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  1. New me

    February 2013

    Hello all Feb 2013 banders, I notice no-one has been on this particular thread for a long time so I'm hoping to make contact again. To say everything is going well is somewhat untrue. I have hovered around the 20 kg weight loss since April last year but can feel the weight beginning to creep on again and I know what I need to do but doing it is the hard part,. Any inspiration from anyone? How are we all fairing?
  2. New me

    Is shoulder pain when eating normal?

    I get shoulder tip pain as well if I eat too much, very uncomfortable. I have it more under control now ie not eating as much, it certainly lets me know when I have.
  3. New me

    Morning Mayhem

    Your descriptions are spot on, tonight I bordered on 2-3 not painful but could feel it there for about 15 minutes. I have finally learnt to stop eating and patiently let the food pass through the band. In 12 months I've had 3 number 4's and once had to go to Drs and have all the fill taken out and put back in straight away. It was amazing how the pain stopped instantly. I'm much better at eating now thank goodness, good luck!
  4. New me

    Dr Patiniotis hobart

    I hap my lap band done by same dr in Feb 2013 and have found his service great, eg had a stuck moment and I rang and reception told me to come in straight away and he would see me without appt, can't complain about that! Good luck with everything.
  5. New me

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Hi I was banded by Dr P. as we'll back in Feb 2013, 20 kg down about 15 to go, I'm doing it slowly but I'm getting there.
  6. New me

    February 2013

    Hi guys I have not been on this site for a long time but thought I would check in. Twelve months has passed wow can't believe it! Everyone seems to be doing great, I have now lost 21kgs which I'm very happy about, though it could be more if my diet was better but I'm not disappointed at all. Slow and steady wins the race I say. I had a small op yesterday and I saw my Dr the day before thinking I would have the fluid out but to my greatest relief he said don't bother, if I am not having any reflux etc and can eat anything then I should be fine and low and behold I made it through unscathed. I am so relieved we didn't have to fiddle with the band as I have heard many awful stories about bands being emptied and people struggling to get back to where they were. So anyway love reading on this site and hope to read liars more happy stories of weight lists.
  7. New me

    February 2013

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a while but have been reading your posts and sounds like everyone is doing really well, congrats. I agree with you newgranma its really hard to find time to exercise, by the time I finish work, pick the kids up from school, kids sports, homework, tea and other things I like to be able to have a relax after tea but we must incorporate exercise into our routine and even though its not every day I do feel much fresher after a good walk. I had my second fill on Wed, the Dr put in 2 ml which takes me up to 5ml. I haven't really noticed any difference yet but keep telling myself to slow the eating process and chew chew chew. I probably shouldn't say it but I haven't had any stuck moments yet (touch wood) thank goodness, it doesn't sound good. So my weight loss over the last 4 weeks has only been 2kg but actually I'm really pleased because as previously posted I had a hard time controlling my easter egg consumption but I haven't touched a chocolate since last Friday (good for me as I'm a chocoholic!) and have no desire to either. I have decided that I will treat myself to a 50g bar once a week and that should keep me happy. I must change my ticker but I've fogotten my pin so will update when I can. Good luck to everyone, till next time.
  8. New me

    Full = shoulder pain?!

    I found this on Good Friday, I knew I had eaten too much and suffered shoulder pain too, amazing how your body responds.
  9. New me

    February 2013

    Hi guys After reading your posts, I have to confess I am struggling with chocolate at the moment. I am sorry to say I have eaten way and I mean way to many easter eggs, I bought them for kids (the little solid ones) and keep eating them and I don't mean just one or two. Maybe a bag every couple of days for about 2 weeks now. I know how bad this is but I can't stop myself, I say this is the last one and another bag opens. There were a couple of bags left after Easter hunt on Sunday and I kept them for myself and have eaten them instead of saving for a rainy day, my theory was get rid of them now so they aren't in the house. I am absolutely fine with everything else its just this chocolate!! which has always been my downfall. I feel really bad and feel that I have let myself and my husband down (he doesn't know how much I have eaten, but probably will now as he reads the site sometimes, probably good its out in the open though). Sorry to dump this on you guys!
  10. New me

    February 2013

    Hi fellow bandits Happy Easter to you all. I was banded on 12 Feb so would love to join your forum. It' has been great reading your stories and for me to know there is a support network out there. I had my first 3 ml fill on 11 March and don't really feel much different though my D said I may not. Last week I found I was a bit hungry and one day in particular I felt like I could eat a horse but got through it fairly unscathed! This week has been much better but I ate way to much on Good Friday and was so full but not to point of vomiting. But compared to the usual Good Friday I have certainly cut the intake down, it's amazing how little you can survive on. Just have to get through the next few days of kids eating chocolate and all will be good. I love chocolate so much it's my major downfall so fingers crossed.
  11. New me

    February bandits

    I'm laying in bed at moment and my husband is eating toast and the smell is unbearable, I want some so badly but I am resisting. I bought a loaf of whole meal today and going to try a toastie tomorrow for lunch, hopefully it will go down ok. Ah that toast smells so good!!
  12. New me

    February bandits

    Hi Mrs r I have found that food is going down easily too. I had my first "normal" meal tonight, very small chicken parm with a very small amount of veggies and it was yummy and nothing got stuck thank goodness as I've read a few reports and it doesn't sound nice! I have been a bit hungry but not to the extent I used to get pre band. My tummy will growl but I don't get that real hunger feeling. I to thought of contacting Tony but am going to try and ride it out till 10 April but let me know how you go. I don't want to slip back into my bad habits either and it's very hard as I have kids Easter eggs in cupboard and so want to eat them.
  13. New me

    February bandits

    Thank you very much for your help, my husband finally worked it out for me! I'm now the proud owner of my own ticker. I've started pounding the pavement and hubby is calling me pin head as I've lost a chin. I am looking forward to my second fill as I'm feeling quite hungry and don't want to start picking at tidbits.
  14. New me

    February bandits

    Hi ladies Thanks for your replies but i have one question, call me dumb but I have no idea how to put my ticker on. Went to the website and completed it but got stuck on how to transfer it to this site. Help please! Cheers Jill
  15. New me

    February bandits

    Hi I am from Hobart and had my lap band done on 12 Feb 2013. Anyone else out there in Feb? Weighing in at 107 kgs what an interesting journey it has been so far. Boy was I pleased when the soup stage was over though my husband was very good to me especially his special pumpkin soup and my dads bacon & veggie soup was to die for but there is only so much soup one can stomach. I was banded by Dr Tony Pat and he has been lovely especially when he told me I lost 7 kg in my first four weeks. Boy was I happy and felt very proud of myself. I had 3 mls injected for my first visit but feeling a bit hungry now, don't go back till 10 April and I'm sure he will bump it up then. I would love to here how fellow bandits are going, this is a great site full of useful information. Cheers Jill