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  1. Ive had my band now for over 2 years. Best decision ever but in the last month I'm having a few issues. The first one is after eating - generally dinner I have to burp and it's really loud - almost like belching! In addition to this, once I go to bed, I'm finding as soon as I lay down (I'm a tummy sleeper) I'm burping over and over for about 5 minutes. This is happening every night and can be up to 4 hours after I've eaten. My second issue is when I'm eating solid food, I have a weird sensation of my lapband actually pulsating as the food goes through it. Sometimes this is accompanied by pain. This doesn't happen all the time just sometimes. Any suggestions or thoughts on what is causing these issues and how I might fix them?
  2. rnrjay

    Help from long term bandits!

    Hi Missy, i have tried reed many different multis since being banded and have found that vita gummies work best for me. In relation to stomach changes I get cramps and diahorrea when I eat too much processed food so have found clean eating the best way to go. My standard diet a day is: Morning on waking: coffee Breakfast (10am): yoghurt (with gluten free grains or fruit) Lunch (1 pm): chicken/tuna/salmon salad Snack (4pm): cheese cubes, dip and rice crackers Dinner (7pm): meat (steak, chop, chicken, fish) and veg or salad In relation to exercise, I was going to the gym with a personal trainer until the beginning of this year but stopped due to health issues (non band related) but have found that I have managed to still lose a further 5 kgs by just increasing how much I move and jumping on m exercise bike 3x a week. good luck!
  3. I was banded nearly 2 years ago and have lost nearly 50kgs. Most of it within the first 12 months. I haven't exercised or really focused on healthy eating in the last 6 months but am starting boot camp and healthy eating next Monday as I want to lose another 8kg. I'm currently between a 14-16 and would love to get to a 12-14. I'm happy with where I am for the first time in my life and not too stressed if I don't get to 65kg, I just want to tone up a bit. Thankfully I don't have much loose skin (other than bingo wings lol).
  4. rnrjay

    No private health insurance - Darwin

    Hi, i haven't been on for ages but can try to answer your question. I was banded under PHI by Dr Treacy and it cost me about $2500 out of pocket. A year after I was banded a friend had his done by Dr Treacy without health cover and it cost him $17000. Hope that helps. Sometimes, the 12 month wait is worth it but these days check that you are covered with whatever health fund you decide to join. Good luck!
  5. Natures Way multivitamin vita-chews for adults - they are like lollies
  6. rnrjay

    Are you changing your life in August?

    Great news from you all. I've lost a total of 32kg with 17 since banding. It's been the best thing I've ever done! I have gone down 5 dress sizes and am now in a size 16! I started at a gym this week with a personal trainer. My goal is to be 70kg by February next year. My progress has been slow due to other medical conditions that have no bearing on my obesity so I'm happy with my progress!
  7. rnrjay

    Things you can and can't eat

    I need lots of sauce on my meat but can eat all except sausages. Can't eat corn kernels or peas, bread (unless toasted), lettuce, broccoli, oranges or mandarins.
  8. rnrjay

    Are you changing your life in August?

    I've lost 28kg in total, 13kg since banding. Best decision I have ever made! I have 10ml in my band. I have just been on a 2 week cruise and didn't put on any weight so am stoked!
  9. rnrjay

    Slow Cooker Sausage Recipie

    Sounds yum, but what do you mean the skin cooks off them?
  10. rnrjay

    Alcohol post banding

    I have absolutely no dramas with drinking wine (including bubbles!) although I have found that I no longer like the taste of full strength wine and much prefer the low alcohol/calorie wine
  11. rnrjay

    Relieving Stuck Moments in Public

    Sadly I have had huge issues with this over the last week and a half as I've had the flu and now a very heavy head cold! Everything I eat needs to come back up due to underlying cold/fly and mucous build up. Luckily it's mostly mucous however the worst time was yesterday on a greyhound bus 75kms from next stop and no sick bags/toilet available! There were drinking cups and plastic bags and I'm glad I have an understanding hubby!! Tonight we had a yummy dinner and pretty much every mouthful had to come back up bit sad when it cost $200! Spoke to surgeon today as he doesn't want to take any fill out as it's due to the flu and head cold he suggested listening to my body, drinking lots of fluids and eating very small meals and slowly.
  12. rnrjay

    Not sure I fit the criteria?

    Eggzy92 I sure did and don't regret it for a second!! I'm now down to 94.5kg it's a slow process but well worth it
  13. rnrjay

    Ok, Be Honest

    What an interesting thread! Sadly due to other medical conditions I had no choice (I have mild cerebral palsy which means my muscles can't be cut in any way!) sometimes I wonder if I should have pushed for a sleeve regardless, but I know that slow and steady works best for me and my CP. Since surgery I've only lost 4kg but I knew it was never going to be easy for me. When I first saw the surgeon (April 2013) and now (February 2014) it's been a hard journey with a total loss of 14kg. I'm kind of happy with that and we (surgeon and I) think it will be about another 12 months until I get to my personal goal of 70kg.
  14. rnrjay

    Are you changing your life in August?

    How's everyone going? After getting some fill removed on Australia Day, it was put back in today and fingers crossed it's now the green zone with 10mls in my band. It's been a very slow process with my weight loss only being 3.5 kg since surgery but my surgeon just says I'm a plodder and it means that my skin will have more chance of shrinking with me! But it's oh so frustrating!! Hope everyone else is going well
  15. rnrjay

    How much Fill do people have ??

    I went back to surgeon today and got 0.75ml. My total is now 10ml. The bizarre thing is I was up to 10ml in January but it was too tight had some removed and it was too much. Am now back at 10 and fingers crossed it feels just right!!