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  1. 10kg down!!!!! I rock!!!!

    1. scoots


      awesome, congrats!

    2. tishtish


      You sure do ! Well done.

  2. 6 weeks, 3.5ml & 8.5kg down! Go me

  3. Had my first fill today. Yay!! Its all up hill from now

  4. Chicknpok

    having a bad day :(

    Hey there, hoping things r looking up for u. When u say Altona, is that Altona, Melbourne?? Who on earth quoted u $200 for a cab?? What hospital are you going to??
  5. I need a fill NOWW!!

  6. Chicknpok

    2 days in the deep end

    Hey there, im a newby aswell. Im two weeks banded and cant wait for my first fill as im starting to get hungry and find myself indulging into bad habits! Its doing my head in
  7. Chicknpok

    New bandit and really regretting it :(

    first of all, im sorry to hear of your recent losses. I too was thinking to myself as I was waiting to go in for surgery "what the freakn hell am I doing" and as soon as I woke up in recovery I was like "o my freakn god, I have totally messed up". Even early days after my op I was still in a weird and scared mind frame. Mind you, im only 10 days post op and I still think "wtf". Its still early days my friend and we have a long journey to go. We have to expect ups & downs. Nothing is ever perfect now is it. Take a chill pill and just go with it. Take care luv
  8. How long in general has it taken everyone to recover post-op in particular, the main cut where the port is?

    1. Startingover14


      It took me at least a good week before the discomfort started to go away. After that it was another 6-8 weeks before it had healed up.

    2. .Kylie.


      a good 8 weeks to feel completely normal.. each day got better.

    3. Chicknpok


      Thanks for the reply girls. Im hanging out to get my first fill. How did u guys go? Im assuming that the first fill will hurt a little???

  9. Chicknpok

    11 days post op - disappointed

    Im hearing, feeling and agreeing with everyones opinions. The notes i was given said i could eat anything as long as it was the consistancy of being able to get it through a mcdonalds straw. This is meant to be my eating regime for two weeks then i can start on mashed type foods. All this info was written in handouts given to me by my dietitian. In saying this though, i started watching the dvd last night which was also made & given to me by my dietition and she stated that you need to be on the puree phase up until about six weeks when u get ur first fill. Im like wtf!!! Now, im only 9 days post op and i was really naughty tonight!!! I had a little munch on some chinese food. It was a slow process but it all went down like a treat with no issues and god damn it was freakn delish!!! At the same time though i am a little worried that maybe i shouldnt have but I also kind of agree with what Teegz91 said about listening to ur body. And jess, I have that same little stitch in the same spot as you. Its not iritating me so i guess I will just let it go on its own.
  10. Im very curious to ask if anyone has been naughty while still in their liquid phase post op???

    1. dondon


      No but in the mushies stage i remember chewing something for the taste then spitting it out!! lol

    2. bellasmum


      No I behaved myself

    3. Chicknpok


      I have to confess that I have been a little naughty. I had some chinese the other night and it went down a treat. in saying this though, I was very careful not to put myself in a position where anything could possibly get stuck.

  11. Hi there, i was banded on july 12 so things are still really fresh for me aswell. I also went to the avenue. How did u find the nurses there. I thought they were absoloutly fantastic!
  12. Chicknpok

    Leek !!!!

    Lol, me too
  13. Home after getting all banded up! Chest is bloody sore though!

  14. D day has arrived!! Waiting for surgery!!! 😳😳

    1. Kimmykay


      Good luck, I hope all goes well

    2. Lisabella


      Good luck.... Can't wait for updates:-)