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  1. I've just been diagnosed with TMJ disorder (jaw disorder) from chewing too much!! It's very painful to chew and my jaw is misaligned at the moment, which is causing me massive issues because I can't really eat much for fear of getting things stuck. Anyone else ended up with a jaw problem from all the chewing?!
  2. Congrats on getting a surgery date! Ashford Hospital is great. I didn't have my surgery there, but had my son there a few months ago and it was excellent - you're in good hands. I sound like a broken record with this, but its only cos I wish I had the book when I was first starting out - get "Knife, Fork & Band" by Sally Johnston. You can buy it from Adelaide Obesity Surgery which is at Calvary Wakefield Hospital (on Wakefield St in the city. Go to the specialist centre, go up to level 1 using the lifts next to Hudsons, turn right when you come out of the lift, then right again and its right at the end of the hallway). That is the practice I go to, but it'll be fine for you to go and buy the book there. There are great tips and recipes for getting through the optifast stage which I really, really struggled with! Even knowing it was a means to an end and that I only had to do it for 2 weeks didn't help me. I just plum hated it! At the moment I am satisfied eating small portions, but know I need more fill because I am hungry an hour later. Thats the beauty of the band - its adjustable! What is the right amount of fill for one person is too much/too little for the next. I had two weeks off work all up, but a week to recover should be fine. Good luck!
  3. Hi Chris, I live 6 hours from where I had my surgery as well (but in SA) and I stayed in Adelaide for a few days before heading home for a couple of reasons: 1) I found going over bumps pretty bloody painful and we have 37 cattle grids to drive over between here and Adelaide! 2) I wanted to be close to the hospital in case something went wrong in the days following - where I live we only have a very basic hospital and most medical emergency patients need to be flown out by the flying doctors. If I were you, I would stay at least a couple of days in Perth before driving home. But, if you are really keen to just get home, then agree with stopping regularly to stretch your legs.
  4. Leah28

    passed the first 'test'

    I loved the barium swallow I had one after my op, and cos I hadn't eaten anything for over 24 hours and was sooooo over Optifast, I thought it was great haha Like someone said above, it is like drinking blended chalk with vanilla flavor. Best of luck with all your tests!
  5. Leah28

    Do you have a Body Part...

    Yo-yo dieting and pregnancy have taken a toll on my body. I am only 27, but have the body of someone much older. I have really bad tuck shop arms (I call them my bingo wings lol), and like you I avoid anything sleeveless. I really want those fixed. Once I have lost all the weight I want and have finished having children, I plan on getting a full body overhaul - abdominoplasty, breast lift (and implants if I need), thigh lift and arm lift! Geez its gunna hurt!
  6. Hi Brodie, funny you say that about the psychology side of things. I saw Nicolle Cummins before she went on maternity leave and she was fantastic, she let me lead the sessions and she could see I knew why I was overweight (Um, because I eat too much... lol) I have never seen the male psych (I think his name is Chris?) but one of my friends who was banded a couple of months ago by Dr Bessell did and she very nearly backed out because of him... I told her to let Dr Bessell know about what happened (he demeaned her for wanting the band, because he didn't think she was "fat enough").
  7. Hi Tezza. One of the reasons I chose Dr Bessell and his team is because I live remotely - I am in Roxby Downs, so have to travel to Adelaide to see them and get fills. They offer follow up appointments with the psychologist and dietician by skype, which is handy when you need advice now but can't make it to Adelaide. They have also been really accommodating for me with appointment times for fills because when I am in Adelaide it is usually for a limited time but they have been great with working around me. I've even had fills done by Dr Bessell after hours! I did make a complaint once to them about appointments and Dr Bessell called me personally to apologise and told me he'd be letting his staff know that they need to take care of non-local patients with appointments. They also keep track of you. I know plenty of people who have just fallen off the wagon and their clinic hasn't bothered to find out why. While I was pregnant, I didn't have much contact so they sent me a letter asking how I was going, along with a pathology slip to get blood tests done to check my vitamin levels etc. They are a little more expensive than others, but I really think you get what you pay for - they are great!
  8. Leah28

    PRE and POST Banding PHOTO`s in HERE

    Thanks girls No issues with being pregnant with a band. I had some of my fill taken out at 12 weeks, but still left 3.4ml in there. It was quite strange actually. I had no issues at all when I was pregnant, but once Brody was born my band felt tighter - I got stuck a couple of times which never happened while pregnant! I would have thought it would have been opposite given everything was all squished up inside, but no.
  9. Leah28

    PRE and POST Banding PHOTO`s in HERE

    I have posted these pics on here agggeeesss ago, but here they are again... Mind you, I am 10kgs heavier now than in my "After" pics, due to baby... (You can click on the photos to see the full sized ones) BEFORE AFTER
  10. Wow Marion, you have done so, so well! Your weight loss is amazing! Congrats I was banded on 4th Feb 2009. Thanks Princess! Looking forward to being a part of the forum again
  11. Leah28

    Days Of Our Lives ...JULY

    Hi all, Thanks for the tip on the Days of our lives thread, Marion. I might have continually ignored it thinking it was about the tv show Well, I am back on the wagon with weight loss. I was banded on 4th Feb 2009 and lost 26kgs, then fell pregnant! Falling pregnant was my main motivation for weightloss, so was very happy when it happened. I am 27 years old and live in Roxby Downs which is a small mining town in far north SA so I have to travel 6 hours each way for a fill! Here is a photo of my chubba chubba, Brody. He is a big boy (in the 95th percentile for his weight!) and very cuddly! He is 9 weeks old now. I am a mod on this forum, and have been here since it started but was just very quiet while pregnant. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
  12. Well, I have been away for a while, but I'm back now. I have been hanging out in pregnancy/baby forums in the last 10 months since falling pregnant. Baby Brody is now 2 months old and I have been given the all clear to exercise and have had fill put back in my band, so no more excuses (though I do need more fill...) I had a look back through posts, but didn't see it mentioned so I just wanted to let everyone know about a brilliant recipe book that has been written by the dietician at the practice I go to - it is called "Knife, Fork & Band". Check it out here - http://www.yourbariatricdietitian.com.au/ I wish this book existed when I first got banded, because I wouldn't have struggled through the optifast the way I did! I am making a recipe from the book for dinner tonight, and have another marinating for tomorrow's dinner! The recipes are simple and modified for people with bands, so the meat is soft and the meals are high in fibre and protein, and there is sections & recipes for optifast stage, liquid diet, mushy's and ongoing. Also info on exercise and psychology. I can't reccomend this book highly enough! Anyways, looking forward to getting to know all the new members and getting rid of these kgs! I am 10kgs over my pre-preg weight, so am back to having 45kgs to lose - though still 16.4kgs under pre-banding weight *phew*
  13. Leah28

    Sorry for being slack

    Wow, Dave, 50kgs is a massive loss. Well done! I must admit, I have also been very slack with moderating. Since falling pregnant, I haven't really been doing much with my band. Had all but 3.8ml of my fill removed, so have no restriction. Once bubs is born though (5 weeks to go) I'll be back on board!
  14. Leah28

    Where is everyone

    Hi Linda, I do check in every couple of days. My journey is on hiatus at the moment, while pregnant. Been spending more time on baby forums lol I can't really focus on losing weight at the moment. Especially as I don't have any restriction!
  15. Leah28

    information I feel you need to know

    Butterfly, asprin is also not recommended for bandsters as it can cause errosion. My obstetrician wanted me to take asprin to prevent DVT when travelling while pregnant, but my surgeon said no, use pressure stockings and move around a lot. I really think everyone taking NSAIDs or Asprin talk to their surgeons ASAP rather than end up with ulcers or errosion! There will surely be some alternative they can recommend.