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  1. Hi everyone, One key piece of feedback from users has been the need for a broader team of moderators, because our current team have been working for years to keep this place running, and giving them some assistance would be helpful. With the goal of expanding the site to help all weight loss surgery patients, it's going to be a big job to keep this place on track, so we need people with patience, and interest in helping to run this place and most importantly a passion for helping their peers through the surgery process. Nomination Process: Please private message me your nomination. You can nominate yourself or someone you know who you think would be great. I ask that all nominees have a history of this site so we can see how they have interacted with people in the past. Nominations will be open for the next 3 weeks, after which all nominees will be contacted to confirm they wish to accept the nomination. Once all nominations are confirmed, they will be assessed by myself and the rest of the current moderation team, before being announced to the community. Thanks for your interest and nominarions ... there are many exciting developments planned for Banding Together and I can't wait to get more passionate people involved!
  2. DaveTownsend

    ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

    Hi everyone, Just to let you know, I have created a new forum for your procedure: http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/forum/75-endoscopic-sleeve-gastroplasty/ All the best, Dave
  3. DaveTownsend

    2 days post Op - issues

    From my own experience, the nausea took a number of days to settle. I just stuck to small sips of water and clear fluids, and took anti-nausea medication to help with those feelings. As for heavy breathing in the chest, if you are feeling like you are having difficulty catching your breath, I would suggest you get in touch with your surgeon or their practice and let them know. That could be completely normal but it's important for any unusual symptoms that you get in touch with your doctor.
  4. DaveTownsend

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    So list of jobs so far, based on the excellent suggestions above: 1. Set up seperate forums for each procedure. 2. Update code of conduct to make clear the behaviour we expect on here and to return forum to a supportive, caring and welcoming environment. 3. Put out call for new moderators to support our existing team 4. Look into a way of setting up sub-groups or sub-forums for the monthly bandit groups 5. Look into seeing if you can hide or block people who you don't want to interact with I think from here on out I want this site to be procedure agnostic, not just for lap bands. So any "why did you get that, you should have had this" sort of comments will be something we want to say goodbye to. Any sort of bullying behaviour is going to be strictly controlled and I'll set up a warning system. Anyone using the new site will have to agree to the new terms and conditions. Finally, I want to invite people back, letting them know that the site is still here, and letting them know about the new changes, new rules etc. Any other ideas?
  5. DaveTownsend

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    Sounds good, I am going to set up seperate forums for each procedure. I want to make the site more generic so it's relevant for all procedures, not just banding. Thanks for the suggestion
  6. Hi Bandits, For those who don't know me (it's been a while!), my name is Dave Townsend and I originally founded Banding Together back in 2009. Over that time this forum, plus the wonderful people on it, have provided an incredible amount of support to thousands of people who have had bariatric surgery in Australia. Over the last couple of years, despite my neglect, this forum has continued to survive thanks to the wonderful work of Nonny, Princess and luvmyband, who have kept this place going while I have ignored it, and left many aspects of this site to break down. I can only apologise to them and to the rest of you for letting things get to this stage. To be completely honest, I have had a very difficult journey with my weight and my band journey, which made me feel like a failure and left me finding it difficult to come back here and stay involved. I regained most of the weight I lost with my lapband which had a big impact on my physical and mental health. It's not an excuse, simply an explanation, as I feel you all deserve it. I have been ignoring this place when really, I probably needed to get MORE involved so that I could be supported, just as you have supported so many others. I will tell my own story at another time, but things are improving and my life is on the right track since having a band to sleeve conversion last year, and have since lost 40kg. This has given me the strength to overcome my fear and come back here, to right the wrongs and get this place back up to scratch and turn it back into the thriving support community it once was. You're going to notice some changes over the next few weeks and months, but before I get too carried away, I want to ask for your help. I want to hear any ideas, suggestions or gripes in this thread, so that together we can make this community the best place to get support for bariatric surgery for Australians. No idea is too big or too small. I have seen how little support many people receive post-op, and I want to help change that. I have a lot of ideas, and can't wait to make them happen, but I'm going to start with the changes you guys want, so I can make this a better place for you to be. Thanks for reading, thanks for sticking around, and thank you all for the amazing support you have given to countless people over the years. Dave Townsend Founder Banding Together
  7. DaveTownsend

    Feedback on new site

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, will work on all of these over next couple of days. Dave
  8. DaveTownsend

    BandingTogether Moderators Wanted

    Just a quick update everyone - thanks so much for the applications - the current moderation team is having a look and we will get back to all applicants within the next couple of days. Thanks so much for your patience! Dave
  9. DaveTownsend

    Feedback on new site

    Hi All, Will work on all of these teething problems. Sorry for the issues, moving to a new version of the site comes with many positives but a few negatives too. I'm currently on holiday in Cairns celebrating the end of my girlfriend's degree (she finished last week!) so if I am slow to respond, it's not because I am ignoring anyone, it's just because I'm out on the reef or drowning in cocktails Dave
  10. DaveTownsend

    Feedback on new site

    As for the spacing, this is part of the default design of the forum sadly, it's not as easy to change. Will see what I can do but will do big "coding" changes in about 10 days or so once everyone has chipped in thoughts and ideas so that I only need to do one round of changes. If you find it all too big, you can also try holding down CTRL and - (the minus symbol) which will zoom out your browser a little bit (you can zoom back in with CTRL and + and reset to normal zoom with CTRL and 0 (zero)) Thanks
  11. DaveTownsend

    Feedback on new site

    No worries, fixed
  12. DaveTownsend

    Feedback on new site

    Hi Everyone, Please provide feedback and and potential issues on the new site here so that I can act on them as quickly as possible. Thanks! Dave BandingTogether
  13. Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, I am facing increasing issues moderating the site and although we have some wonderful moderators, they can't be everywhere at once. I'm now in the final 6 months of medical school and once I graduate I go into the increasingly crazy hours of internship, so it will only get worse. So I am putting out an open call to anyone who is interested in joining the moderation team for Banding Together. Please send through via email to david@bandingtogether.com.au: an overview of why you want to be a moderator what ideas you have for how we could improve this site what experience you have in the past with site or forum moderation. Please note that experience is not a pre-requisite - we want passion for the site and a proven track record of level-headedness and helpfulness on the site. Once all applications are received, they will be reviewed by the existing admins and then our shortlist will be published back on the site for the entire community to review before they are approved. If people have an issue with someone being made a moderator, or have a concern that they feel we need to know about, this will be the time to let us know (in private). Once the community consultation stage is complete, the new admins will then be given online training from me via webinar and then released into the wild to help manage the site. If you are interested in applying to be a moderator, please feel free to email me at david@bandingtogether.com.au. Applications close on Sunday the 5th of July. Many thanks, Dave
  14. DaveTownsend

    Spam Bots

    All fixed. Apologies for delay.
  15. Hi everyone, I've had a request from a reporter at the ABC who is looking at doing a story for the national 7.30 program which explores the lack of availability of bariatric surgery within the public health system across the country. He’d like to speak to people who have had bariatric surgery who had to self-fund the surgery, particularly through withdrawing the money from their superannuation. If this is you and you are happy to talk to him, please send me an email (david@bandingtogether.com.au) with your name, email address, daytime phone number and when you had your surgery. I will then collate the responses and send through to him. Please note that initially this is just a chat on the phone and you wouldn't have to commit to anything (like being on TV). Many thanks, Dave BandingTogether.com.au