I eased myself out of the car and began to run. 8 schoolgirls from the high school wandered across the road (smoking), and began to call out "boom, boom, boom" with every step I took. I ignored them and kept going, and finally two of them came across and started to run just in front of me daring me to try and catch them - along with a chorus of 'fat mole!' "fat bitch', "you so ugly, yo mama wanted to push you back in but you wouldn't fit!" etc etc. Do I have Target written across my forehead or something? No, I was just fat, alone, and struggling to run and in wrong place at wrong time. But revenge. I noticed that three of these b****es were wearing the high school sport uniform....so i went to a corner of the field, dialled information and then dialled the school and spoke to the vice principal...within 5 minutes, two senior teachers came sprinting across the road and ordered these girls back to class, and also busted two of them for smoking. I just stood there grinning with my arms crossed and watched from a distance. I love being older and wiser, and having the courage to do something constructive instead of losing my temper. And you know what? I finished my run, just as a final F you to people who can't mind their own business.
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    I came across my weight loss journal from November 2011 yesterday. It was a specially made, bound book with room to log my meals with their calorie, protein, fat, carbs etc, my weekly weigh ins, measurements, my big and little goals and my general progress through 'the Journey'... It made me remember what an unhappy chappy I was in November 2011. I had reached my biggest weight ever. I had impending fears of dropping dead of a heart attack, or of breaking a chair or not fitting somewhere where everyone else did... I was finding the largest size available in Target or similar wouldn't fit me on a regular basis. I felt frumpy and unfit, fat and unwanted and generally crap. It had taken a good few years but I'd finally managed to get my head into the space where I was ready to do something. I think a combination of some understanding medical professionals, and a serious talk to myself about what on earth I was doing... made me come to the realisation that if I wanted it fixed, I had to find the solution.. and make it work. I also recognised, after 20 years of trying, I was not going to be able to just sort it out with my own motivation and exercise. I can remember the moment I was sitting at my computer wishing it to be April so I could have my band already done... when this totally mental idea occurred to me - maybe I could start losing weight, before I get the band in... maybe I could start off the process and see how I go... I know! - completely revolutionary that one!! So I started on Nov 11, and I took my measurements, my weight, listed my goals, planned some food and generally got myself organised. Looking back on it now, I think those few months of plugging away at it has helped me enormously. So TIP No 1 - if you're not yet banded, don't look at you last months pre-banding as a time to splurge. That's your start time.... It's about your brain, not your weight. I used the journal pretty regularly throughout Nov - Feb as I was preparing for my band in early April. In those months I tested out different protein shakes and bars, I dropped a lot of carbs from my diet and looked for reasonably healthy proteins. I stopped worrying too much about fat % in my foods (as I'd discovered that the low fat foods often had very little calorie difference to the full fat, but tasted nowhere near as good!). I weighed myself constantly. I know - it goes against all the rules - but it taught me to keep an eye on it, it kept losing weight in the front of my mind and I saw how completely unreliable it was to believe the comparison between today an yesterday and tomorrow! I tried out Lite & Easy. I started walking a bit more. Usual stuff. I really paid attention to what was happening. As I tried to limit my calories to 1500 per day, I found I could do it for maybe 2 days, then the third day my brain was driving me to find carbs. Pasta, Lollies. JUST ANYTHING CARBS... So I ate carbs.. but tried not to make it another 4000 calories of it. And, amazingly, I discovered that often it's just a taste of something that I needed. Not the whole 2 person serve of gnocchi!! Now here I am 12 months on and I still do this.. I have lovely yummy things... but just a little of them. Not the whole block of chocolate (well, not usually anyway!) So TIP No 2 - don't deprive yourself of all things unhealthy because it doesn't fit with your diet.... Nice food is one of the perks of our society here in Australia. We have lovely special treats around, and if you enjoy food in your life, it's unrealistic to think that one day you can just decide not to have any of those nice things anymore - and be happy. Get rid of nearly all of them... but find the lower calorie but really enjoyable treats that you can have just one serve/cup/bit/taste of. And go with that. Enjoy! (Don't buy the big block of cadbury. Buy the 55g lindt one instead). As the new year got busier I stopped keeping my daily journal so the rest of the 12 months is blank. BUT - It was really good to go back and look at how far I have come. WIth me barely noticing it, my brain has totally changed this past year... oh... and I lost some weight too! Here I am 12 months on... I still hate exercise. I hate gyms, I hate walking. I'm a whale in a swimsuit. I love a day in pjs, sitting on the couch and not moving an inch. I'm just not into this whole movement thing. So I've made a deal with myself - incidental exercise is my thing. Park further away. Take the stairs. Walk a message over instead of emailing. Volunteer to run an errand. Lift stuff, push stuff. The alternatives are much, much worse. So suck it up princess and do it. (I still have an occasional PJ day where I barely move from the couch! And I LOVE IT!) So TIP No 3 - if you're not into exercise and you just can't get into it. Don't sign up to or force yourself into something that you know you will hate every time you do it - it's a red rag that will end up with you trying to get out of it. Use incidental exercise as your alternative. Anytime your brain tells you to park right next to the shop.... "Well, either park further away or join a gym and do the Pump class. Which is it??" (that threat is usually enough to make me park at the end, far, far away!) I also realised by the time my surgery came around that I was focusing my whole life on the lapband and weight loss. the daily weigh ins, the overthinking the shopping, the food prep and just everything. I didn't want to be a person whose only conversation was about weight and food and crap that no-one else cared about. I watched HOURS of youtube clips from Lapband journeys and got sick of the self-indulgent, overthinking rubbish flowing around. Don't get me wrong - there are many great and inspirational stories out there and they were incredibly valuable.. but many disappeared and stopped recording their journey and many went on to move their obsession with food into obsessions with exercise and diet and that's so not what I wanted. My 20cents of psychology tells me that there are 'issues' with that approach. So I dug out an old interest and got fired up about photography. I forced a friend to take it up. I signed up for some photo walks, I spoke to people about the photos I'd taken. I made my life about more than just 'the journey'. Now there's half a dozen of us with a weekly photo challenge learning a heap and having a great time. Love it. Somewhere along the way I got sick of hearing about people's 'journey'... I can remember having this long argument with a friend who was talking about how in life where you end up it doesn't matter - it's about the journey and how you get there. I know this is a common thought in the world but it's never sat well with me. Yes it's great to have experiences and learn and grow - but I guess the problem is that if you never achieve something you wanted to - then how do you get that great satisfaction, that little buzz, or stop and look back at what you've done. If you're always on the way to somewhere, but never get there, are you actually doing yourself any good?? OK - so that's a bit deep and we'll leave philosophy for another time - the journey idea is important... but it can't just be about the journey. You have to be striving and aiming and working towards something and you should achieve it. You should reach a point where you go "Yay for me"... focussing on the journey only sometimes means you never get there.. and that's a shame. So TIP no 4 - don't make your weight loss ALL you are. Yes - focus, plan and make it a serious part of your life. But if all you are is a weight loss journey... you've given up far more than anyone should have to. Life is about living. Find something you love to do and bloody get on with it. In these past 12 months I've also decided that unless you are fat person considering a lap band... it's more than likely you don't get it. You don't get the problems with getting to overweight, of living overweight or trying to get rid of it. You don't understand the pressure, the cravings, the sadness. The fear. The thoughts. The prospect of life. But that's OK. You don't need to understand it to support someone through the process. I don't go into a lot of detail about my weight loss with my other friends and family. I certainly keep them in the loop of how I"m feeling and how things are going - but I don't expect them to make it happen for me. I reassure them, I share interesting stuff I find out, and I let them know that I love them. Nicely they tend to do the same back and the fact they care about ME is all I need. They don't have to care about my journey. I'm doing that. TIP no 4 - don't expect people to get it. Big or small. Old or Young. They don't and they can't and expectations that they will will just lead to disappointment and frustration. But don't worry - they don't need to get it - they just need to care about YOU. (If they don't do that - kick em to the curb!) If you've read my earlier blogs and posts you'll know this one. I think the clothes you wear are an important, and often neglected, part of the weight loss process. As my clothes get baggier and daggier and sloppier I find I feel less on top of things. No-one had a magic pot of gold, but I think back to some really important moments for my brain have related to times when I got myself into a nice pair of jeans, a smaller top, or splurged and got new undies! Use the op-shops, buy cheaper brands, look online - but don't go through life in old, baggy, 'previous life' clothes. The cost of updating is a payment for positive thoughts about yourself and nice comments from other people. I'd pay for that any day! Tip No 5 - Pick key important parts of your wardrobe and update them regularly. For me it is a pair of jeans (yes, go read the skinny jeans blog), a nice suit/skirt for work and pair of black pants. And shoes... I love shoes! I'm writing a novel here so I'll wrap up with this one. Throughout my past few years of getting to the point where I was ready to deal with this, I started dealing with 'other' stuff in my appearance and health. I'm a hairy PCOS girl, so I found myself a good IPL place and started dealing with it. I have PCOS bad skin - so I found some better products, got some advice, have occasional facials. I have a bad back, so I found a physio and learned about the stretches and posture (she says suddenly sitting up properly in her chair) that I needed to do to relieve the pressure. I had thin, brittle nails and ugly, dry skin feet. So I found someone to do pedicures and help me keep it under control. I'm sure my future will involve a good abdo plastic surgeon who will get rid of my belly issues... I'm working my way up to dealing with some girly issues.. that's gonna take a bit more time though... Tip no 6 - Don't expect the weight loss to do everything. Our interpretation of how we look has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Take a moment to look at the stuff, apart from weight, that you don't like. What can you fix. Colour your hair on top, IPL everything else. Paint your nails, grate your feet. Whatever. Try to get rid of the 'don't look at my...' thoughts. They are destructive and depressing and, in some cases, avoidable. As a disclaimer let me just add that this is my experience. I can see many holes in my tips - but these are just my opinion and what worked for me. If I could talk to myself in Nov 2011 - these are what I would say. So just in case you are interested - 12 months on from the 'start' of my weight loss journey and 7 months after surgery - I've lost 32.5kg. (just over 50% of what I need to for a good BMI). I've lost about 90cm from my thighs, arms, bust, waist, hips and neck. I've moved from a size 26+ to an 18 (larger sizes). My blood pressure is down, my cholesterol is down, my blood sugar is improved I generally don't feel deprived and that I'm missing out on anything I'm not forcing myself to do anything I don't want to do I'm part-way to retraining my brain and don't often have those 'eat a truck load of pasta' thoughts or cravings I feel positive and happy for the future and feel that from those that love me and I have a mental cat.... OK - that's not new - but thought I'd add it in! I feel supported by my medical professionals, my co-workers, my boss, my family. I still love chocolate, and champagne, and beer and BBQ I wish I could eat Vegemite Toast I love what I read and share on Banding Together because you guys get it. Hugs!
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    Recently a fellow Bandit asked me if I could summarise how I lost the weight and what I thought had made the difference for me and helped me in my success. I weighed 100kg at my heaviest (42.7 BMI) and I now weigh 70.5kg (30.1 BMI), 9 months post surgery. So while I am almost 30kg lighter and so much fitter and healthier too, according to the BMI range, I am still obese. Perhaps that is an indication that the BMI scale is a load of twaddle, but I digress. There are several things that I think account for my apparent 'success'. The first being my start weight. There are some people out there who started their journeys from a much more difficult place with BMI's of 50+, who obviously have so much more work to do than I do. By comparison I have had a smooth and easy ride. My numbers are just more manageable, aren't as daunting and because 1kg = 1% TWL it was much easier to see results and keep motivated. The second thing that helped me immensely was my thorough understanding of HOW the band works. I did a lot of research and came into banding with my eyes wide open. I had read Dr. O'Brien's book and watched his '8 Golden Rules of Lap Banding'. I spoke with someone who has the band, but was only moderately successful. I researched a lot on the web, both here and on certain Surgeon's websites. I realised that this was a long term commitment and that the process would be slow. That I need to aim for the green zone and not to chase 'restriction'. I also knew that I was a prime candidate for banding success because of why I was fat in the first place. Item three, why I was fat in the first place. I was an overeater, I ate huge portions of 'basically' good food. I didn't consume copious amounts of soft drink or eat a lot of chocolate or ice-cream. I just don't have a sweet tooth, so I knew that once I was banded and in the green zone I was going to be okay turning down chocolates and biscuits and I wouldn't be guzzling a lot of liquid calories. The fourth thing that I had going for me was that I had been successful at losing weight before. I can lose weight with relative ease, I just had trouble maintaining that weight loss long term. I lost 20kg when I went to uni. 83kg to 63kg in just six months because I lived on campus and I hated the food. I was also a poor student without a car so had to walk EVERYWHERE. The weight crept back with interest over the next decade and by the time I was 31 I weighed 97kg. I joined the gym at work and lost 14kg over 12 months by attending the gym EVERY work day morning for an entire year. I got back to 83kg without changing much about what I ate, other than skipping the fast food/ bakery breakfasts I had become accustomed too and eating a bowl of cereal provided by the gym after my workout. Eventually my motivation petered out and I had a major bout of depression. I stopped going to the gym and the weight piled back on. It was about this stage that I gave up EVER weighing less than 80kg ever again. EVER. I literally decided that it was NEVER going to happen so I should just give up trying. 3 years later and I was at my peak weight of 100kg and I decided that something had to be done. Something long term that would give me an edge and stop me from backsliding. Item five was my willingness and ability to exercise and my absolute luck to be surrounded by fit and healthy people who support and encourage me. At 100kg there wasn't much I could do other than walk, but I did that a lot. What I couldn't manage in speed or intensity I made up for in duration. I would balance my laptop on my treadmill to watch DVD's and I would just walk for up to 2 hours a day. Once I was down to around 83kg again, I felt that I was able to amp things up a little and started the couch to 5k running program. I am also exceedingly lucky to work with two people who aren't PT's by profession, but who have their PT qualifications for personal use. One took me under her wing and gave me several PT sessions for free. The other keeps me motivated and takes me 'stair running' once a week. I've taken up indoor rock climbing which I do with my partner and his friend who used to be a rock climbing instructor. One of my close friends is an über fit runner and she has accompanied me on a couple of fun runs and attended 'run club' with me a few times too. It is SO much easier to stay motivated and I push myself harder when I am exercising with someone else. Item six links back to item two. Part of what I learnt from all of my research is that the people who have the most success utilise all of the tools that are available to them. So I always attend my surgeon's and dietician's appointments and I have sessions with a psychologist as well. I am lucky that my workplace provides 4 free psychologist appointments per year. Having your head in the game is perhaps the biggest factor of all and it should probably be a bit higher up the list. It has given me some skills to use when emotional eating kicks in and it helps me banish the guilt when those skills don't always work. It has stopped the negative shame spiral that can occur when things don't go to plan and it has given me confidence to succeed so that I don't get knocked down by every little setback. Item seven is of course the band itself. It does it's job and slows down my eating. I have to chew, chew, chew and really concentrate on what I am doing. I still have to make the choice on what I eat at any given meal, but because I am not a slave to unrelenting hunger I can make a reasonable choice most of the time. I do try to focus on protein and vegetable but the carbs creep in anyway. I haven't been able to give up Twisties but I eat them much less frequently than I used too. Anyway to summarise my summary. The band keeps most of the hunger away which allows me to make healthier food choices. It is at the perfect level of fill, that allows me to eat just about anything I want as long as I concentrate, but it slows me down so that the smaller portion is enough to satisfy. I do a reasonable amount of exercise each week although I know that there is always room for more. I understand enough about how the band works that I do not get upset if my weight fluctuates from week to week. The psychologist has helped me get to a good place mentally so that I do not dwell on every setback and I have the confidence to move forward. When I started to get hungry again after several months of green zone bliss I was able to asses what was happening and realise that I just needed some more fill. I will admit that I did have a mild panic attack about being a failure, and backsliding but the skills and confidence the psychologist gave me got me through. And finally I am just absolutely blessed to be surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends and family who help me along each and every step of the way.
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    Well, this morning I got up super early (for me anyways!) as I had to be at Mercy by 6.30am. When I got here I was told I was number 2 to go in for surgery. I am so glad I was early coz I was freaking out as it was with the short wait I had! It wasn't long after I got to hospital before they called me in to be prepped. It was kind of nerve racking, because it made it seem so more real. Like I couldn't pretend it wasn't happening for a while yet. Thank god I had my iPad so that I could take my mind off things. After getting put in my gown and seeing the anaethetist, I settled back on the bed for my wait. That was just after 7am. I was talking to the lady who was also prepped at the same time as me. She was number 1 surgery for Dr Dolan today. She looked terrified as they wheeled her away! They then said they would be back for me around quarter to 9. When they came and got me and wheeled me down to the pre-op area, I think I must've had the same terrified look on my face, coz everyone kept asking me if I was ok. I was feeling so anxious and overwhelmed, I nearly shed tears a few times, but I was determined not to. Then just before 9 they wheeled me in to the operating theatre and there wasn't really time to feel scared. I slid onto the table, and the anaethetist put my drip in. Dr Dolan asked me how I was doing and told me everything would be fine. Then a lady held an oxygen mask near my face while Dr Deehan put my anesthetic in. All of a sudden my whole body felt heavy and I was out. Nice and quick so no time to panic. It was such a weird but really cool feeling as well. Next thing I know I'm in recovery and about 10-15 minutes after I woke up they wheeled me back to my room. I haven't had any pain at all. Just a slight ache I n my upper back, an occasional ache in my left shoulder, but nothing too bad and a slight ache where I think my port is. But on a scale of 1-10, my pain hasn't been over a 1 yet. The only uncomfortable things has been the pressure under my diaphragm. It made me feel a little nauseous. But when I figured out that I had to relax my stomach, and take a couple of deep breathes, it went away. I have only had 1 or 2 moments when I have felt hungry. Water seems to be doing the job just fine for now. So overall I have felt really good so far. I have had a lot of support from family. My sis in law had a band put in last year, so she has been messaging me all day to say good luck, and to see how I am going. My other sis in law has been babysitting my 1yr old daughter, and she brought her in for a visit tonight, which was lovely. And my husband drove back and forth a few times today to see me. Plus my mum came for a visit as well, which was nice. All in all it has been a really good day. A lot better than what I thought it would be. And a lot less pain than I thought it would be! Which I am so happy about. I am so excited about my new journey, and I have some really good support around me as well. Can't wait to go on a big shopping spree for smaller clothes! And to chuck out all of my bigger sizes!
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    Well I got up and got ready for work today I really had trouble finding something to fit .. What a fantastic predicament to be in !!! So after I finished work today I went to the shops on the way home.. Went to look for some trousers that fit me .. straight to the size 14 I went and to my delight they were swimming on me .. I held up the size 12 and said no way they are going to fit me .. Into the change room I return and yes I'm fitting into a size 12 !!!! I feel shocked and happy at the same time .. I have been getting lot of comments the last few day at work saying wow look at u .. I know the weight has come off me as the scales show it .. But I don't seem to be a Able to relise how much of a difference it has made to me .. And my husband called me skinny bum when I bent over to pick something up earlier today .. Any way I really need to do some shopping but I still have 6 kgs to go so I am try not to spend too much until I reach my gaol
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    A few fills down the track and things are going very well... I am at a conference this week and so have faced a couple of new/public dining experiences and have survived.... Number 0: was actually before the conference - had a fancy dinner at a top restaurant... with about 40 other people around a big table... lots of good wine and discussion.. and me taking three times longer than anyone else to eat... which is great because I left food on my plate... but which is terrible because it was sooooooo nice... salmon and scallops entree.... beatiful tender beef main..... a selection of mini desserts full of cream and cheese and fruit for dessert..... I was so tempted to baggie it so I could have it the next day... but it's not really done daahlink!! Number 1: de plane... de plane... yes, my doctor advised me not to eat or drink on the plane - it was only a 2 hour flight anyway - or, if I did, to do so vewy, vewy cawefully... so I didn't go near anything, and barely swallowed my spit!! Apparently there is always a little bit of air in the band, and at altitude it can change volume and make things a bit tight... I felt fine on the plane, but after returning to earth felt a little tight in my chest for an hour or two... so wonder if that was in my head or real?? Number 2: public chinese restaurant dinner with a heap of other people on the same table... dinner conversation... rice (!!! EEK!!!) and lots of lovely, salt laden, sweet, barely a vegetable in sight dishes... sigh.... it was yumm... and boy did I chew everything down to nothing before swallowing! Had no troubles and it really reinforced the need to concentrate while eating... when I do that, everything is fine... but today am feeling the salt... feel puffy and fat... so no breakfast for me...cup of tea will be it until later! Hopefully I'll find something not too tempting on the lunch tables! The last few weeks have really been amazing. I need a new suit for work and popped into a shopping centre one evening to see what I could find... I walked around the store, grabbed a few things in a smaller size than I'm used to... most were a 20... went in to try them on.... bam... skirt wouldn't stay up over my hips, jacket looked like it had american football padding in the shoulders and the shirt would have fit you and me in under it... I had this lovely moment where, for the first time in a really long time, I looked at myself in the mirror... Now... I'm still huge... I can remember being at this weight and mortified... but when your weight is going the other way, things are sooooo different.... I looked at the mirror and realised that the first thing I noticed were my eyes... not my 17 chins.... that my smile (it was a pretty good one, like I knew a secret that no-one else did) outshone the wrinkle down beside my nose and mouth (that used to be more like a grand canyon).. I really looked.... Who is this person? I haven't seen her for sooo long.... and how brilliant is it!!!!!!!!!! I missed her.. and am so glad to see her back... Don't leave me ever again! I know we talk practical items and save money where we can by wearing clothes too big and so on... but I'm now saying that is the wrong thing to do.... buying outfits that really fit, and make you feel fantastic... can only help your journey... so everyone... lets' go SHOPPING!!!
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    I am a self confessed control freak. I have moments of OCD which make me do silly little things like match my peg colours, obsessively restock the blood pathology tubes at work and straighten any random pile of business cards or brouchures that I see. When I was first banded, my 'control issues' had me weighing myself on a daily basis and inputting every single little thing that went into my mouth into myfitnesspal to make sure I didn't go over the calorie limit I had set myself. It was working well for me. I was losing on average a kilo a week and sadly was enjoying the attention to detail required to keep my food journal. Then I discovered a couple of issues. 1) it doesn't really look like you are losing that much weight when you are taking measurements every day. 2) eventually I run out of interest in tracking my every bite of food. 3) I got the band done so that I didn't have to obsess about dieting for the rest of my life. a few weeks back, I stopped loosing weight. It was only for a couple of weeks, but it didn't feel good. Before getting the band in, I was super worried that the doc wouldn't let me have it. After, I became worried that it wouldn't work for me and still now, 4 months and 22kg later, I am still worried that something is going to happen and I will wake up and be as big as I was or bigger. It's not a very good way to live. So, new month, new hopes, new plan of attack. I stopped using myfitnesspal and while I do strive to make the healthier food choice 80% of the time, I don't obsess over every bite that goes in. I just stick to my small portions and a max of 4 meals (usually morning tea, late lunch, dinner and snack) a day and taking my dog for a walk as many times a week as I can. Strangely enough, I am actually loosing more weight per week now that I have stopped with the obsessing. And as an added bonus I have myself at a point now that is just normal living (for a bandit). No diets, no obsessive exercise plan, just living my life in a way that is going to be maitainable for the rest of my life. This is great. This is what I wanted from the band. I still have a few little issues related to the band that suck, but those little issues are worth everything I have gained.
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    So ... After two fabulous weeks in NZ on holiday we come back to Oz and my husband loses his job, very unexpectedly with an added complication of only having a work visa, anyway it seems we are currently resolving visa issues, but that's another story. So he is feeling a bit down, it's a lovely sunny day so I say, come on let's go for our walk. We decide to try a different track as we have more time than usual so off we head on our adventure. We cross the valley floor, loads of steps down and back up the other side, beautiful. We are supposed to turn right to follow the track but we both think, let's go left and see where it goes, there is a track that was as well. After twenty minutes with the track dwindling in size, we realize that it is going no further and turn back. After we turn and walk for about 20 secs, hubby sees a dog sitting in the creek bed, all wet and bedraggled. He approaches the dog , she does not look too well, he tries to encourage her to get up and walk. She is not going anywhere !! So he decides he will have to carry her. We begin our trek back to the outside world with one very wet, scared dog in my hubby's arms, through the bush, done the stairs, up the stairs and back to the road, about 3kms. On route I call a friend, who calls the local vet, who finds the piece of paper with the owners details, then after a few more phone calls a very distressed owner calls me to check if it is her dog we have found. I describe the dog and harness it is wearing and one very happy owner can not believe that we have found her very, very loved 17 year old , deaf and slightly demented cocker spaniel who has been missing for two days and two nights. We arrange to meet her at the vets, she is a lovely lady whose family have spent 25 hours out and about looking for their baby! We do the exchange of info and she thanks us and off we go. Get outside to discover leaches have taken a grip on hubby's ankle, yuk. Several days later we hear from the owner that Menoush is safe and well and home. She asks us to come to her home and meet with her family. We head over to visit and she had prepared the most lovely meal for us, so much effort. The doggie was lovely nd remembered hubby, a fantastic reunion for us all. We say our goodbyes and she gives me a lovely bunch of flowers and a card . Get home and open the card and this lovely family have generously given us a $300 gift card for David Jones. We were stunned. We will meet with them again as they are such a nice family, it is amazing how people arrive in your life! Hope all you pet lovers like that one
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    Well the last fill I had seemed to work and stayed with me - I was absolutely in the green zone which was hard when I went to Fiji for 10 days and I so wanted to eat all the lovely food - but I had to eat slowly and small amounts and that was good. So even though I did relax a little and drink a few cocktails I still lost weight whilst I was away...woohoo. The doc was very pleased. Then I came home....I'm not making excuses but my problem has always been stress eating I piled on a stack of weight 2 years ago when I was in a job I hated and I just couldn't seem to stop myself from eating. So anyway I come home and find that there has been some decisions made about the reorganisation of my team at work without consultation with me and I spent the next 3 days in crisis meetings trying to get it sorted out. Plus I think I was due for a top-up coz I was starting to get hungry between meals. On the third day it's exam day for my MBA and I'm studying at home, and it's also the day my hubby flies off to Perth for 3 months for a job. Despite myself I'm sorry to say I weakened and I attacked the freezer and more specifically the icecream (which slips through a band so easily) - once I start down the slippery slope it builds up speed and by the end of the weekend I have not only eaten the whole tub of icecream but a king size bar of dairy milk..... The positive of this story is that after 5 days of very silly behaviour I sat myself down and used something the psychologist had taught me. She said that sometimes in periods of stress our bodies take over and we shouldn't beat ourself up about that but accept that it is a natural response. The difference between someone with a eating problem and a "normal" individual is the "normal" person can shrug it off, accept that it happened and then return to sensible eating patterns. Those who struggle with their eating (and that is me) struggle to get off that slope again. So I tried that sort of positive reinforcement and I even admitted my blip to my hubby - which is a big step forward for me - previous behaviour would have been to buy another tub of ice cream to replace the one I had eaten and not told him!! So I started the week with a fresh copy book and felt much better. I also went to see the doc and got a small top-up which immediately helped to get rid of the hunger pains, I was surprised because I did still feel restriction but I obviously needed that extra 0.3ml to just take me into the green zone. So anyway I've been back on line (mostly - who can honestly say they do it 100%) and hope to lose the the 0.5kg I put on with The Blip as it is now known. The doc has also sent me back to see the dietician although I'm not keen - I didn't find the dietician very useful before after all I know what I should do and what I should eat. I'd rather see the psychologist but he doesn't seem keen on that as an option... may have to sort that out for myself. So anyway I've now cleansed myself on here and I'm ready to take the next step forward (or at least I will as soon as my legs start working again. i took my first Pilates class last Weds and it found muscles I didn't know I had!)
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    Its just past 11 at night and I am finally sitting down to my dinner. I remember eating lunch 12 hours ago, my first meal for the day, and there is some recollection of eating some sort of fruit and nut bar thing at some point between now and then. Prior to being banded, I would have been starving, cranky and weak by now from not eating. I just have to say I LOVE MY BAND! I am a midwife and I work in a busy hospital that has the only baby intensive care unit in Queensland outside of Brisbane. We see everything from the nice healthy first time mums right through to women having triplets 14 weeks early. All those babies that are born too early or with something wrong with them come to us, usually still in their mother's bellies. Other hospitals refer on to a place better equipped to deal with any issues they are having with mums and babies. My hospital is the place they all come to. We don't get to refer on. My job is awsome! Today there were a lot of women whose babies wanted out and across the 10 hours I was there (it was only meant to be 8) I was witness to new life being ushered into the world and watched on as one of those precious little lives left us again. The day went by in a blur and my brain feels full to the point of wanting to explode. Shifts like today used to be a nightmare for me food wise. If I got the chance to eat at all it was five minutes to quickly shovel as much food into my body as I could and then I would usually do something silly like eat a whole large value meal from Maccas on the way home at 930 at night. Tonight, no such thought at all. Work became stressful, my band started feeling tighter, I didn't get hungry. I ate my fruit and nut bar between running into various rooms and working my way through the mountains of paperwork and I did that not because I was hungry, but because past experience has taught me to eat when you can so that you don't suddenly find yourself about to pass out from lack of sustanance when you are hit with an adrenaline rush midway through some sort of emergency. So here I am at some stupidly late hour of the night, finally actually feeling hungry again. One of my main concerns prior to banding was how I was going to cope with busy shifts at work when I would be no longer able to scoff down a meal in 5 minutes. I found out the answer tonight and I am exceptionally pleased with it. The answer is, I will cope just fine. In fact, I am now coping better than I did before getting the band
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    I've been reading through the forums for the last hour (can't sleep), and I think I've had my first eureka moment. The realization was so profound for me that I had to write it down. Not sure if I can get my thoughts into coherent sentences, but here goes... For so many years I had been lying to myself about the way I look. I've never uttered the words 'fat' or 'obese' about myself. I refused to think of myself that way. I also lied to myself about my eating habits. I think my biggest demon is my denial. I need to embrace the fat. I have a lap band. I have a lap band because I'm obese BUT I have a lap band because I choose not to be obese anymore. I've started being honest with myself, and my partner, about my weaknesses. Sharing with him how I feel about food. Telling him when I crave food and why I crave it. I haven't been able to lose weight myself for all these years, why do I think that will change now? and just getting a band on my tummy won't fix that by itself. It's not just my eating habits that need to change. It's the way I think about food too. I've never stuck to or finished anything in my life. But I will do this, I am determined.
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    It's my birthday on Tuesday. I'm not too good with birthdays. Last year I locked myself in my car at the end of a dirt road, with a chocolate cake and some expensive french cheese. No- one came out a winner on that one. But this year will be my first dreaded birthday with a sleeve. And honestly, all I really want is a nice salad and an apple, and maybe go for a swim at the beach. In a one-piece swimsuit, not in the usual fat lady apology ensemble of shorts, t-shirts, and various layering effects to try and tell the world that you know you offend them, that I used to wear. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to win the Gisele Budgeon or whatever her name is, award for body excellence, but it's better than it used to be. So, Happy Birthday to me! And hands up for all those wonderful women out there, fighting for their rights to party ( or to participate) - at work, at home and abroad. Props, girls.
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    I have been reading a lot lately about people emotionally eating, rock bottoms and things of the like and it got me thinking. I really dwell on a lot of the same things as other people but I need to remind myself just what I should be happy about! I am thankful for all the guys at the clubs that teased me and pretended to ask me for a dance because it was funny… I wouldn’t want to sleep with or date a guy like you anyway. I am thankful for every nasty comment yelled from cars driving by… it reassures me I have more of a life than you do. I am thankful for everyone who has ever commented on what kind of food I “should†be eating because they assumed I eat McDonald’s everyday because I am overweight… I am not an ignorant retard who stereotypes. I am grateful for all those skinny girls who complain their fat… Then eat Hungry Jacks… I will love my body when I get to my goal. I am thankful I wasn’t born slim… I have developed a tough skin, a great personality because I couldn’t get by on my looks, I have educated myself on what’s good for my insides instead of just eating whatever I like. I am also grateful that my body gains weight when I eat high calorie non-notorious foods – because it means it is working. I would lover everyone to add theirs to this so we can all remember just how awesome and great we are at any size and we are doing this for our health and us!
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    ALL IN A DAY OF A 4ml RESRTICTION! I went in search of bathroom scales, I had bad experience in the past with incorrect readings. So I hit the store and the sales man took me over to the display area. I said I wanted a basic, just read your weight set of scales and we were soon joined by a over enthusiastic young sales girl, who didn’t listen. She point out the top of the range, read everything from body mass, fat content, water levels, stress, BP, it could even tune your car model and she even went on to tell me, it had blue tooth and I could sink it with me PC to record all my details to the world …. STOP! I said, I am not going to publish my weight on face book and the wide world web. Just show me a set gives accurate readings. Then the guy pull down a set and stood on them, got off, then back on and there was a different reading each time. I made him get on and off six times and he said in a Indian accent …."Amazing they are not very good" An understatement I thought…Then he pulled down another set and they had constant readings. Then she joined in, getting on and off them in the hope they would stuff up and I buy the space age $300 ones but I said in a little Britain voice “I want that one.†I left happy with my purchase and with my new restriction felt hungry. I had stupidly left my snacks at home, so I got some freshly made falafel. I chewed them to bits and I have to say, when you eat slowly and I mean slowly, you taste all of the food and I didn’t really like the taste to be honest but they went down well and filled me up. For dinner I cooked a chicken breast in lemon juice with roast vegies and only ate a bread side plate serving, over 20-25mins and it went down very well plus I was satisfied. I had left over’s for 3 more meals... amazing! I went to bed at 10.45pm and fell asleep quite quickly, only to be woken from a deep sleep, after midnight with INTENCE pain in my abdomen, around and below the band area and I mean moaning INTENCE pain. I hadn’t a clue what was happening to me plus I was on my own. So I rang the emergency number of the clinic and they felt it wasn’t the band but said I need to get to the hospital ASAP. So I rang my friend and ended up in the waiting room for 3hrs, was given only panadol and a x-ray. After 3 -1/2hrs, the pain was subsiding and there was no telling how much longer I would have to wait. So I choose to leave with my x-rays and head back to my bed. I think I made a BAD, BAD choice with the falafel, chick peas, legumes… BAD wind pain. LOL, I enter the hospital in the arms of my beautiful caring friend, panting, doubled up in pain and left asking her to walk ahead of me, up wind, as a farted my way back to the car! The moral of the story is, Legumes and my Bandigo don’t mix. I have to seriously monitor and be soooooooo mindful of my choices! Also arrive to work today one hour late because I set my alarm wrong DUH! But my new scales are going down folks and the answer my friends is blowing in the WIND!
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    ...I was out of control. Not so today. I have maintained my weight for 12 months now, very happy with that!! 65kg seems to be where my body is happy, and thanks to the band, it is easy to keep in check. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with what I would LIKE to indulge in, versus what is good for me. I had a period a few months ago where my weight dropped down to 58kg, I had the band loosened, and stacked on 6.5kg in a week and a half! It was needed, but what shocked me was how easy it became to revert back to old habits. I put the brakes on it by having a smaller amount of fill put in, and have exercised self control since then. Speaking of exercise, as I had done practically NONE during my weight loss, I thought it was time to start. I had always said to myself that I would start exercising once I had dropped the weight, to tone up. I finally accepted that it needs to be done, so I joined a boxing class. The first week went well, until the 2 days following the class. I felt like I had been steamrolled! Just because one is of "normal weight", it by no means says that you are fit! I ached all over, felt like my calves had been implanted with ball bearings. The next session was better, I was able to train harder, and no problems the next day. I intend on toning the bat wings and tummy, 2 areas I have particular issue with. In general, I feel great now. All health issues (apart from lack of fitness) have abated. My brain has now caught up with my body, and I now see what others see. This was a big issue for me. Also, the maintenance side of things was a big crossover point. I had spent the better part of nearly 8 months focusing on losing the weight, and suddenly that was no longer the goal. I had to stop striving for more, and accept the fact that the "loss" part of the fight was over. This might sound like an awesome spot to be in, and for the most part it was, but it was also difficult to get out of that mindset. Which is how I ended up almost being underweight. I managed to correct it by old habits creeping back in, and I found myself pleasantly surprised when I could even pull back from those (with the help of the band) and get back to a healthy perspective. As I said earlier, I have a manageable amount of fill now, I am able to eat more than I should, but I control it with self will. Some weeks are harder than others, but that is life. My big food demons have been conquered, it is just the lil devil that creeps up onto my shoulder once in a while that is a little harder to flick. Although his voice is not as strong as it once was lol. Food no longer dominates my thoughts, nor does it medicate me. The band has allowed me to focus on other things. It has allowed me to gain a self respect for my body and mind. I now have a guilt complex with food indulgence that I never had before. I finally hold myself accountable for what happens when food is involved. I am guessing that this is what people who have never had a weight issue feel. To anyone reading this who is at the beginning of their journey, know that you CAN do it. My goal felt SO insurmountable and overwhelming at the beginning, and I remember looking at people that had lost 50+ kg and thinking "Well, I am not gonna get THAT far". We can be our own worst enemy with negative thinking, but we set our OWN limits. Think big, but in small lots. I concentrated on 5kg's at a time, which for most is roughly one dress size. We don't have to do this overnight, we certainly shouldn't compare our journey to anyone elses, but listening to other people can help us gain perspective, pick up great tips, and know that others understand your fight.
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    2012 has been a big year of change for me, so far all for the better. I have received so many comments on not only how I have physically changed, but also how I have changed as a person. I have now lost over 66% of my excess body weight and gained so much energy, confidence and happiness. My career has really taken off and while a part of that is just me finally getting my head around everything, I have to say that a part of it is that I feel good in myself so I have so much more confidence in myself. I haven't been this size since some time in primary school and when I look in the mirror now, I see a 'normal' looking person. I've still got a way to go and I can only imagine how I am going to look and feel when I reach that magic goal weight. And now my life is about to take a different turn. My husband and I have always talked about buying acerage and bringing our children up in a simpler way of life, the way our parents were brought up. On my birthday a couple of weekends ago we made a major step in realising that dream by buying an acerage property. We are now the proud owners of 5 acrea of land with a 'cottage' in need of a little TLC. The only catch... its not in Townsville. So its off to Atherton (thats up in the hills behind Cairns) we go for a simpler life with chooks, a vegie patch and possibly even a cow or two. I will be going from a hospital that sees 4 babies born a day to one where they only get 4 a week and after the stress of the last month at work I am soooooo looking forward to it. I'm hoping that the reduction in stress means an increase in fertility for me too so I can get my own baby making under way. Scary exciting times ahead! For a woman who is not a great fan of change, I have been making some pretty big ones, and I'm really hoping to make one more big one before this amazing year comes to an end.
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    Weeeellll.....a few things have changed since my last entry nearly 6 weeks ago - I can now run 20 mins non stop - I'm slow @ 8/min per km, but will get quicker - I still run where not many people can see me (at night, early in morning) but thats ok, I'll get there - the scales have finally shifted, I have dropped my daily kj to 3500 to get the weight shifting at 1.1kg every week or so - I'm a bit disappointed with the body shape - my gut has deflated and has just puddled around my middle, making me look bigger than what I really am, I'm going to have some serious skin ( - I have a hip bursa on the right side that will require surgery to release the fascia etc so my hip can track properly, a side effect of being overweight for so many years ( - I have cut off all my long long dark hair and it is short with blonde foils, whee! -I turn 40 in a few weeks and will not live out the last half of my life fat, in pain and desperately unhappy. _ I have a can-do attitude now, and am ashamed to say I lose patience with those who have every excuse to not be out there achieving what they want in life - if you want something enough you'll make it a priority and DO it. Saying you want things to change and then not doing a thing or making a half-arsed effort is like buying paint and expecting your walls to paint themselves. Its taken me 7 weeks of telling myself "just a bit more, just a bit more" when I felt like stopping running in the middle of a workout. It might be physically uncomfortable but you're not at the point of dying or collapsing either. - My husband has now made the gym a priority and that has come after he has seen me drop some kilos in recent weeks - he likes to sit on the couch and eat a full packet of biscuits after a full dinner- and my band has meant that I have lost interest in cooking, and he had a go at me for not cooking a home cooked meal for him every night and he has had microwave meals - he is a chef by trade and works for a food company, its not like he's in a restaurant doing those hours cooking for other people - there is nothing stopping him making something. However, the changes have come hard, he doesn't want to be left behind, so he's got off his 140kg ass. MInd you, I work part time shift work as a nurse, I'm studying and have a two year old girl and do all the washing and housework. I am getting thinner, in my head too.... -
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    Ok so today 1 year ago I was banded, (12-01-12) It was a great day, I was so full of optimisim and I had a direct plan to loosing this weight. I promised myself that hopefully by new years I would be down to 100 kilos. I was 160 kilos when banded. Port wound issues/infection/waiting to recover before more surgery. And then on Sep 20th I had the sleeve done and managed to loose 10 kilos on my own while waiting 5 months for sleeve surgery. And all up 25 lost from banding (jan-april) I am pleased to say on new years day I was 100.9 so I kept to my promise and had lost 60 kilos. After bouncing up and down that retched 100 kilo mark Im sitting pretty at 98 and so happy that through everything I was able to pick myself up and continue to do what I promised myself I would. 62 kilos down and I feel so full of life. I hope this year is just as promising and wonderful as last year (even through the heartache and ups and downs with my band/sleeve) With 28 kilos to go till I get to where I want to be it wont be long till I can say "I'VE DONE IT" So happy today is a great day. Just to top off my wonderful celebratory day today we picked up our new car last night and its so beautiful I named her precious. For all those just starting out, or to those that are struggling IT IS POSSIBLE, one step at a time. Its hard but so worth it.
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    well today its 4 weeks since the big day. So far I've lost 18.9 kilos in 10 weeks (since first visit to Dr Yong) First two weeks were the worst, very sore, hated being on liquids. I have lost over 6 kilos since banding but have learned not to jump on the scales every day as I would get depressed over the smallest fluctuations. I now weigh in once a week. My calorie intake is probably more than many have. Its anything from 1300 to 1900 usually depending on the day. I have done this as I feel that once I get fill, I will be able to cut down the calories more without hunger pangs and my body will kick in and notice, therefore the weight should start to drop off faster. At least that's what I'm hoping. I have had my first episode with PBing. This happened yesterday after eating cooked fish from the night before straight from the fridge, not chewing well and eating way faster than I should have. My own fault and a good lesson to learn pre getting a fill. I still have issues with dealing with head hunger or should I say my wants and needs. I want to eat some of that christmas chocolate in the fridge, but of course I don't need it. Today I guess I officially am off the soft foods so now the trial and error begins, I know I wont eat cooked salmon again after yesterday lastly, I have learned that being in contact with other people such as on this forum, those dealing with the same issues, is a great boost. It really helps that I know so many others are out there going through the same things as I am. I wish you all a happy new year and hope that we all can achieve what goals we make for ourselves this year. Thanks for the support all of you. Julie
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    Ok over the past couple weeks I put on a bit of weight a few kilos it never really stabilzed so I guess it was from 123-124 to around 128-129, albeit to say I was horrified then came the downward spiral of self loathing and recrimination. However over the past week I have left that behind for awhile atleast, I hope. Anyways I got a call from my drs office in the midst of my rapid decline and said my surgeon would like a consult and that I needed to see him monday past. So I stressed myself completely out!! Dr Dolan just said that when the band came out the sutures to keep the band in place did not, So when I have my sleeve surgery it may end up being postponed, they wont know till they get inside, but they will take the sutures out then do the sleeve 6 weeks later if they cannot do it in the one surgery due to inflamation. Ok so atleast it wasnt as bad as I was thinking...and he was really proud of my weightloss since I saw him last it was around 5 kilos since may but, I know I was down 5 kilos more, but he said not to be so hard on myself, so I'll try. Anyways today has been the best!!! Im back around the 123 kilo mark and still going strong on my tready, eating is back on track and Im feeling back to that happy place. So melt down is now in the past, and today I have gotten up done my exercise, cleaned my house. Danced around with the kids to loud music most of the day and now we are going to sit our booties down and watch some dvd's till my darling comes home from work. We have friends coming over for dinner tonight so that should be fun too. Having such a great day, but more important then that Im back in that headspace I know I can hang on till sept!! Happy saturday everyone!!
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    Well last night we celebrated my youngest sons 21st birthday .. This was a surprise event for him and the night went off without a hitch .. I was tickled pink that I had some of my ex husbands family there who had not seen me for 10 years or so they commented on how good I was looking .. my mission was accomplished !! I wanted to impress and impress I think I did .. I felt good and when got up to make my speech i felt at ease . I even liked the photos of myself .. I even think that I would have liked to be in more pics as I did look good even if I must say so myself .. Anyway just another positive that my band has brought into my life
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    Ok so Monday has rolled around again, but this week I'm feeling pumped and excited for the coming days. Lately I have recommitted to myself to weightloss and that I won't let my issues with the band break my stride and that I will work my booty off to keep with my original goals! So at the beginning of the year I weighed 160 kilos before banding and I wanted to be atleast half way to goal by the end of the year. Seen my goal is 80 kilos that would mean 120 kilos before new years. But secretly I was hoping to be under 100 by years end. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I was committed and ready to do what it took. So 3 months after theband was put in to the day it was taken out due to infection. My surgeon has been really fantastic with helping me through the disappointment and giving me hope and a light at the end of the tunnel with offering me the sleeve surgery. Since April I have been doing my best to keep the weight off and slowly slowly fight for the kilos I have managed to get rid of. Still try to eat better and exercise every day or atleast more often then not. And it's paid off, slowly but surely I've chipped away and now sitting at 125! I haven't been under 130 since I was 18 so 10 yrs ago. So happy and proud of myself that I didn't let the complications get me down and stop me from trying. Anyway 5 kilos from half way and 25 kilos from that elusive 100 kilo mark! By september 20th (surgery date). I should be atleast half way! All my hopes and goals are still attainable and I'm feeling on top of the world! .
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    Yesterday I read a few blogs and started to feel really guilty about my journey so far. I started at 106kgs. On optifast I lost 8kgs, and since my op 8 weeks ago have lost another 8.5kgs. Now weighing in at 89.5kgs. I was shocked to see that others just hadn't had that same reaction. I have struggled with weight my whole life. I have tried diets before and joined gyms etc. I made a huge effort in 2005-6 and it took me 18mths to lose 8 kgs. Going to the gym 6 times a week, for 1 - 2 hours and eating the right stuff. (Then I put on 20!) I am now almost at my lightest in my adult life, and I'm feeling great. I have had 2 bad experiences with eating.. cake and beef, so they are off my menu. But other than that. I'm not hungry. I haven't had any fills. And if I just eat a small amount I can eat almost anything. I was so scared to have this done. On my op day i had to catch a bus into the hospital as my hubby was working and my mum was looking after my little boy. I walked out of my house listening to his tears feeling absolutely gutted. What was i doing? I cried all the way to the bus stop. An hour later I walked into the hospital feeling so anxious I could hardly sit still. They took me to my room, and I just didn't know what to do with myself. I spoke to my hubby, and all I wanted to do was cry again and again. I felt so alone. I had great doctors and nurses that made me feel at ease, and have had excellent follow up since. I rang the surgery after hours number for my first blockage and was told a doc would ring me back.. and blow me down my surgeon called me! At midnight. I thought it would be hard not to eat, but it doesn't worry me. My hubby is fantastic. He's very supportive and we share meals when we're out or i order from the kids menu and share with my little one (18mths). Hubby has lost 5kgs since my op too! It took alot for me to get the courage to admitt to him how miserable I was feeling, and he's been there for me every step since. For those who are delusioned I say.. talk to someone, get them on your side. Talking to my hubby was the hardest thing I've had to do. I cried and cried. But when I asked him for help he was 100% behind me.
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    Well, at my place I have this great big plastic tub full of clothes. They range in size and many have been given to me by friends who have previously lost a lot of weight. Their old fat clothes. When I was given them, I was waaaaaay to big to even bother trying them on. Since I’ve lost 24kgs, I’m finding that a lot of my clothes are too loose, so on Monday night, I pulled out the tub (well 2 actually) and tried on the clothes. Some still have labels on them from when I bought them in previous weight loss attempts and many I never ever even tried on. Well, I tried on every single item and found to my delight that most of my friends old fat clothes now fit me. As a result I now have about another 5 or 6 pairs of shorts and pants. The shorts that I wore at my heaviest, and could only just fit, were put away a long time ago. Now I’m ready to get rid of some of my other clothes that have also gotten too big for me. For the first time in my life, my clothes are getting too big for me instead of the other way around. Prior to banding, all my clothes had elasticised waist bands to allow for maximum stretch. So today, I’m wearing a pair of pants that are actually a bit loose but I’m finding this a problem. Because they don’t have an elasticised waist band and they don’t stretch more and more as the day progresses. So they actually feel tight after sitting down all morning. The upside is that my band feels tighter, so I’m in turn eating less. So I’m pretty happy that I can now wear clothes without elastic in the waist band. Another minor victory but one that feels pretty cool. I’ve washed all the clothes that only just fit, so that as I loose more weight, I’ll have progressively more things to wear. Hubby watched me try on all those different clothes on Monday and I can tell he is really chuffed by how well I am doing. He has started to compliment me more and I’m really enjoying this! I know I'm rambling, but it great to be feeling more confident.
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    Was just playing with an app on my phone and realised that today is my 6 months bandiversary. Wow that went quick!! So what have I achieved in 6 months?? I’ve lost 24kgs, dropped 2 knicker sizes. I can now fit into heaps of clothes that didn’t use to fit me. I’ve had to stop wearing a couple of pairs of pants because they are too baggy, and after looking in the mirror at the end of the day, realised that some of my baggy tops also have to go now. I’m quite enjoying that they are feeling loose on, but they are actually too big and really look it. Having to wear a belt cos my pants keep falling down. I STOPPED SNORING!! I can now go up and down the 2 flights of stairs at work without losing my breathe. My daughters think I look skinny, (all 125kgs of me!!). I feel more energised basically because I’m not carrying around another 24kg and I'm sleeping better at night. All the clothes that I have grown out of during the last decade are starting to fit again. Some are a tad out of style, but I currently have about 10 bras to wear instead of the old one or two, cos my boobies have shrunk! A good thing! I feel happy most of the time opposed to hardly ever. My new implanon isn’t working properly because4 I’ve lost too much weight!!!! I’ve had lots of spotting. I’ll give it another month and then go back to the pill. I now experience food going off in my fridge. Prebanding, I would have eaten ALL the leftovers myself. I’m more aware of what I put in my mouth. My food intake has dropped to ¼ of what I used to eat. I can have food in the pantry and I actually forget it’s there because I’m not constantly looking for something to eat. People say things like â€Are you shrinking?†or “Wow, you look really good!†I haven’t heard that in years. I caught a plane last week and didn’t need a seat belt extender!!!! My next goal is to get the tray table the whole way down without it sitting on my belly. My husband finally believes that I CAN loose weight, after watching me try every diet known to man over the past 18 years. And is very proud of me. I’m more confident now and will do what I want, not what I imagine other people might think it is appropriate for a fat chick to do. I walk faster, so my kids have to tell me to slow down. So would I do it again?? In a heartbeat!! The journey hasn’t been as easy as I thought it might be. To quote another bandit. “Being overweight is hard and loosing weight is hard. Choose your hard.†I choose to loose weight. Thanks for everyone’s support and for your words of wisdom. I’m really looking forward to where I will be in another 6 months. 100kg here I come!