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    Not quite Wednesday but I've been sick. So this is the first time I weighed myself in a little while. 72.3kgs!!! I am only 2.4kgs off my goal now (I just want that first number on the scale to be a 6 lol). I'm coming up on the year mark and I am rather excited to see how far I have come..Hope I reach my goal by the end of August. Well done to everyone on the progress you are making...it is so motivating to see.
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    I just wanted to say Welcome back Dave For those that don't now me I'm admin and moderate this page and have for many many years (i feel old now ha ha) I dont post very often but I'm lways lurking behind the scenes I wanted to thank every member of this forum. I read your posts and assist where I can but generally all members are responsive, courtous and very supportive to one another. Thank you for also being very patient with me moderating this page. At times we have had very active spammers but I have tried to keep up with it and remove asap. Keep recommending changes to this site as no suggestion is irrelavant to the continued improvement and running of the page. Remember that I am only a click away
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    So list of jobs so far, based on the excellent suggestions above: 1. Set up seperate forums for each procedure. 2. Update code of conduct to make clear the behaviour we expect on here and to return forum to a supportive, caring and welcoming environment. 3. Put out call for new moderators to support our existing team 4. Look into a way of setting up sub-groups or sub-forums for the monthly bandit groups 5. Look into seeing if you can hide or block people who you don't want to interact with I think from here on out I want this site to be procedure agnostic, not just for lap bands. So any "why did you get that, you should have had this" sort of comments will be something we want to say goodbye to. Any sort of bullying behaviour is going to be strictly controlled and I'll set up a warning system. Anyone using the new site will have to agree to the new terms and conditions. Finally, I want to invite people back, letting them know that the site is still here, and letting them know about the new changes, new rules etc. Any other ideas?
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    78 days post surgery. I am 36.1kg down as of this morning. I am pretty damn happy with that! I was hoping to lose 30 kgs by my 30th Birthday on Sunday and I smashed it. Yay!
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    Thought I would share... today I got under 100kgs. 99.95kgs to be exact!!! Total lost since starting Opti 11 days pre op has been 14.55kgs. Happy KAL!!!
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    Hi all Its 3am on Tuesday morning. I got sleeved at 8am yesterday. First cab off the rank. All went well but I had to stay in recovery for three hours due to high blood pressure and high heart rate. Got to the ward at 12.30. Have had bad gas pains in the chest and shoulder all afternoon and night and medication only just takes the edge off. No nausea though. Up walking laps every hour or so. Feeling better than I expected. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. xxxx
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    Depends on your anaesthetist. I've always been able to wear my acrylics if the nail beds were clear. Toe nails painted also fine. I had my ecg and pre admission today. Not happy. 115.6kgs. So basically I've only down 2.4kgs. I don't get it.
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    Hi Bandits, For those who don't know me (it's been a while!), my name is Dave Townsend and I originally founded Banding Together back in 2009. Over that time this forum, plus the wonderful people on it, have provided an incredible amount of support to thousands of people who have had bariatric surgery in Australia. Over the last couple of years, despite my neglect, this forum has continued to survive thanks to the wonderful work of Nonny, Princess and luvmyband, who have kept this place going while I have ignored it, and left many aspects of this site to break down. I can only apologise to them and to the rest of you for letting things get to this stage. To be completely honest, I have had a very difficult journey with my weight and my band journey, which made me feel like a failure and left me finding it difficult to come back here and stay involved. I regained most of the weight I lost with my lapband which had a big impact on my physical and mental health. It's not an excuse, simply an explanation, as I feel you all deserve it. I have been ignoring this place when really, I probably needed to get MORE involved so that I could be supported, just as you have supported so many others. I will tell my own story at another time, but things are improving and my life is on the right track since having a band to sleeve conversion last year, and have since lost 40kg. This has given me the strength to overcome my fear and come back here, to right the wrongs and get this place back up to scratch and turn it back into the thriving support community it once was. You're going to notice some changes over the next few weeks and months, but before I get too carried away, I want to ask for your help. I want to hear any ideas, suggestions or gripes in this thread, so that together we can make this community the best place to get support for bariatric surgery for Australians. No idea is too big or too small. I have seen how little support many people receive post-op, and I want to help change that. I have a lot of ideas, and can't wait to make them happen, but I'm going to start with the changes you guys want, so I can make this a better place for you to be. Thanks for reading, thanks for sticking around, and thank you all for the amazing support you have given to countless people over the years. Dave Townsend Founder Banding Together
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    I am about 171cm and my goal would be around the 75kg mark. My doctor said he would like me at around 80kgs but naturally I want to be lower. Currently sitting at 94.5kgs which is a 20kgs loss and have 19.5kgs to go so just slipped over the half way point! Very exciting! 5 weeks post op yesterday and did 10 days Opti. Skin is starting to sag so have just started at the gym to combat having my own personal wings
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    Interesting. I’m 175cms, so ideal would be 72 to 78 kgs. My goal was 80, I’d love to be less but honestly I’ll be thrilled just to be 80!
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    Guess who got under 100kgs today! 99.8kgs to be exact. I've never been so happy or confident even though I'm not near goal weight just yet.
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    Today's weight 102.2kgs. Double digits is getting so close!
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    Yesterday I had my official 2 year checkup and weigh in with my surgeon. My weight was 78.9kg. That’s my first time under 79kg and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My surgeon has told me to concentrate on maintaining my weight from now on and I’m more than happy with that advice. Boganlicious that is an outstanding result for you. Are your friends and acquaintances commenting on your weight loss yet?
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    Oh LosingKAL how nice to be in double digits! My engagement and wedding rings are too big and are now worn on a chain. I just tried on half my wardrobe for tomorrow and some of the things which had gotten too small for me now fit including a size 16 vintage jacket! Im down 12.8kgs to 105.3kgs. Oh how I long to be in double digits.
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    Hi all, I'm being sleeved (which sound like I should be getting a tatt!) by Dr. Paul Burton on the 13/06. I have to do 4 weeks of Optifast prior, 2 weeks with veggies, 2 just opti but I actually started early as I had some work deadlines that I really didn't want to be hangry for. So far I'm coping well most days, I think might struggle once I give up the veggies though! I've been a life long yo yo dieter and for about the last 7 years I've had type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. I've just become a grandma at the ripe old age of 44 and decided I don't want to croak so with a BMI of 43 I decided it was time to get my crap together. I chose Paul Burton as he was recommended by another surgeon. I choose the sleeve as I would struggle with making follow up appointments for the band and the pop quiz I did of people in my circle who'd had the band done had negative experiences. I also accessed my super for the gap. We have top PHI so it was only $4600 and I figured the way I was going I wouldn't live to use my super, plus I spend about $150 a month on diabetes medication that, hopefully, I'll be able to cease. So it should pay for itself. Glad to be here and have found some great info on these boards - thank you to all you who have contributed Kathryn.
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    I celebrated my 2 year ‘sleeveaversary’ yesterday. Yay me! My weight this morning was 79.1kg which is a loss this week of 900g. This is my biggest weekly loss in months. My total weight loss is 59.9kg and what a difference 2 years makes. Well done Boganlicious. You’ll be under 100kg before you know it.
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    Thanks @Boganlicious, I feel better now. I had appointment with Dr Moore this afternoon. He said I did a good job, no need to worry about weight, it is on the right track! The average weight loss is 4kg per month, can last 9 months. He asked me not to weight myself everyday
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    Thanks @zaruse I am packed and ready for the early morning wake up See you on the other side!! xxx
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    Thanks @Boganlicious. I have heard that many people get the "What the #$*& did I do?" feeling in the first few days. So glad everything is going well for you
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    I hope you nausea is completely gone soon. Most people seem to feel heaps better after day three post op, so hopefully tomorrow you'll be all good. I wonder why I'm on nourishing liquids so much quicker? I'm not gonna lie, the Sustagen and the soup are pretty good! I also had a cup of decaf coffee to sip on, which was nice. I've been given the all clear to go home. They're just getting my meds ready and and then I have to wait about 2 hours for my hubby to come get me. I can stay in my room til then, though, they're pretty cruisey here.
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    Hi all, I made it through eventually. Too drugged up to type much, just wanted to let everyone know I'm okay. Surgery ended up being delayed til after 6pm. Overheard 2 nurses say mine was only one with no complications. Surgeon visited this morning and said everything went perfectly, only took an hour, and congratulated me on my small liver Big relief after not losing much weight. Hope to go home tomorrow. Will update later, about to fall asleep again, going crossed eyed trying to read the screen. Congratulations on the weightloss @zaruse, you're a machine! Congratulations on making it through @Boganlicious Goodnight all xx
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    Wow @zaruse you have lost over 15kgs in 4 weeks! Go you!!!!! When is your birthday? My husbands birthday is in early August and we are going to Hamilton Island so I too would like to lose about another 20kgs from where I am right now. I wonder how @trillions is going? @Boganlicious I hope you feel better soon. I am a gulper as well when I am thirsty, I can drink half a litre of water in almost 3 big gulps! That will be an adjustment for me for sure!
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    Hi all, I am back! I was discharged from hospital yesterday morning and feel much better now. Here is my surgery experience: Op Day -09/May: I registered at surgical reception at 7:00am on 09/May and scaled of 98kg in hospital. I was the third patient of Dr Patrick Moore and pulled for anesthesia at around 10:55am. The anesthetist tried 5 times on my hands and finally found my blood vessels on left wrist for at least 10 min, he said he would find one on my arm during my surgery. Anyway, I was sent to theater and got injection, and then got black out. The handsome nurse waked me up at around 2:20pm, I was super tired and nauseated 4 or 5 times, very disgusting and embarrassed. I might have stronger anesthetic response than other people, handsome nurse comforted me it was still normal, no need to worry,. The surgery went well and lasted around 1:31-1:35, per Medicare claim history(I only got total $400 out of $1,700 from Medicare (300) and BUPA(100)). Dr Moore also repaired my hernia in the surgery. I was sent to ward when nausea was settled down, very dizzy during the transaction and nauseated 2 more times when I was in ward. The time was around 3:30pm when everything was finally settled down in ward. I was put with dripping on my arm, oxygen in my nose, pump on my legs. I also passed wind on the bed, that is quick. I did not feel any pain or reflux, just very sleepy. I slept for around 3 hours and served with all liquid dinner. I called nurse to release me from bed, and then sit on the sofa to sip a little bit water. The first 2 or 3 sips made me nausea again, I vomited a little (because there's nothing left in my stomach) and walked to toilet to urinate. It was amazing, I could walk around without any problems, just a bit slowly to avoid falling down. For my poor dinner, I just sipped some water, apple juice and broth. Sustagen and milk were too heavy for me. After talking with my visiting friends and family, I was sleepy again and called to equip with the pump and oxygen. At 10:00pm, he gave me a small tummy injection to prevent blood clots, which is bit pain. I was falling into sleep again. During night, I felt freezing and got temperature of 37.5C. Nurse added one more bottle dripping to lower my temperature. This is my experience of surgery day, feel ok and bearable.
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    129.8!!! I finally cracked the 120's!
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    Welcome back Dave. I don’t come onto this page very often, I felt that for us banders who didn’t transition to sleeve are the odd ones out now. And I felt that asking for help got responses from some that were very discouraging. Hope that things can change and it can go back to the welcoming forum it used to be.