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  1. skeeter


    Hey, some familiar faces in this thread! I could do with a bit of accountability. Must stop eating junk food! My life has been crazy for the last year and a half, and I have gone up a few kilos.
  2. skeeter

    Ladies that started at 150kg?

    Hi carly0898, how are you going? I started at 149kg, and I wanted to get to 90kg, then 75kg. My surgeon said the 90kg was doable, but it wasn't likely I would reach 75kg. I hit 75kg 9 months after my sleeve. My lowest weight was 60kg, but I've mostly maintained in the mid 60s. It's possible to do it....
  3. skeeter

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    It's funny, but I have only just started seriously considering having my excess skin removed in the last couple of weeks. Before that I wasn't too bothered - I didn't want any more ops and I definitely don't have the money. I didn't want it for another couple of years yet until I've had children, built up my leave time from work... but figured I may as well get a referral soon so I could go on the wait list. Ah well... Oh and I figured out my lost BMI as well - 33! Not too shabby
  4. skeeter

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Tish, that is so fantastic! I agree with you on the medical people being amazed - I had an appointment with a fertility specialist and he spent half of it asking how much I lost again, and then shaking his head in disbelief...
  5. skeeter

    Feedback on new site

    Tish, I click on the circle next to the post rather than the post title, and that takes me right to the newest posts....
  6. Took me about 9 months to reach my goal, then lost a bit after that. but mostly slowed and stopped.
  7. skeeter

    Minimizer Ring for Sleeve

    Hi NickyP... I haven't had any issues with the minimiser band that I know of. I eat very small portions still but my surgeon said he sleeved me quite tightly, so I don't think that has anything to do with the band. I have lost my excess weight and am quite happy with my surgery
  8. skeeter

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Size 8 work pants...
  9. skeeter

    Weight Watchers digital scales...what the!

    This is like the time the wiifit told me I lost 9kg in a week... one of the legs had fallen off!
  10. skeeter

    Minimizer Ring for Sleeve

    Wow, this is my post from ages ago... I did get a minimizer ring and have had no troubles with it...
  11. I thought it was cold on holiday.... I am freezing now...
  12. skeeter

    Leaving on a jet plane...

    I am relieved that I only gained 1.2kg on holiday... compared to the 6 or so kg the chemist scales said I had gained. I basically ate rubbish and loved every minute of it....
  13. skeeter

    Metabolic age

    Woo, my biological age is 35 and I will be 37 at the end of the year... not too shabby!
  14. skeeter

    Confessions of a chocoholic

    It is both... I have buyers remorse...
  15. skeeter

    Confessions of a chocoholic

    My suitcase is half filled with chocolate... waaah!