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    Hi Everyone, I thought I would come past and give an update on my progress. Last September I passed my year anniversary of recovering from surgical complications from lapband to sleeve conversion. Im incredibly healthy and have stabilised my weight between 63-65kilos - I was 112kg at surgery revision. My surgeon has continued to look after me and from my case reviews have been made and so have surgical changes so I feel like what happened to me can and will be avoided. I’m one of the lucky ones - some have lost their life post surgery. Please know how serious surgery is and it has serious risks attached. Keep Living xx
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    Sure thing! Vitamins are: women once daily multi, a vit d, a vit b12, and I added a ‘hair skin nails’ in too- surgeon thinks it is probably a waste of money but it can’t do me harm so go for it. (I’ve lost a lot of hair volume- lucky I had oodles to begin with) 6.30am I start my day with a berocca mixed with benefibre, 300ml which I sip on my way to work. I’ll also have a few cashews or almonds as well, because I like to have something in my tum before I take my vitamins... which I have in the car as well! 8am i have an espresso coffe with a bit of milk 9am or so I have half a chobani yoghurt pot (lemon or passionfruit are my faves) 12ish I have lunch- which could be a small salad of baby spinach leaves with some protein- a bit of chicken, or halloumi etc. around 3pm I might have a piece of dark choc, or another coffee. 4.30-6pm i might munch on some popcorn on my drive home, to keep me going until dinner 7pm-8.30 dinner- which is a protein with a bit of free vege or salad i try to get my 10k steps a day. Weekends and some weekdays I’ll ride one or two horses (eg. Before dawn if I’m working from home). I really need to focus on strengthening and toning exercises, but I’m lazy and it has been so hot. Hope that helps!
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    I had a year between taking my band out and getting sleeved. My band came out in fairly urgent circumstances and my surgeon was away so someone else had to do it. When I saw my surgeon, I was shocked when he said he would not perform any more surgery on me. But when I went back to him desparate 8 months later he did refer me on to somebody else and I was sleeved in December. I also had a hernia repair. It was quite a long and complicated surgery - there was a LOT of scarring and adhesions and it took me a while to recover. That was 8 weeks ago and I have lost weight but meh - 12kg in 8 weeks which is about 40% of my goal.. Its hardly what I experienced when I first had my lapband, and my surgeon commented that he thought I'd get o my goal in 6 months but not at this rate! Nobody that doesnt know has even noticed I've lost any weight and I have not even gone down a size in clothes. I really suspect I had my honeymoon weight loss 13 years ago when I got my band and my metabolism is so stuffed from years of eating so little that weight loss is going to be very slow. But hey! It is a loss and I'll take it, particularly as I can really feel it gone physically even if I cant see it yet.
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    Can't remember when I checked in last but I'm sitting at 93 even today so averaging around a kilo a week. Bring on the 80s. I have a check up next month so fingers crossed my weight will start with an 8
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    Checking in and remembered it's Wednesday! 57.7kgs after coffee and breakfast. Feel I'm doing really well.
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    The before photo was taken 2 days before my sips surgery in May last year. I've cropped out my face and a visible tattoo but there I was in all my glory. The afters are from today and wearing a size 8 fitted skirt with a zipper with total loss of 60.5kgs (was 61kgs but today I was up as I'd eaten and had coffee before weighing myself). I hope these photos help those pre op as I found the transformations inspiring - I still do.
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    I agree with Jachut - make the most of the first 6 months post op, this surgery is not a panacea for all your lifelong weight problems, its effects are only temporary and it is up to you to keep it off long term. Also, you won't fully realise the meaning of "long term" until you're at least 2 years out. Maintaining your weight loss for the rest of your life is not easy, it's not as exciting as when you're losing and is mainly just a hard slog of day in, day out hard work. But oh my, it is SO worth it and can be done. I'm 3 years post op, have had plastics - a brachioplasty and lower body lift, and plan to have a thigh lift later this year. I lost 80kg all up (I lost/gained prior to surgery) and bless the day I walked into my surgeon's office in 2015.
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    I haven't weighed in for a couple of weeks. I have been naughty lately but I'm back on track now. After being stuck at the same weight or even fluctuating a few hundred grams I've finally lost a little more. 118.1kgs starting weight 60.9kgs currently 55kgs goal weight I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I love how I look while others I feel too skinny as I have visible bones now. My ribs and collarbone stick out, when on my side my hip bones jut out, my upper arms while a little flabby from the excess skin are the smallest they have ever been even when I weighed less and the back of my shoulders are boney. My husband said it's just because I'm not used to being this size as I was big for so long. I don't know. I've even been called skinny a couple of times and I'm now smaller than others who I used to think were slim. That's a weird thing to get my head around.