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    I had a bit of a performance appraisal at work today...it should have been done in August but, what the heck...we still need to work on some things in there but my boss said "you are doing a really good job, we are really impressed with your hard work and how well you are doing your job. The general manager and I agree that you should be promoted to manager because you are doing the work expected of a manager" You could have knocked me down with a feather!! anyway, it might not happen because the CEO and the Board have to approve it (after my boss and GM justify the promotion and gt permission for the pay rise) but WOW!!! I have never, ever been promoted in my whole working life - ever!! I'm THRILLED that they think I'm good enough for a promotion! YAY ME!
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    Hi Everyone, After the disruption of the last few days I have decided to institute more explicit rules on how people should behave and interact on Banding Together. I have just spent the last 4 hours going through the extensive back and forward that has been going on between some members over the last week or so, and to be honest I have found it utterly dissapointing. As some of you have pointed out, for new people coming to the site, it is not a good look. I have had messages from people saying they are leaving because of it, and messages from new members who are scared to post because they don't want to be judged or put down for their views. In the past I have banned people either permanently or for a week if they have stepped out of line, but with these new rules everyone starts with a clean slate. We are now working on a three strike system, and this will be enforced. I don't think anything about these new rules is unfair or draconian, but I think they outline the type of community we want here, and firmly state the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. When I started this site 3 years ago, I wanted to create a welcoming and supportive environment for people to support each other through their lap band journey. This site is not for people to settle disputes, pick fights or create any sort of negative environment. It will not be tolerated and I feel strongly that I will not allow a few people bring it down. This site is too important to too many people to allow that to happen. There has also been some criticism about a lack of moderation lately. Marion, Nonny and the other moderators are all volunteers, they kindly donate their time to help run the site with very little thanks. I want to publicly thank them now for all they do, because without them this site simply would not run, and I don't feel any criticism of them is valid. However, from time to time I am away on placements for my studies, such as for the last 4 weeks, and so I can't keep a close eye on things. Certainly if I had been around over the last week we could have nipped some of this in the bud. So I fully accept the criticism of my absence as valid. But I now ask that you all share some of the responsibility for keeping things civil and respectful on the site. If someone is being offensive or breaching the rules, then please report it rather than attacking each other in public. There is a report to moderator link on every page. If we know about it, we can do something about it. We really don't need any more arguments on here. And as much as you may want to defend your friends, please leave it to the site moderators to sort out. If you absolutely must, please feel free to add anyone you want to your ignore list. You can access it by clicking on your name on the top right of the page and click on "Manage Ignore Pref's". Over the last week some extremely hurtful comments have been made back and forward on the forum and in the chat room, and it stops now. I ask that all of the people involved, either directly or indirectly, take a deep breath, let bygones be bygones and move on. There has been a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings and I ask that you all show a bit more patience and a bit more respect for each other. We are all adults here, so please, for the good of the site, act like it. I have decided to not take any further action in regards to this matter. I know some of you may not agree with me, but I want to have a clean slate and from today see if we can move forward respecting each other most importantly supporting each other, because that is after all the whole point of this site. I hope that this is the end of it, and I look forward to a more positive and supportive Banding Together from now on. Thanks Dave Townsend BandingTogether
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    Was chatting with my sister yesterday, telling her about another Timtam binge I had one morning and then how I'd written off the day and continued to eat crap all day. She said something to me that really clicked inside my head - hopefully it works for someone else too. She remembered something she'd seen on facebook - That I really shouldn't think of one bad morning being reason/excuse to eat crap. If I drop my phone on the ground, I don't consider that a write off and smash it to bits with a hammer. I just pick it up, put the battery back in and keep using it! Same should apply to my eating - I might drop the ball occasionally but I just have to pick it up and keep playing the game.
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    i just have to share this ..... what a fella i have hey? yesterday out of hospital and last night i must of fallen to sleep on the lounge chair, woke up about 2am to find myself all tucked up into a blanket with my darling husband sleeping at the foot of my recliner in a swag .... and i was like ... oh darling you should of woken me up .... i dont expect you to sleep on the floor. he replied ... its alright babe you know how much i love camping. he makes me smile.
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    This was my high school ball when I was 101kgs Now 14 months after banding 66kgs
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    I love NSV posts and have had my heart set on writing one about fitting into size 18 pants, in fact every week I've been trying on size 18 jeans and been disappointed that they don't do up yet. Today, however, I discovered a NSV that is just as exciting. For years the double chin has upset me in photos, and unfortunately there is never a camera far away amongst my friends. I've been the expert of sucking my tongue up to the roof of my mouth, wide smile, neck pushed forward like an emu and head slightly tilted pose, but for the last 1+years even that hasn't disguised the chinS and made me hate photos. Today I had a photo and realised - no double chin. Had another photo - no double chin. Ran to the mirror - no double chin. YAY!
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    I just had to share that I am finally under 100kg (99.7) what an achievement, I am over the moon. That 18.1kg in 3 months.......so proud right now lol xxxxx
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    Hi all, It seems a little silly to be registering when I've reached goal but I figured I might be able to provide advice / support / assistance for others on the journey. I was banded three and a bit years ago. My starting weight was 125kg. Today I weighed at my clinic at 52.9kg. I am a little underweight so had an unfill today to try and get me back to around 55-57kg (which seems to be my sweet spot). Getting a lap band was - honestly - the best thing I have ever done (besides having my children). It has given me energy, confidence, a new zest for life, and it has taught me how to eat (my band hates bread so my diet is very much protein and vegetable based). I wish all of you the very best. It's been three long years for me to lose my weight. Perhaps it has taken longer than it should have but the upside is that I don't have any baggy skin to get rid of. For those thinking about it, go forth and be fearless. Seriously the best thing I've ever done. Mooch
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    I want to word this very gently because Deb, I agree with what you're saying to an extent.. but. You need to just chill a bit. Everyone on here will learn as they go what works for them. In some cases, yes, you should completely give up certain foods. That food might be a trigger food for your eating habits - the ones that got you overweight in the first place. This might be what some people need to do in order to gain control. In other cases, food can be moderated, the lap band will help with controlling the type of food you can eat to some extent, and you can freely enjoy that glass of wine or that mouthful of cake. However you can't say you should be able to do this, or you shouldn't be able to do that, because every single person on this forum will have a different journey, with different demons to face. If giving up chocolate, fizzy drink, coffee, bread, rice, fast food, battered food, steak, whatever works for someone is what they have to do to succeed, ok. If they're lucky enough to be able to control their moderation, and can eat whatever they like ok. But everyone takes different lengths of time to work that out and in the meantime, showing grace wouldn't go astray. You need to understand this forum is a place people come to ask ALL questions related to banding - be they bandits themselves, or a friend of someone with a band. No question is stupid, no genuine response should be ridiculed. Every persons journey should be regarded as individual. So if you've got it all down pat, Awesome for you! Just go easy on those of us who are still ironing out the kinks while we work it out for ourselves, k?
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    I joined up to this site today and have spent a good while browsing through everyone elses amazing success stories and thought I would be brave and share mine! I was banded in July last year (at 18 years old) when I weighed in at 100kg. I am now down to 68.5kg and only have another 10.5kg to go!! The first two photos are of me pre-band and the second two are of me two nights ago on my 19th birthday!
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    So, I saw the doctor today, +2.6kg! BOO! I came on here for some sympathy and whatnot but I thought, goddamn it- I've lost 51% of my excess weight and I need to stop being so hard on myself. I thought I would share this breakthrough with you guys, because I think we hold ourselves to a really high standard and when we don't meet it, we beat ourselves up; well I certainly do. So, here's a thought: I'm awesome, you're awesome, we've made an awesome decision to better our lives and sometimes we deviate from the track, but there is no other option but to get back on it. Have a wonderful day. xxx
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    Hi peoples I am almost 4 years post banding, and like many of you, have a learnt a lot in that time. However one thing in particular I want to share. When I was first banded, I joined a local support group and went to meetings. The prevailing whinge was people saying that food got blocked, the next thing was if weight seemed to stabilize or be put on, it was time for another fill. As far as I am concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. I had only 1 0.5ml fill after my op. Not sure if everyone gets this info or not, but the real reason the band works is because the nerve endings in your stomach that signal to your brain that you "feel full" are at the opening between your oesophagus and stomach, ABOVE where you are banded. Therefore, as your food is held in your small pouch momentarily whilst you eat, your brain gets the message that you are feeling satisfied. Filling your band does not alter this, all it does is make eating less comfortable, and restrictive of the types of food you can eat, because the smaller the opening the more difficult it is for some foods to get through. This leads to feelings of anxiety, and depression that your food choices are limited. Having less fill does not change how your nerve ending work, therefore by having less fill, you have more variety of food options, and you are less likely to suffer blockages and pain. The next key to eating, is to drink whilst you eat. This helps abbrasive type food texture get through without causing you pain or blockage. My specialist told me after my 1st 12 months that there was a change in thinking amongst the specialists and this is what they actually recommended now. Well, it works for me. You ALWAYS have to take small bites, and chew absolutely thoroughly. Even when the food is in your mouth, take several swallows to get it down, and sip small amounts of fluid (water is best it doesn't affect the taste of food), and you are far less likely to encounter problems. When plating your food, try to stick to a side-plate size only, or buy a Band Plate, they are awesome as a beginners guide, and I still use mine from time to time. On Plateauing weight - Everyone who diets, with or without a band, will hit a palteau where weight doesn't drop, or even climbs a little. When this happens, be patient, give yourself another month, and make subtle changes to your food choices. One major change I made is that I NEVER have butter or margarine at any time on breads or in my cooking. If I really need a spread, I use 99% fat free mayo or philadelphia cream cheese. Also, trim ALL the excess fat from your meats, including chicken skin. EG With bacon, I only have the round part, trimmed of even a sliver of fat, and I have a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast almost every morning ! Anyway, after my first year I reached my size goal, and have maintained it for 3 years since. A little exercise, controlling the spreads and fats, and a balancced diet is what works. Just wanted to share and hope someone else out there might benefit. Good luck everyone, you're all champions for having a go, it's not an easy road at the start, but it's a sastisfying feeling knowing you can overcome the challenge you have given yourself
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    Just thought I would post this comment and see if anyone else had something similar. It made me laugh so hard at the time. I am a primary school teacher and while doing yard duty a grade two child came up to me and noticed that I had been losing weight. After telling me that I looked very pretty (a nice comment in itself) he proceeded to ask me if now that I was getting skinnier was I going to get taller. I looked at him confused for a second before he explained that they had been doing volume in maths and the tall skinny container contained the same amount of sand as the short fat one. He assumed that the missing fat had to go somewhere and the only option was up. This conversation left me with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I have seen lots of posts on here about the nasty comments we have all received. I thought that coming into Christmas it might be in the spirit of things to hear some of the nicer and funnier comments.
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    First one is me last year on holidays in Yellowstone and the other one is me today - having survived my first day back at work.
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    I have just been reading over the thread about goal weight setting and began this post there until I realised that I was getting a bit off the topic in referring to the item on 60 Minutes last night about the genetics of weight problems and what the 'Melbourne Research' has referred to as the inevitabile regaining of weight that most people experienced (in that particular study). I was an absolute classic in that department. In the old days I used to joke about having lost 9 stone during my twenties ... the same 3 stone three times over!!! BUT ... take heart bandits. I have been banded for almost 15 years. I wear size 12-14 clothes, live a full and active life, 55 yo, take no medication at all (other than a multi each day and a generous measure of fine quality pinot noir from the Mornington Peninsular). I eat anything and everything that I like but the portions are always small, I eat slowly and rarely eat between meals. This has become second nature to me and I can't imagine life any other way. Regarding goal weight setting; I am 160 cm tall and have weighed 65-70kg since hitting my goal of 63kg in 1998. Still officially in the 'overweight' range with BMI a bit over 26 but this weight range is my new 'set point' and I am very, verrrrry happy with that. Good luck to all of you just beginning your journey. If I had any encouragement/advice to offer at all for long term success it would be to settle in for the long haul and don't be too obsessed with numbers as this whole healthy lifestyle thing is and will remain a journey (for me) and I still can't allow myself to think that I have reached the 'destination' because, even after all this time, I could revert to the old habits that caused me to be morbidly obese in the first place. I LOVE my band Soph.
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    ... to explain the freedom of wearing a bikini at the beach and really not giving a fudge I mean, I'm probably not quite there yet, but I just don't care! And I honestly don't think much more can be done about the loose skin unless I have a tuck, so I'm just going to have to deal Pictures like these keep me focussed on the miracle of the past two years, and help fight the bad thoughts that try to overwhelm me sometimes (damn fibro/drugs/drug withdrawal grrrrrrr)
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    Every time I read a post from someone seeking reassurance about a 'terrible pain', someone who has found 'a scary big lump', or someone who is 'short of breath' post exercise, (all from actual quotes,) I worry. When a well meaning bandit responds with reassurance, I cringe - hoping that the person offering advice has a medical background. Having had a similar pain which subsequently went away doesn't cut it. It's funny you know, the people on this forum who are medically trained seldom if ever diagnose or make suggestions to someone they haven't actually examined. Believe it or not, there is a GP on the forum She has to the best of my knowledge, never given advice. I have the same concern in relation to forum members who without tertiary (or at the very least TAFE) quals in excercise physiology, hand out prescriptive exercise advice based on the fact that they've lost weight themselves - and are kind people, keen to help others. Someone who hasn't excercised for a long time and/or who may be morbidly obese needs to have any excercise program created by someone qualified to so. There are so many variables and risk factors which need to be taken into account. The beauty of forums such as this, is that everyone is entitled to express an opinion - particularly if it's done with respect and concern. Please don't crucify me for mine! Kate.
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    I'm a welfare officer in an alternate school for disengaged young people. Today I was standing at my desk- had just walked in from outside (yard duty). Our DP was in the kitchen- 5-6 steps away from my desk. I said his name (He turned around to talk to me) and i went to walk in to have a chat. I stumbled and suddenly came to the harsh realization that my pants had fallen down around my ankles. Now fortunately I had on shorts... Phew!!!! Lessons I learnt today; 1) never wear track suit pants to work. 2) if in doubt- put on shorts under all clothing. 3) when you loose 16kgs- spend money on new clothes :-)
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    3 large garbage bags of too big clothes off to St Vinnies today. I've decided I'm adding an item of clothing every 1-2 day to a St vinnies bag. I refuse to keep big clothes "in case" I fit back into them again. I am NEVER fitting back into them!!!
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    This is not a new victory, but one that tickles me every time it happens. I no longer dam up the bath. When I pull the plug the water just flows around me rather than emptying at the front and staying full behind me.
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    I guess i cheat every day when i drive my car to work instead of walking, and use a washing machine instead of beating my clothes on a rock down by the river....
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    I told my now Fiance that I didn't want him to propose until I'd lost weight. At my heaviest I was nearly 94kgs, and the day he proposed I was around 76kgs. I am so excited by these photos, they represent a new start and the fulfillment of so many dreams in my life!! Our photographer and engagement shoot was a Christmas gift from my brother and his girlfriend of 8 years. I'm very happy with the few shots I've seen so far!! You can view them at http://www.sarahkatedormanblog.com/ These two are my favourite: I love this one because it looks like the place he proposed - Harvest on Fort Pond in Montauk New York!
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    All good! Band had become inflamed from some reflux that then caused more reflux etc etc so took some fluid out and now feel great Dr Milan was great
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    oohhh, I had 1 or 2 resto incidents like that, not fun