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  1. copperfire

    not restricted

    thanks ladies
  2. copperfire

    not restricted

    Hi Bandits i am 6 weeks post op and 12 kgs down, i have 4 mls in my band but dont feel restricted. I can eat what ever i want ( meaning bread rice meat ) athough I eat slower does not seem alot slower ..I eat very small meals twice a day plus a snack ... anyone else feel similar ? is this good or bad ?? still learning ....
  3. copperfire

    1 month from op- packing my pants!

    im a couple of weeks in and yes I was scared .. still am some days , but I owe myself this and so glad I made this choice !
  4. copperfire

    Need more mushie ideas

    Hi guys anyine have some New and EXCITING mushie ideas ?
  5. copperfire

    Yum Cha

    how long after sygery where u eatjng these sounds so yum !
  6. copperfire

    Peeps due for surgery in July

    How are you guys feeking now ? those of you who are now post op ?
  7. copperfire

    Growling noise

    lying in bed readig this listening to.the growls of my tummy ha ha ... mine is always really loud
  8. copperfire

    Creamy broccoli soup

    cooking this right now.... looking forward to it
  9. copperfire

    Creamy broccoli soup

    cooking this right now.... looking forward to it
  10. copperfire

    lap banding for teens

    my daughter is 16 and banded she is so happy with her EDUCATED choice and the support she recieves from our doc etc has been amazing ... we had our ops together 3 days ago and SHE was Amazing on opti no moaning or cheating !!
  11. copperfire

    Starting pre-op tomorrow

    im am three days post op and yes the optifast is hard but worth it ... rest drink loads of water and remember this is just he beginning
  12. copperfire

    Port site pain post op

    hi guys i am now two days post op and have a question , where the port is feels like i have a stich when i breathe in move etc ? anyone else experience this ? i have also been coughing quite a bit could this be why is so painful ??
  13. copperfire

    Peeps due for surgery in July

    on optifast now nickem .......Yuck ha ha bit have survived nd lost weight cannot belive the op is tomorrow ..... so excited
  14. copperfire


    i am.due to have banding on friday and was wondering if anyone else was on warfarin , and how they went ? i have a mechanical valve and cannot come off it prior to surgery
  15. copperfire

    Peeps due for surgery in July

    being banded on friday at Mercy .... getting nervous