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  1. Kalalan

    seeing the Dr next week, where from here

    i would second that with the barium swallow. My band was exactly the same - I was generally vomiting at least once a week but most days always felt hungry and could eat more that I was supposed to. I thought it was often me doing the wrong thing and I blamed myself. I finally went back to my clinic thinking that because I was able to eat more I was going to need even more fluid in my band. Turns out that the band was way too tight and I was getting a pouch above my band forming. The barium swallow showed that there was only a tiny trickle of liquid able to get through the band which was why I was still hungry when eating. If thats what liquid was doing no wonder food could not get through!!! Most of what I was eating was sitting above the band, stretching out the esophagus and sooooooooo slowing going through. My doctor has removed most of the fluid to give the muscles above the band a chance to rest. Yes being able to eat again I have stacked on a heap of weight but there is hope in sight. I go back next week and will start to reintroduce fluid into the band until I get some restriction back. I didn't think the band was doing all that much until they emptied it!!!!!! My doctor has rested the band now for about 8 weeks and she said that should be long enough but she wont let me get back to as tight as I was. Sometime we do think that it is our fault. After all we are blamed by society all our lives for being overweight in the first place so it stands to reason that our brains assume this is our fault as well. But.......... its not our fault!!!! My doctor and my dietitian both comment that this problem I had was very very common and for me to NOT blame myself. Good luck and I hope it works out for you. I think we all get just how hard this struggle is!
  2. Kalalan

    Personal Training in Adelaide

    Hi guys, I know its not in the Northern/Western suburbs but I can recommend Revive Fitness on Marion Road in Plympton Park. I train there with Nat and she is fantastic. Also just started doing classes which I have never done before - I did my first Core Attack class last night!!! I have also trained at Inform Health and Fitness in the past and they were excellent. I only stopped going there because I moved further away and it became difficult to get to them from where I live now!! They are a very small, specialised gym. They are on Kensington Rd in Norwood. I do know they also have exercise physiologists so you can get some subsidised visits if you have a referral from a GP with a care plan. Hope this helps and good luck!!
  3. Kalalan

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I am sooooo proud of myself - I went in Miss Muddy yesterday!! I kept up with the others and had a go at most of the obstacles. I did walk around the big climbing walls - but thats a great goal to set for myself to complete next year. Here is an after photo I can highly recommend this for anyone!! I NEVER thought I would be able to do anything like it.
  4. Kalalan

    Calorie Counting

    i count calories roughly - I use My Fitness Pal but half the time I put something in and will only end up eating half the serve or its just an estimation cause I cant find the actual food Im eating - especially if Im dining out. I work on as long as Im eating healthy and in the right proportions I should be OK. I do like checking the calorie counts of new foods on occasion - sometime I get quite a surprise when I see just how high in sugar/fat/calories something can be.
  5. Kalalan

    Someone give me a kick in the bum!

    I started 2 weeks early and eased myself into it. I found that I wasn't so hard on myself in the first couple of weeks if I slipped up and by the time I was two weeks out from surgery I had already gotten used to the Opti. The first few days are the worst but once through them it gets much easier. I think I stuck to it much better than I would have having started early and my body getting used to the new way of eating before the critical two weeks. Knowing you are having surgery is a great motivator but Opti is REALLY had and you have to find what will be right for you. I dont think extra time on Opti will hurt - just make sure you have the minimum two weeks your surgeon has said to do but at the end of the days its about what you will be comfortable doing.
  6. Kalalan

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I did my very first group fitness class on Saturday morning. I joined a new gym and my new PT instructor convinced me to try a RPM class. It was great and Im going back again!!! I was jsut happy to survive the class and not fall off the bike!! I've been going to gyms for years but was never brave enough to do a group class. I have always gone to small gyms but this one is HUGE. The weights room is pretty intimidating but I don't have to go in there. All the PT is done in a separate private area as are the group classes.
  7. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    Only 2 weeks and 1 day to go now!!! thought I would share a sneak peek at the wedding cake - I made it myself so wanted it finished nice and early. Now I just have to get it from Adelaide to Victoria in one piece. I pick my dress up next week. Ceremony booklets are all printed and just need to be put together. Final numbers have been given to the reception place, music selections finalised, shiny new wedding rings here, shoes have been broken in and are sooo comfortable. My only hiccup so far has been with one of the wedding cars. I was told yesterday that it now wont be ready in time for my wedding as it is a family friends car that has been restored. There has been a delay with the painting so it wont be done. I did have a back-up plan in place so Im not that worried about it. Now to put more effort into planning the honeymoon!!!!
  8. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    I got to try my wedding gown on today for the first time and I LOVE it. It is exactly what I was picturing. The dress maker is amazing and is so nice to work with. It is wonderful to see her bringing to life this picture that I had in my head. I am sure I am going to feel just like a princess on my wedding day. Only just over 6 weeks to go now!!! I cant believe how quickly time is flying by.
  9. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    Everything for my wedding seems to be coming together. After a few months that I hated the planning and the politics of navigating keeping everyone happy, I seem to have some out the other side and am loving ti now. The church and minister are all organised and the ceremony program all confirmed. Wedding party are all sorted with their outfits and duties. RSVPs are still slowly coming in - a lot more Yes' than I expected!!! The cake is about half done (Im a cake decorator so am doing it myself) Reception venue all sorted and menu set. My dress is underway - had another meeting with the dressmaker today. Flowers are all ordered and deposit paid Thank you gifts for everyone ordered and on the way Hair/make-up all sorted. Music playlist almost compiled - has anyone else done their own music on a iPod?? If so any hints or tips I should know??? It is something I am a little worried about but fingers crossed. Now I can't wait for our big day!!! Sooooooooo very excited.
  10. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    Hi JouJou I just realized the date. How did it all go???? Cant wait to see pics and hear about it. Im sure it was a magnificent day!!
  11. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    So i worked it out!!!!! Here is my shoes or at least one shoe that is on my foot at the moment!!! and the flower girl dress
  12. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    Hi Jou Jou I found heaps of checklists on-line. Just google and find one that suits you. I found most of them were way over the top with heaps of things I was never going to worry about. There were however bits and pieces that I found useful. I have spent a lot of hours reading through checklists!!!!! I do have a pretty good checklist that I was given - PM me you email address if you would like it. My plans are slowly coming together. I bought the flower girls dress on-line yesterday and went looking at wedding rings last weekend. I finally took a pic of my shoes - will upload a pic as soon as I can work out how!! I LOVE them soooo much. am wearing them around the office to break them in and make sure I can last all day in them. RSVPs are starting to come in now. Only 2 months and 26 days to go. I still have to sort out the actual ceremony details. Im waiting on the minister to send me a generic ceremony running sheet and then will add/subtract from there. We have a few people we want to do readings so still have to sort out what reading and in what order. Reception decorations are all sorted now. Im just waiting on a quote back from the florist for the final decorations. Im still trying to find some nice pew decorations for the church. I dont want to spend a fortune but am not really that crafty to make them myself. Good old ebay!!! The more I tick off the more real this is getting!!!
  13. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    My shoes arrived today - I had them made through Shoes of Prey - I LOVE them!!!! Im going to wear them around the office to make sure they are comfortable without ruining them. They are made from satin and lace so I don't want them dirty before my wedding. Other plans - I have an appointment with the dress maker next week to finalise the design. I have the lace and will be picking up the satin tomorrow. I was going to get one through a store but just couldn't find one that I loved. They all needed alterations (why is everything strapless!!) and was going to cost a fortune to buy the dress and then pay for the alterations. This way it is exactly what I'm after and will fit me properly!! Im paranoid about having a dress that wont fit me and I will look awful.
  14. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    I had a chat to my other bridesmaid last night and she said she would delighted to be my MoH. She is the one that has been helping me all along so I think it will work out much better. Im trying so hard to not be a bridezilla but am finding unless I put my foot down, Im being expected to change what my fiance and I want to keep other people happy. We have already compromised the size of the wedding - we both only wanted a nice small wedding of about 60 people. Its now just over 100 invited and Im hoping there will be a few who cannot attend!!!! At the end of the day what is important is my fiance and I. We will be married and will share that special moment with the people we love. All the ups and downs getting there wont matter in the end. Our invitations were all posted on Saturday. I made them myself so was pretty proud of them. There was a lot of hours sitting at my desk printing, cutting and sticking!!!
  15. Kalalan

    Wedding Chatter

    My MoH pulled out via email last night!!! I have been trying to get in touch with her for weeks with no response. Im upset and relieved at the same time. It was making things difficult as right from the beginning she showed no interest in the wedding. We have been close friends for a long time and over the last 12 months we have been drifting apart. I know she doesn't like my fiance but Im still supposed to be her friend. I know things have changed with me having a partner and my time is far more limited that it used to be. But thats life. It was the same when she started seeing her partner. Am I being overly sensitive. Ive sent her back an email saying I understand (she said it was because or work, family and financial constraints), and I still very much want her to be at the wedding as a guest. I just cant help feeling very flat and a bit hurt at the moment.