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  1. Wannadoit

    June 2013 Bandits

    Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while, so thought I'd just check in . I'm now down 16kgs which I'm really happy with. I've never felt better. I've finally hot my "head hunger" under control which is the biggest battle for me. I've now got 5.5mls in my band & think I'm just about right now. I'd like to get more exercise in to help move the weight so that's my next challenge. One day at a time I say . I've had a couple of stuck moments which was horrible but it's a good reminder for me to remember to slow down. We'll I hope you are all doing well. Take care
  2. Wannadoit

    My first appointment and early super release

    I've got the band. It's the best decision I have ever made. I have never felt better. I've lost 15kgs in 3 months. It's not easy, you have to fight your head all the time. There are always good days & bad days. I've learnt to just pick myself up the next day if I've been bad & get back on track. A big part of my motivation is the money too. I tell myself I've taken money out of my super for this so there is no way I'm going to throw that money up the wall. Are you having the sleeve?
  3. Wannadoit

    My first appointment and early super release

    Hi Mychal, I had my super released back in June this year for my op. I have private health cover so I was only claiming the gap. As long as your doctor has put in his letter that your have a "life threatening" problem, you will probably be ok for the money. It takes some time for them to process it though. Mine took about 6 weeks all up. Give them a call after a couple of weeks & keep following it up. Good Luck
  4. Wannadoit

    What to expect . . . . .

    Hi Lanners, don't be scared Just follow the instructions your doctor gives you and you'll be fine. My advice would be: - make some soups & freeze them before going into hospital so you don't have to worry about that when you come home. - Drink your protein shakes as the protein helps you heal - get some peppermint tea as this helps a bit with the shoulder tip pain (if you get it) Overall, apart from the odd day where I had shoulder tip pain, my recovery went really smooth. I just made sure I kept the fluids up after surgery so I didn't dehydrate. I'm now 10 weeks banded, lost 14kgs and feel great. This has been the best decision I have made. Good luck and remember to be patient with the weight loss, this is a lifetime change and not a race.
  5. Wannadoit

    Weigh In Wednesday

    No movement for the last few weeks until this morning, lost almost 2kgs
  6. Wannadoit

    Post op optisslim??

    Newlifgirl every day will get better. The main thing is you keep your fluids up so you don't dehydrate so keep sipping water. The shakes are so you get some protein in to help you heal. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get the 3 shakes in, I know I couldn't for the first week or so. The first few weeks are all about healing from your operaton. Good luck
  7. Wannadoit

    Weigh In Wednesday

    It's funny you say that MallyMelbs about the difference between your scales & the clinics. Others have said the same thing and it happens to me everytime I go for my checkup. My scales say one thing and then I get there and theirs is always a couple of kilos heavier. Makes me wonder if this is done on purpose, as I thought it was only happening to me??
  8. Wannadoit

    not restricted

    I had the same feeling but had another fill last week and it has made a huge difference as to what I can now eat. Enjoy it while you can
  9. Wannadoit

    Hello from Sydney

    Prune juice fixed me pretty quickly
  10. Wannadoit

    I think its all sticking???

    I had a fill this week & it felt pretty tight as well. My doc told me to do fluids for 24 hours then soft food for 24 hours. After that I was ok except for today where I ate too fast & had my first PB! I've learnt my lesson . I am also more careful with what I eat after this fill. Take it slowly & if its still too tight after a few days call your doc.
  11. Wannadoit

    Cancelling surgery - urgent HELP!,,,,

    They may keep some of your money. I know when I was booked in if I had cancelled a week before there was a penalty I would've had to pay. I'd ring the hospital & ask but they may not have the answers. I think your doctor was irresponsible to even offer this to you so soon. Most of us have had to go through a process of blood tests, heart check up, dietician & psychologist before the surgery. I think if you rush in you will be so confused. This is a big decision & shouldn't be taken lightly as it also demands a lot of commitment & will power from you. I love my band but never take it for granted. I wish you the best of luck
  12. Wannadoit

    June 2013 Bandits

    Hi everyone, went for another check up today & have only lost just over 1kg in the last month. My portions were starting to get bigger each week so the doc put another 2mls in today & I can really feel it this time. I now have 5.5 mls in & have to stay on Fluids for the next 2 days. Now I'll really have to concentrate on my eating as I can now feel restriction. Hope you are all well
  13. Wannadoit

    Weigh In Wednesday

    No loss this week. I have really stalled
  14. Wannadoit

    June 2013 Bandits

    Hi Ready2Change, well done on the weight loss I had my first fill a couple of weeks ago. It didn't hurt at all. All I had to do was lie down & lift my feet slightly so the muscles (my abs haha) tighten & he felt the port straight away. The needle is really fine & I didn't really feel it. I had a drink of water as soon as this was finished and was told I could eat that night but just take it a bit slower. Overall it was just like a check up, nothing really changed for me. Hope it all goes well for you
  15. Wannadoit

    7 weeks & 3days post op

    Well done nats1978. It's great you had your mum with you for support. That's a great weight loss, keep going, you'll get there for sure