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  1. lannienorth84

    Starting Over

    Got my appointment at sunnybank to get a fill on Friday. I know I can do this this time. Have to.
  2. lannienorth84

    too fat for lapband :(

    I was 172 no problems. Where are you located??
  3. lannienorth84

    Starting Over

    Thanks glofty1. I'm focused.
  4. lannienorth84

    Starting Over

    Hi all. Had my band over 3 years ago and lost 25 kilos. Now I know its no excuse. Bit 8 months ago I got ll the fluid taken out cause I was not in a good place. Proceeded to eat crap and lots of it. Put a lot back on. My family and issues are now sorted and I'm seeing mg Dr on Friday to start getting my fills again. And back on the road to losing. anyone else re setting and startinf over.... Thanks. Lannie.