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    I have now lost 46kgs. I'm 72.1kgs. Feeling pleased.
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    So far I'm down 43.3kgs and I have 20kgs to go. Technically 19.8 to get to my personal goal but I'm not sure how to change target weight on the monitor my weight app. My weight loss has definitely slowed down but I am still losing. It seems so close yet so far. I had to share as I'm so happy with my progress.
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    I’m home from my holiday in the US and I’m very pleased to report that my weight this morning was 75.6kg which is a loss of 2.9kg. I had to weigh myself 3 times before I believed what my scales were telling me. All that walking I did in NY paid off and the sore feet were worth it. I”ve been following your discussion on BMI which still puts me in the overweight category even though I’m 4.5kg under the goal set for me by my surgeon. I’m 60 years old and starting to look scrawny so I’ve happily accepted that 78 - 80kg is best for me and stuff the recommended BMI. Molly
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    It’s been a little while since I checked in but so happy to see both @zaruse and @Boganlicious doing so well!!!! i hit a milestone this week. I’m now in the 70’s (79.5) which is a 35kg loss since May 2018. I’m only 4.5kgs away from the top of my goal banding (72-75kgs). I can’t believe it!!! well done ladies, I’ll try to check in more regularly.
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    I haven't updated here for a while, but as i passed a personal milestone over the weekend, i thought i would. The scales said 89kg on Sunday, that's a total loss of 47kgs in 11 months and now 1kg less than the final goal set by Dr Dolan. Yes he said recently maybe another 3-4 might come off, to leave me at 86-87kgs, but i could not be happier at being under 90kgs. At 181cm and broad shouldered, 89kgs sits rather well on my frame, if i do say so myself. There is still some loose skin around my middle and i fancy that would be the other 3-4kgs Dr Dolan was on about, but i am not going to get hung up about it. Has it been hard and was it worth it? Yes to both. The change in your habits is hard, especially when you stall and wonder how eating so little can have so little effect. But mixing things up and finding out how to exercise with your new body and system, seem to pay dividends for me. My cycling is so much better than before and gives me a massive boost in the ego department, to the point i started competing in local time trials and wearing one of those not flattering skinsuits. Could never have imagined me in one of those when i was 136kgs.
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    Hi Fandangle and Mouse-mum. I'm also an October sleever, although a week after both of you- 16th October. Also feeling nervous and excited! I have had a few too many "last" tim-tams, but am trying to think of the surgery not as future deprivation but a fabulous tool to reduce hunger and stomach capacity and help me on the way to healthy, sensible eating and a healthier relationship with food. I am just about to start the pre-op Optifast. Best wishes to you both :-)
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    So my birthday goal was to be 90kgs or less. Today (my birthday) I'm 87.3kgs. I'm now in sizes 14 - 16 and can fit an XL at Ice Design one of my favourite shops.
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    I haven't been on this site for many years. I was banded in 2012. I have always been overweight and a yo yo dieter. I ballooned out to 104kgs which was my max ever weight when I was banded and lost over 20 kgs in first 6 mths. I then plateaued for ages and didn't lose any more weight. Slowly slowly my bad habits crept in and over the years, I have regained and lost weight. Maxing at 95kgs and not being able to get under 82 kgs despite a goal of between 68-73kgs. I have been exercising on and off for the past 3 years. This year I maxed out again to 97kgs and started exercising again. But haven't been able to get eating right so keep losing and gaining the same 4 kgs which is frustrating. So frustrating I feel I need my brain banded. I thought the band would be the magic bullet - but it wasnt/isnt. It doesn't help that I am a secret bander so don't have any one that keeps me accountable. My hubby has given up on my WL efforts. He loves eating which doesn't help, so he is also my enabler rather than motivator. I remember this was a really helpful forum so thought I would reconnect and start again in the hopes it keeps me accountable and I can get on top of and manage my habits.
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    Thanks Rosemary, Two weeks today since surgery, staples have been removed but still some soreness at some of the incisions. Struggling with the move onto purée foods and I don’t think I’m drinking enough. Have started going for short 10 min walks and am hoping to start walking on the treadmill this week. I have another 1 1/2 weeks off work, just hope I can be on soft foods before I return. Weight hasn’t come off as fast as I thought it would- maybe I’m just a bit impatient. I hope all the other October girls are doing ok, would love to hear how everyone is doing.
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    hi just wanted to put up a quick post to say that today (18/10/18) is my 1 year Anniversary since i got my Sleeve and i jumped on the scales today and im happy to announce that i have lost a total of 39.8kg since starting this journey. now i will admit that my 1 year goal was to shed 40kg but only 200g off im not going to punish myself i cant believe how different i ook and feel without the weight. like a totally new person - the only thing i regret is tha i didnt take measurements of myself pre sleeve. those would have been good to compare. id love to hear how other people went in their first year.
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    Whereabouts in Sydney are you. I have a Bulk billed doctor in Penrith.
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    I put on 8kg - most in the first month after band removal. Then healthy eating took over - and when you start Optifast prior to sleeve it will come off I lost 6 kg in 2 weeks, then had surgery cancelled and moved to November. I have not put on any further weight in these 6 weeks, despite a trip to Bali. Start Optifast again next week. Good luck - and don't stress too much.
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    I'm only at the first stage of pre gastric sleeve surgery. Had bloods done today. Going to the UK for 3 weeks. Seeing bariatric assessors and dietitian on 31st October, then having endoscopy 1st November.
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    78.3kgs and no longer obese. I'm overweight.
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    Wow you are doing amazing I've still got to wait a year roughly had alot happen recently include moving house but much happier now... finally signed up for the PHI so I'm now committed its just a long wait 12 months ive gone up to 145kgs so I've gotta be careful the next year not to go up too much because I'm giving myself a 12 month timeframe from the operation to lose everything i need which from 145 i need to get below 200lbs(90kgs) top be under 100kgs and 200lbs...so that's roughly 60kgs loss needed in 12 months which i see is quite achievable it's just a matter of changing my whole mind frame and diet and exercise. But i know i need to do this to extend my life no way will i be 40 and still be obese!!! Thank you everyone for your inspiration!!
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    Good morning everyone. This is my first post in a month as I have been trying to weigh myself less frequently. I was becoming obsessive with weighing myself several times a day so I made the conscious decision to pack the scales away for a few weeks . I'm off to see my dietician this afternoon for my 2 1/2 year appointment so I dragged out the scales this morning to see how much damage I've done. Pleasantly surprised that I've had minimum weight gain in the last month. My weight this morning is 78.5. so a gain of 700g over the month. I am very happy with this as I am still under the goal set by my surgeon. I'm heading to the US next week for a 3 week holiday. I'll stay away from all those huge meals laden with fries and salad dressings but I fully intend to indulge in a few glasses of Zinfandel - my all time favourite wine! I've really enjoyed catching up on all the news in the posts and wish everyone all the best on their individual weight loss journeys. Molly
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    Weighed in at 94.9 this morning... super exciting because I’ve now lost 40kgs. yes. FORTY!!! That is two bags of builders cement. Or 8 x 5kg bags of potatoes. Only 15 to 20kgs to go!!!
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    I'm posting later than usual. 81.2kgs. Haven't lost for a few days but we went away for the weekend and I ate lovely food and drank port.
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    50 kg *Yippeee* as of last Wednesday! Finally! Onward and downward!
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    Size 14 NSV including size 14 jeans from Valley Girl. How nice to walk into a shop like that and not only fit into things I actually want but have sales assistants not looking down at me and actually be friendly. Sizing definitely varies as I tried 2 pairs of jeans. The hipster ones fit but didn't do up but the ones I bought which are more of a high waisted fit were perfect. I will weigh in tomorrow and update as I had a tiny loss today but forgot to record it so can't remember my weight lol Also people aren't recognising me including my own dad who sees me regularly. He saw a video of me with my daughter and wanted to know why the teacher was doing the colour run holding my daughter's hand. He didn't realise it was me.
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    Size 14 jeans from Valley Girl! Omg to walk in and buy something I actually like (jeans ripped at the knees) and also not have snobby sales assistants because of my size is incredible. Also went to the zoo today and no pain from all the walking. Last time I was not only 6 months pregnant but also morbidly obese and I was in agony, bad tempered because everything hurt and couldn't enjoy myself.
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    Oh I agree @zaruse anything bread feels like it just sits in my throat and does not want to go down. I don't eat anything like that at all anymore because it is also a NO from me So, I have also stalled this week with my smallest loss to date (only 300g this week) however I am soooo close to the 30kgs I can smell it. I only have just over 10kgs to go now and have started buying size 12 skirts - FRIGGING SIZE 12!!!! OK, on the top half I am still a sold 14 but I have not been a 12 in anything since i was a teenager (over 25 years ago!) Feeling healthy, loving life - best decision ever! Happy Belated Birthday @Boganlicious - well done on your goal
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    Well I've spoken to the clinic I'm considering and they explained everything and said bypass is best and usually is done endoscopically which is safest and quickest recovery and I've made sure my PHI covers the item numbers i was given and everything is good to go about to sign on the dotted line after a lot of deliberation about which company to use for PHI i always make sure i do a ton of research before any big decisions... Thanks
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    Hey Bigm666 I found the wait went fast BUT I did fall pregnant unexpectedly and had my gorgeous little boy so I was pretty focused on pregnancy. I had my op when he was 6 months old. Also I know it's not Wednesday but can I say I am now 84.7kgs with just 29.9kgs left to lose. I am thrilled. My pre pregnancy weight before my weight issues started was 68kgs. It seems so in reach now. I'm enjoying the journey I'm happy even though I'm not at my goal and I carry myself differently. I hope everyone else is going well no matter which stage of your journey you are at.