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    Hi everyone! I reached my first goal for myself today - under 90kgs! I stood on the scale this morning and saw 89.90kgs!!!! Feeling great and have now lost 24.6kgs since May 12th 2018. I only have 14.9kgs to reach my goal of 75kgs. Unbelievable really. I hardly recognise the person in the mirror but I don't recognise the person in old photos. Had a great NSV this week too... was in a store and used a phrase I NEVER thought I would use.... "Do you have this in a Medium?" WOW!!! Love reading everyone's updates, keep them all coming xxxxxx
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    Not quite Wednesday but I've been sick. So this is the first time I weighed myself in a little while. 72.3kgs!!! I am only 2.4kgs off my goal now (I just want that first number on the scale to be a 6 lol). I'm coming up on the year mark and I am rather excited to see how far I have come..Hope I reach my goal by the end of August. Well done to everyone on the progress you are making...it is so motivating to see.
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    Thanks @CarolC I think the best change of all is the fact I have my confidence and self esteem back despite not being at goal weight yet. That is the best change of all to feel good about myself and happy with how I look.
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    I'm now in Obese Category 1 class down from morbidly obese. I do a minimum of 10000 steps work days but generally anything from 12000 to 16000. I take the stairs every time except when I have the food trolley. Getting up the stairs is now easier. I also don't feel like I'm dying at the end of my shift. 27.4kgs gone and 35.9kgs left to lose. Hope everyone else is well, I love reading the updates.
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    Well done Boganlicious, that is great news. I’m actually weighing in on Wednesday for a change lol. 71.7kgs this morning. Getting rather excited. My goal is within reach lol
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    Hi all, three month surgiversary today! start weight: 134.9kgs current weight: 103.2 total weight loss, inc. 2 weeks pre op Opti: 31.7kgs I’m feeling good: started walking a lot more (aiming and achieving 10k steps most days). Feeling so much more energetic and alert. I was carrying a 20kg bag the other day and it was SO heavy, yet I used to cart it everywhere with me all the time. Crazy. this was never about how I ‘look’ but people are really starting to notice now, I’m often surprised by the ones that are paying attention. Have had to throw some clothes out, and have a Vinnies pile for things that I just won’t wear again. Mostly I’m still just getting things taken in or wearing a belt and schlepping around in clothes that are too big. And sometimes I get to wear tops that i’d got too big for... feels great to be back in them! only issue I have is the surgery is not public knowledge, so my response when people ask ‘how’ is ‘portion control’. Which is 100% true, but I could never have stuck to it without having a new tiny tummy.
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    Hi, George here i have i have joined the forum this morning. I am 52 and have had the Gastric Sleeve procedure completed, this happened on the 28/7/2018. this is 5 days after surgery and all is pretty good. My at my heaviest i weighed in at 168.6 kg, this was on the 25/6/2018. This was the start of 4 week Optifast diet. By surgery date i was down to 153.2 kg, this was not easy as you would probably all know and there was some moments i fell off the schedule, reason for the weight i love food. During this 4 weeks i did manage to increase my fitness as i was told this would aid in a better recovery time. i started walking 3 kms and was up to 7 kms by week of the surgery. I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good. Drinking all the fluids pretty easily if i remember to sip. I've had no real discomfort from after day 2 post op, i was only in over night about 36 hours all up. I look forward to the next phase of this weight loss.
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    Nope not costly at all compared to the ongoing health issues if you don't have some form of weight loss surgery.
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    30kgs @zaruse how awesome! That is amazing in the time. You should go close!!! @Boganlicious fantastic news! You will do it!!! So great hitting out personal little goals, the big ones seem so far away.
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    Hey everyone, 23.4kgs gone! I'm doing well and hope everyone else is too.
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    Currently - 42kgs and feeling good! My joints are still sore but other than that I'm great. I still haven't got my period after 4 months. Had a blood test for my thyroid last week. Need to go back for the results. Doing a lot of walking, absolutely love winter! It's been - 2 in the mornings the last couple of days but my partner and I still get out there and do our morning weekend walk. Interesting to see come summer how I'll handle the heat now as I absolutely hate it. - Queenies.
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    Once again not Wednesday but I just had to share. I finally reached my goal (to get into the 60s). Today I jumped on the scales to find I am officially 69.5kgs. I can’t explain how happy this has made me lol. 41 days out from the 1 year mark and have officially lost 53.5kgs.
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    I'm back online. I'm having problems logging into this site from the iPad at home. I keep getting a message about the site having a dodgy security certificate and then I can't log in. So I'm using the work computer now and not having any problems with the log in. My weight as of last Wednesday was 77.9kg which is a loss of 1.7kg since my last weigh in. I have now officially lost a total of 60.1kg. It seems that I'm still slowly losing weight even though it's over 2 years since I had my surgery. Great news from everyone else. I'm loving reading all your weight loss stories. Molly
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    Down 300 gm over 2/52 to 51.3 kg, BMI = 21.77 My "Dry July" hasn't eventuated though lol!
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    98.2kgs this afternoon. I do weigh most days and a couple of times I've gained but then a day or 2 later lose it plus extra. Trying not to get too caught up with those fluctuations. My size 16 jeggings fit but are tight on the stomach. Also I've got a job! I start Monday. I'm so excited.
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    Me! Surgery 6am Monday and I’m kinda freaking out about it. Which probably explains why I’m posting on a forum at 1am on a school night!! Anyone else nervous?
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    Well done @Millymollymandy and @Boganlicious! Boganlicious, you have done outstandingly well! My last weigh in was a fortnight ago, and I've lost 1 kg since then *dances happy dance*. Down to 50.98 kg, BMI 21.6, body fat % 25.5. Onwards and downwards!
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    My weight this morning is 77.7kg, so I'm down by 400g from the last time I posted. I'm happily maintaining at a point slightly below my goal weight. I'm still having trouble with the site's security certificate when using my iPad, so have to weight until I'm at work to log on to this site. I've been watching everyone's progress with much interest just haven't been able to log in. Boganlicious, you are doing so well and your weight is coming off at a very steady pace. Congratulations on now being classified as 'obese'. I know it sounds like an odd thing to congratulate you for, but we've all been where you are and experienced the elation and relief of moving from one category to another. Molly
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    90.8kgs today and down from morbidly obese to obese class 1. Bmi 45 to 34.6 800 grams to my second "big" goal which was to be 90kgs or less for my birthday on August 22nd. I'm going to make it!
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    This has to be an individual decision. But for me - and others - it gives us something to aim for in the initial weight loss stages, and in maintenance (for the rest of our lives!) - helps to stop complacency and being aware when we are regaining weight and therecore can put a curb on it.
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    I feel amazing. I'm dressed up as Wonder Woman it was superhero day at work. No Way would I have ever fit my costume pre surgery. I'm happy and full of confidence even though I'm not at my goal weight yet. How are you going?
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    This is truly awesome @Queenies! i know the weight loss is important for lots of reasons, but to hear you say you are out of your fog and off the other meds is unreal! Go you!!
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    @denzel Thank you very much! I'm doing better than I ever imagined. I went from not leaving the house for two weeks at a time to being out daily. It feels so good to be out of the fog I was stuck in! I'm off my blood pressure meds and have lowered my anti depressants. Feeling great! ☺️
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    96.2kgs this morning. I hadn't weighed in a few days so a nice surprise.
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    I am about 171cm and my goal would be around the 75kg mark. My doctor said he would like me at around 80kgs but naturally I want to be lower. Currently sitting at 94.5kgs which is a 20kgs loss and have 19.5kgs to go so just slipped over the half way point! Very exciting! 5 weeks post op yesterday and did 10 days Opti. Skin is starting to sag so have just started at the gym to combat having my own personal wings