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    Thank-you everyone for your supportive posts and msgs since I had my seizure on Tuesday. Yep it was shitty and unexpected. Definitely not something I want at this time of year or anytime really, but it is what it is. Your words and caring thoughts brought me to tears I was so moved so thank-you xo
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    90% to goal! Only 5kg to go
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    Yay!! Finally booked in for surgery! 16th of November so only 4 weeks away. Im on day 2 of optifast. Woo hoo.
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    I'm home! I came home from having my Plastic Reconstructive Surgery "Following Massive Weight Loss" at Hollywood Hospital, Perth, yesterday. Everything went smoothly, staff were great, and 'cos of my memory problems the memories of the first couple of days had well and truly passed. I had been in six days. I came home feeling as though I had been away on holiday! Lovely to be home and to just potter around in my own time. I am totally self care, walked to and from the shops yesterday, and hung out a load of washing. All good! .
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    Had my bilateral brachioplastys, belt lipectomy and abdominoplasty performed on Friday afternoon. All going really well. Am well enough to be bored, but not capable of going home an looking after myself yet. Had the arm drains removed yesterday, still got 2 abdo and one back. Also Fentanyl PCA and thankfully a catheter. PCA and catheter out tomorrow.
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    Hi! Looks like our surgery is the same day!
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    4.1kg down thanks to optifast. Another 3 weeks to go before my op!
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    I'm back from Bali. For a first timer, I reckon I did alright! Loved the people and the food! Went everywhere and did everything. Even had a cuddle with an orangutan, too cute! I found the food light and healthy which went great with my band. Exercise was swimming and some walking. I found the roads quite primitive and difficult to walk on but hey, absolutely nothing to complain about, it was gorgeous and warm too! Oh and shopping, umm had to buy more bags to carry the shopping home ha! Nice to home but what a wonderful place. x
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    9 months on and I've now lost 47kg. My weight loss has slowed but I'm happier, healthier and finally becoming fitter and embracing life!
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    Weighed in at 119.5 today. Seriously can't remember when I weighed under 120kg before. I think sometime in my late teens maybe
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    Holiday been and gone and it was fabulous! Ahhh what a shame I couldn't stay for hmmm another six months? Amsterdam needs to adopt me lol! Soon to be weigh in day *dum dum*
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    Officially on the cusp of obese/overweight.. BMI of 30, down from 43. BRING ON BEING "OVERWEIGHT".
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    Can't wait till monday( was ment to be this week but the lady who deals with our pay is on holidays) when i can find out about getting my money for the op, then i can get the ball rolling!!
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    Just done the maths. In 6 months since having the sleeve done, % of body weight lost: 33.9% since surgery, 39.6% from New Years Eve!
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    0.5ml taken out of band in prep for holiday...woohoo!
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    OMG I'm checking baggage charges for different airlines and flights...are you kidding me? Do I laugh or cry or lol I don't know! Yikes.....
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    Have fallen off the exercise band wagon.... No motivation to exercise at the moment.... Need to get back on track....
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    Banded 1 Year Today!!!! Happy Bandiversary to me love my band!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    had all fill removed, long story. why has my head gone crazy? eating like a piggy, o,d habits back with bells on! feeling angry at myself, but that doughnut at arvo tea was bloody fantastic. now re-reading posts to help me get back on track. thank you everyone for being here and bejng so honest.
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    Just had a huge 1.5 fill, this brings me up to 9.5 mil in a 12 mil band. Time to get my soup on!
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    LIFE IS GREAT!!!! í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸
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    Hey all, I see there are lots of members but I dont see alot joining up for 2015? Im keen on chatting to people that are on the same journey that I am about to embark on. My banding happens on the 23rd of July and I am very excited to launch into this new stage of my life. Cheers to all!
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    WOW!! I have lost 5.1 kilos in my first post op week, so I've lost over 16 kilos in the last 5 weeks(4 weeks pre op, opti fast. Feeling good.