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    Hi everyone, It's been 22 days since my surgery and I'm doing ok. I have been so tired and dizzy all the damn time though, it got really bad at the end of last week and I kept almost blacking out. I visited my GP a week after surgery to check my blood pressure but it was normal then. I borrowed my mum's BP machine and discovered it was quite low for me. I am on blood pressure medication and I guess in the two weeks since then it just dramatically changed so I have stopped it and am monitoring it til I see my GP on Saturday and I also see my surgeon on Monday (the first time since surgery actually) so hopefully I can get it all sorted. On the plus side it either means I lower my medication or get off it entirely soon, I really hoped this would happen but didn't expect it so soon. So if you suffer with dizzy spells after getting up or bending down please monitor your blood pressure, it's a horrible feeling. I haven't been able to do much at all except stay home, now that i'm off the medication I think I can finally start moving again. So I'm down about 26 kilos now. I have just started the soft foods stage and am doing ok on that, still learning how much to eat on this stage as you get fuller quicker. It was much easier measuring tablespoons of food on the puree. It's so nice to be able to chew food again though, it feels a little more human. Haha. I normally sleep on my stomach and have had to sleep on my back and side since surgery. My GP told me to wait until I see my surgeon for the first time on Monday so I'm hoping I get the ok to sleep on my stomach again. I'm too scared to try it at this stage even though everything feels ok. I am looking forward to better sleeps soon. I had my measurements done yesterday and i've lost - *Waist - 10cm *Right thigh - 6cm *Left thigh - 4cm *Hips - 14cm Right bicep - 3cm *Left bicep - 4cm *Chest -11cm *Neck - 3cm Well I'm pretty happy with that. - Queenies.
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    I just wanted to say Welcome back Dave For those that don't now me I'm admin and moderate this page and have for many many years (i feel old now ha ha) I dont post very often but I'm lways lurking behind the scenes I wanted to thank every member of this forum. I read your posts and assist where I can but generally all members are responsive, courtous and very supportive to one another. Thank you for also being very patient with me moderating this page. At times we have had very active spammers but I have tried to keep up with it and remove asap. Keep recommending changes to this site as no suggestion is irrelavant to the continued improvement and running of the page. Remember that I am only a click away
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    So list of jobs so far, based on the excellent suggestions above: 1. Set up seperate forums for each procedure. 2. Update code of conduct to make clear the behaviour we expect on here and to return forum to a supportive, caring and welcoming environment. 3. Put out call for new moderators to support our existing team 4. Look into a way of setting up sub-groups or sub-forums for the monthly bandit groups 5. Look into seeing if you can hide or block people who you don't want to interact with I think from here on out I want this site to be procedure agnostic, not just for lap bands. So any "why did you get that, you should have had this" sort of comments will be something we want to say goodbye to. Any sort of bullying behaviour is going to be strictly controlled and I'll set up a warning system. Anyone using the new site will have to agree to the new terms and conditions. Finally, I want to invite people back, letting them know that the site is still here, and letting them know about the new changes, new rules etc. Any other ideas?
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    Hello All, Been a while since i posted but i thought id give you an overall update 1 year post op. Start weight 142kg Current weight 81.8kg Total loss 60.2kg in ONE YEAR Never thought id be here and this update is to tell you all that this is possible and stay positive, some people in life and online even a few on this site may try to discourage you. Use it as fuel to push yourself forward, to fuel your engine, work harder, walk further, SMILE BIGGER. Since surgery i have had a few other problems occur which are related. My digestive system is still rather crappy, after many tests and trials we still arnt sure why. My doc is now testing for a few more serious illnesses which im praying for negative results on but im staying optimistic. Im very low in vitamin B12 which is due to not eating much animal products and the digestive issues im having. Im just not absorbing as much as I need. I eat a bit of everything these days buy mostly vegitables. Veggies and salads sit more comfortably so they are usually my choice. I stay away from dairy ,eggs and sugared drinks as they tend to upset my stomach. Excess skin isnt as bad as i thought it would be, tummy is the main area that bothers me as i get rashes and its really hard to target that little bit of fat that sits in that pouch. All in all, for the health benefits ive gained, im not so bothered but the health issues i have now. Appart from having to use the toilet frequently, and getting stomach cramping life is pretty good Thanks to everyone who supported me on this page from the start, it was really helpfull and i hope this ipfate helps someone else out there :)
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    Love reading the posts on here. Good and bad. I was "sleeved" in November 2017. My start weight was 118kg (I'm 5'11"). After the pre-op Optifast, I was at 114kg. 3 months and 2 days later, I am LOVING my decision!! I'm down to 90kg - a loss of 28kg (with 13kg more to go until my target). The Pros, for me, are; Not having to be consumed with the multi billion dollar diet industry fads any more. A hard one to admit, but I tried hundreds of different "diets" only to fail time and time again.Having a "Full" or "Stop" button on my food consumption. Was so sick of hearing people tell me to just stop eating when I was full. I was never full - so I never stopped!The reduced pressure on my joints - ankles, knees, hips, and spine. I no longer feel like an 80 year old invalid (I'm 49)The additional energy levels.A wardrobe that I am liking more and more!The Cons (if you want to call them that) Tastebuds that have changed. I used to looooove a McLaren Vale Shiraz, but these days far too heavy for me. In fact, my alcohol consumption is probably down to about 2 glasses a week, as opposed to 3 bottles a week! (No idea why I was such a heavy beast )Ordering a meal out and only getting 3 - 4 mouthfuls in before I pass it over to my husband or son-in-law. It is like eating a couple of chips in front of seagulls...It has just begun for me, but from all accounts, I am pretty confident that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
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    Hi Luna I had my band out 4 years ago and I had the sleeve done on Monday (26th Feb). When I had the band out I didn't have any thought about having any further WLS, but we love hiking and I have found that it comes with a fair amount of pain at the end of a long day of walking and I am not ready to give it up. I'm only 53 and have lots of trips that we still want to do. Besides that I have a life to live and want to enjoy it as much as I can without so many aches and pains quite frankly. I went back to the surgeon that took my band out (he didn't put my band in). We discussed at great length the possible problems with the sleeve after banding. We discussed the bypass. He said that indications showed that banding to bypass usually do better but that if something went wrong there was not much to fall back on. Besides I didn't have any reflux or hernia's etc (he sent me for a barium swallow). I asked him about the weight loss for revision patients and he did say that while they didn't seem to lose as much, that there wasn't any science behind it. I asked him if he thought it might be more a mind set/attitude issue and he said he believed so. I also asked him what the number one thing I could do to make sure that I get to where I want to and he said that without a doubt it was to keep in contact with him and his team. I also took up the option of seeing a phycologist as I wanted to give myself the best chance. I will touch base with her a few more times over the next couple of months and if need be will continue to see her. If I was you I would just do my own research and then make the decision yourself. It's your body, not the surgeons. I went to see another surgeon prior to my current one because he was a couple hours closer to home and he told me that there was a 20% complication rate. I was shocked, but as it turned out he had only done five revision patients and had had a major complication with one (hence his 20%). It was clear to me that he was freaked out at the idea of doing another one, so I wasn't going to let him touch me with a barge pole. I am certain that this will change my life for the better and I for one am happy with my decision and honestly I am glad that it is finally done. Good Luck Luna
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    What is everyone looking forward to post op? If you're already post op what is the best change? For me besides being able to buy whatever clothes I want (I'm called in love with a faux fur jacket which comes in pink as well as grey but biggest size is 16) I am looking forward to being able to shake it (dance) without thinking that I look like Homer Simpson in that episode where he's in his underwear running on the treadmill or where the doctor taps his belly and it starts wobbling for ages. I love dancinf but get embarrassed about bits shaking that shouldn't be even though no ones watching. If I can budget it in I'm going to be doing dance classes once I've lost weight. It means dancing onstage at the end of year concerts.
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    Depends on your anaesthetist. I've always been able to wear my acrylics if the nail beds were clear. Toe nails painted also fine. I had my ecg and pre admission today. Not happy. 115.6kgs. So basically I've only down 2.4kgs. I don't get it.
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    Hi Bandits, For those who don't know me (it's been a while!), my name is Dave Townsend and I originally founded Banding Together back in 2009. Over that time this forum, plus the wonderful people on it, have provided an incredible amount of support to thousands of people who have had bariatric surgery in Australia. Over the last couple of years, despite my neglect, this forum has continued to survive thanks to the wonderful work of Nonny, Princess and luvmyband, who have kept this place going while I have ignored it, and left many aspects of this site to break down. I can only apologise to them and to the rest of you for letting things get to this stage. To be completely honest, I have had a very difficult journey with my weight and my band journey, which made me feel like a failure and left me finding it difficult to come back here and stay involved. I regained most of the weight I lost with my lapband which had a big impact on my physical and mental health. It's not an excuse, simply an explanation, as I feel you all deserve it. I have been ignoring this place when really, I probably needed to get MORE involved so that I could be supported, just as you have supported so many others. I will tell my own story at another time, but things are improving and my life is on the right track since having a band to sleeve conversion last year, and have since lost 40kg. This has given me the strength to overcome my fear and come back here, to right the wrongs and get this place back up to scratch and turn it back into the thriving support community it once was. You're going to notice some changes over the next few weeks and months, but before I get too carried away, I want to ask for your help. I want to hear any ideas, suggestions or gripes in this thread, so that together we can make this community the best place to get support for bariatric surgery for Australians. No idea is too big or too small. I have seen how little support many people receive post-op, and I want to help change that. I have a lot of ideas, and can't wait to make them happen, but I'm going to start with the changes you guys want, so I can make this a better place for you to be. Thanks for reading, thanks for sticking around, and thank you all for the amazing support you have given to countless people over the years. Dave Townsend Founder Banding Together
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    I am looking forward to buying clothes that will actually fit better, clothes that aren't too big in the shoulders or too long in the arms or legs because I have to buy a size 18/20 but am about 5ft tall. I will be happy to fit into petite clothing sizes again. I am happy that I will be improving my health, I want to be an active and well, I want to be able to walk up steps without gasping.
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    Hi i'm having Sleeve on May 2nd. I'm terrified of the surgery but so excited to get rid of all my weight. I just wish I'd done it years ago. I'm 160cm and about 105kg now. I'm just preparing for preop diet and have got my multivitamin and calcium. Will need to look for some biotin next for post op hair and skin issues. Good luck with gastroscopy.
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    Yesterday I bought a pair of size 12 jeans from Katies. When I started this journey 22 months ago I would have been happy to fit into a regular size 18 and I never dared to dream of wearing size 12. Yet despite my successful loss of 59kg and having met my surgeon’s goal, my BMI of 27 still puts me in the overweight category and I would have to lose another 6kg to get under BMI 25. I have no intention of trying to lose another 6kg. I’m 172cm and 60 years old and I’m starting to look scrawny. If I’m going to be brutally honest then I also have to admit that I’m becoming obsessive about losing weight. So as of today I am changing my focus from weight loss to weight maintenance - and enjoying those size 12 jeans that I never dreamed were a possibility. Molly
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    I had my consult yesterday and was so impressed. What a lovely man. Very honest a straight shooter but kind. Move been given the choice of sleeve or SIPS bypass. I am going the SIPS as he feels the weight loss would be greater for me and he said I have 50kgs to lose (I want to lose approx 60 or just over 60kgs). I have enough super without draining the account. I'm off the have my marriage certificate copy certified today so I can change the name on my account to my married name. I'm going to the gp to fill in my paperwork as soon as I get mine back from the surgeon. I've read my book from the surgeon and taken a lot in. I will re read it a few more times though. Can I just say how excited I am for this huge change. I don't really have anyone else to talk to about it. My mum doesn't want me to have it done. My husband's away working ATM so we talk when we can due to the time difference. I've been trying to make changes already long term healthy ones eg sushi for lunch (yes I know carb heavy) rather than grabbing something fried. I know my entire diet will change and carbs are restricted. No alcohol until I'm at goal weight. No more diet soft drink so I have to change my alcoholic drink of choice. No red meat or pork for the first 4 months post surgery. I'm ready for this.
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    Congratulations on going through with a tough and brave decision. My 18 year old daughter had this op on Jan 11 this year and she has just finally began to not regret the decision. She has now plateaued and has only lost about 1kg in about 2 weeks. That said, she hasn’t gained any and is comforted by the fact that she isn’t gaining weight anymore and knows that the weight will come off. I keep reminding her about the “long game” not the short one where you lose an unsustainable amount of weight in a short period and spend the rest of your time fighting to stop it from creeping back on. I remind her that the long game is slow, sustainable weight loss while reorganizing her lifestyle and choices. She is set on being able to wear a beautiful dress for her 21st. That’s 3 years away, but what a goal! I guess I wanted to suggest some alternative ways of thinking that the “long game” way of thinking offers. Keep in touch with people in this community, it can give you strength when you need it, resonance, to remind you that you’re not alone and comfort in knowing that you are on the right track xxx Renee
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    You can't put a price on health, it's life changing. And you deserve to be happy and healthy.
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    Edit to update eveyone’s dates: @LA_Way 2nd May, sleeve @Jules 2nd May, sleeve me, 4 May, roux en y bypass @back2normal 9th May, sleeve Shelly22 12th May, sleeve @Boganlicious 17th May, SIPS bypass @trillions 17th May, sleeve @LosingKAL 21st May, sleeve ————— May Day, May Day!! sheet just got real. This is happening. Bypass surgery scheduled for May 4... need to get through gastroscope tomorrow, then appointment with dietician, second appointment with surgeon and we are ON people! Im 175cms and at my heaviest ever 135kgs. I’m so excited to be taking such a positive step towards a healthier me. any other May sleevers or bypassians?
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    Hi all, I am back! I was discharged from hospital yesterday morning and feel much better now. Here is my surgery experience: Op Day -09/May: I registered at surgical reception at 7:00am on 09/May and scaled of 98kg in hospital. I was the third patient of Dr Patrick Moore and pulled for anesthesia at around 10:55am. The anesthetist tried 5 times on my hands and finally found my blood vessels on left wrist for at least 10 min, he said he would find one on my arm during my surgery. Anyway, I was sent to theater and got injection, and then got black out. The handsome nurse waked me up at around 2:20pm, I was super tired and nauseated 4 or 5 times, very disgusting and embarrassed. I might have stronger anesthetic response than other people, handsome nurse comforted me it was still normal, no need to worry,. The surgery went well and lasted around 1:31-1:35, per Medicare claim history(I only got total $400 out of $1,700 from Medicare (300) and BUPA(100)). Dr Moore also repaired my hernia in the surgery. I was sent to ward when nausea was settled down, very dizzy during the transaction and nauseated 2 more times when I was in ward. The time was around 3:30pm when everything was finally settled down in ward. I was put with dripping on my arm, oxygen in my nose, pump on my legs. I also passed wind on the bed, that is quick. I did not feel any pain or reflux, just very sleepy. I slept for around 3 hours and served with all liquid dinner. I called nurse to release me from bed, and then sit on the sofa to sip a little bit water. The first 2 or 3 sips made me nausea again, I vomited a little (because there's nothing left in my stomach) and walked to toilet to urinate. It was amazing, I could walk around without any problems, just a bit slowly to avoid falling down. For my poor dinner, I just sipped some water, apple juice and broth. Sustagen and milk were too heavy for me. After talking with my visiting friends and family, I was sleepy again and called to equip with the pump and oxygen. At 10:00pm, he gave me a small tummy injection to prevent blood clots, which is bit pain. I was falling into sleep again. During night, I felt freezing and got temperature of 37.5C. Nurse added one more bottle dripping to lower my temperature. This is my experience of surgery day, feel ok and bearable.
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    I have been slack on updates for a while, as I have been away. As of May 7th I weighed in at 95.3kgs, for a loss so far of 40.7kgs. That's just 5kgs short of my target weight, which is due to come around by September. Last week in the US, was also time to start buying the new wardrobe, as all my shorts and jeans all now just slide off. I was thrilled to be able to buy Levi's in a waist size I have not seen for 30 years. I also bought new work clothes and was so pleased with the new look, after getting about in such baggy stuff for 6 months. Also people are able to see what the new body looks like much better and I have had so many positive comments, it makes me blush a little and makes all the sacrifices worth while.
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    Welcome back Dave. I don’t come onto this page very often, I felt that for us banders who didn’t transition to sleeve are the odd ones out now. And I felt that asking for help got responses from some that were very discouraging. Hope that things can change and it can go back to the welcoming forum it used to be.
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    Hi Boganlicious While I have always loved chocolate, it is actually jelly beans, licorice etc that have always been my downfall. Cakes, biscuits etc don't bother me overly, although I have always loved a great Pumpkin Pie. Thank god for the surgery as I am very conscious of needing to make the choice between good healthy food and crap. If I don't make the best of choices, my health long term will suffer and I had this surgery to be the best I can be for the rest of my life. I am hopeful that with time the sugar craving will eventually dwindle away to next to nothing.
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    Hello I’m booked in for my sleeve on the 12th of May, so hope it’s ok I join in here. Starting to feel really nervous so thought it was time to join others on the same journey to try help each other through! I start my pre op diet this coming Saturday - Feeling pretty organised and ready for this step... I’ve done the opti thing before so I’m prepared for the transition...it’ll be hard but worth it!! I think I’m most nervous about the surgery and how I’ll feel during the immediate recovery. I think it’s the unknown that feels the scariest. Trying to focus on the results. It’s going to be such a life changer after having struggled with weight since childhood. Now just hoping my super comes through...DHS is taking forever!!! If they don’t hurry up my surgery will be pushed back but hopefully they’ll come through this week. Look forward to getting to know you all better
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    I was approved the other day! I just need to get my drivers license certified to post in with my letter of approval and withdrawal form. So how did all this happen? It started when I fell pregnant with my daughter and ballooned from 70kgs to triple digits. After she was born I dropped around 20kgs and then the weight started creeping on. The doctor wouldn't take me seriously (I've now got a really great gp) and it turns out I've got Hashimoto's Disease. I recently had a son and I'm ready to lose weight and gain my life back. I looked into the lapband as I had no private health insurance at the time and had enough in my super to cover the surgery but not sleeve (also sleeve was a newer operation back then). After a surgeon telling me 70% will require a reoperation within 5 years I was turned off. Frustrated I put everything on the back burner and was clucky. Sadly I suffered a missed miscarriage with my second pregnancy. I blamed my weight, the fact I coloured my regrowth and because I had hoped for a boy a horrible thought of what if my baby had been a girl and died all because of my selfish thoughts of hoping for a boy. In 2017 I unexpectedly fell pregnant. I was ecstatic! I gained little weight which is just as well as I was now the heaviest I had ever been. I had a gorgeous healthy boy in November. Now was the time to do something about losing the weight. I had my appointment in the public system where your choice is sleeve or lapband only to be told there's a 2 year weight. I've been waiting since 2013 to lose this weight! I spoke to hubby who was surprisingly on board with me accessing my super (any questions just pm me or start a thread). It started with finding a surgeon and one of the gps at the doctors surgery I go to recommended Dr Ravi Rao in Mount Lawley. I sat in his waiting room so nervous but he immediately put me at ease. He's a lovely man. A straight shooter but kind. The next step is to confirm my date when the money clears and see him again, complete my admission paperwork and see the dietician. I'll cut this short as I tend to talk a lot. As mentioned I will be having the SIPs bypass. I am nervous. I've had dreams of the surgery. Last night I dreamt I had had the surgery and could feel soreness in my dream. I was also sipping apple juice. Very random I know. I look forward to this journey. Optifast will be the next step and I feel it will be tough as I am hungry an awful lot. Until next time, thanks for reading.
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    Well done Boganlicious That's great news. Hope it all goes smoothly from here for you. Last night on TV I just caught a tiny bit of something about changing the rules for accessing Super for WLS. I'm not sure what station it was on but it sounded like the rules will be changed, so it is lucky you got in when you did Bogan. Congratulations again. Irene
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    I'm pre surgery just met my surgeon today. Please don't get despondent. You are already down and the scales will keep going down. I've read that stalls especially early post op are normal. Your body is in shock right now. Do not give up and keep your chin up. You've got this.
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    have not been on here for ages. My sister has been totally stuffed up by her sleeve (she never was banded) she spends most of her days vomiting, is heading back to the city for more appointments to see what they can do about it. seems there are issues with all WLS, none are immune to issues. Had my band now for 5+ years, so far so good but just wish I could lose more weight. sort of staying around the same, have managed to stay the same weight for ages now, prefer to go downwards :-) Only commenting because people seem to think its only bands that have issues. My sisters issue is pretty bad but I guess like your band experiences it just happens to some and not all people