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    "That Sugar Film"

    I saw this movie on Thursday night and I highly recommend to see it. The movie is about hidden sugar in foods that are perceived a health choice. The McDonald's ice cream has less sugar than the Optifast that doesn't mean to eat the ice cream its highlighting the fact that the perception we have on the Optifast is that it's the healthier option. Our liver cannot process white, brown or raw sugars. I think read the book or see the movie to truly understand the unimportance of sugar in our diets and the brain washing that is convincing us otherwise. I think in the past and I know this to be true based on my own experiences that I have been so busy focusing on the fat content of food that I have totally overlooked the sugar content hidden or otherwise on product labels. I'm currently doing 5 days without sugar and I'm only on day 2 and I have already lost half a kg without changing my level of exercise, just being aware of the amount of hidden sugar in my food and making better choices
  2. Princess

    Cairns Surgeons

    I had my lap band originally by Dr Clapham but he has retired so I switched to Dr Ben Woolven. I had to have my port and tubing replaced Jan last year by Dr Woolven and he was fantastic. I see him at least once a month just for a fill adjustment or a chat. I have had 2 friends sleeved by him to due to my recommendation and they think he's great. His practise is on Draper Street next to Draper St Medical Centre
  3. Princess

    Sport/footy aka afl and the band

    Ha ha BHgirl14 I am a princess off the track but on the track well that's a different story. My derby name is DiePolar Bitch so I can go either way
  4. Princess

    Sport/footy aka afl and the band

    I play a high impact full contact sport called Roller Derby. I have been playing for just over 4 years. Beside a brocken leg last year that's the only serious injury, well dislocated jaw, fractured tail bone, seperated shoulder, torn rotator cuff and perm deformed finger lol but never any band or port damage. I have had massive hits and falls to that area but no bruising or damage and my surgeon has never discouraged me playing this sport. I would suggest however that you are maybe returning to sport too soon. I think 3 months minimum before I was advised to do any physical contact. I would check with your surgeon, remember that you have to heal internally and you might feel fine on the outside but you will still could bruised inside plus your body has to get used to this new addition internally. Good luck though as I know that feeling of bring keen, I still have not lost that drive myself
  5. Princess

    Lap Band for people with BMI 30-35

    Can I please remind everyone that the purpose of this site is to support each other and in no way will derogatory comments or insults be tolerated and any posts that do will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding. This post is in no way aimed at anyone particular. Denise Admin
  6. Princess

    FitBit...who has one and are they worth it?

    I bought the Garmin Vivosmart and I'm very impressed by it. I did consider and research all available products and found this suited my needs plus I neg $60 off the price at JB HiFi lol. My friend has the Fitbit charge and another the Fitbit flex and they are both happy, I think it comes down to what you want it for. Do your homework and I'm sure you'll be happy with your choice
  7. Princess

    It's gone....what a relief.

    I would like to remind everyone of some of the site rules. If you require to discuss further please contact me privately. My post here is not aimed at any one particular post. Thank you, Denise Admin Inappropriate Behaviour and Content Do not make inappropriate or offensive posts – including threats, harrassment, swearing, prejudice, libel or deliberate insults/name-calling, or other negative remarks about Banding Together, it's Moderators and Administrators, or fellow members. Even if this is just your own personal opinion.Forum Sanctions Policy Persistent low level possible contraventions of the Forum's rules or postings which go against the spirit of the Forum's principles – An informal warning issued by a Moderator or Administrator warning that if the behaviour continues a formal warning may be issued.1st Offence – A formal warning. A polite Private Message from a Moderator pointing out the Forum Rules, in addition to the editing or deletion of the post.2nd Offence – A second formal warning. Public warning on the message board plus deletion of post.3rd Offence – A final formal warning. Moderators and Administrators will discuss and possibly ban the user from the Banding Together Forum either temporarily, or permanently.Depending on the severity of the situation, Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to bypass any and all of these steps and take whatever action is deemed appropriate.Records of warnings issued will be held on file for a period of 12 months before being considered "spent".Posting This is not the place to settle a disagreement with another member, or with Site Administrators or Moderators. Complaints should be dealt with via the Forum's private message system, and not on the open forums. Settle your disputes in private please.
  8. Princess

    Tattoo help

    I have a lot of tattoos. Both arms are sleeves, complete neck/ chest tattoo, my back and I just got my first leg tattoo as my legs are the only place left lol. I was going to get an arm lift as I have lost 85kg but now with my tattoos I don't want to and I love my arms anyway. Where you put your tattoo is a personal choice. Some consider where for their job, relatives or just completely hidden as its personal. Size also plays a big part cause if your talking a smallish tattoo then probably think about wrist. I would start small for your first tattoo also then once you feel what it's like you can go big ha ha I warn you it's addictive though 😄
  9. Princess

    Delicious smoothie recipe

    This is my dinner when I'm training 4 nights a week as I finish too late to eat. I add lychee's for a bit of change plus my daily protien and fibre powder
  10. Princess

    What made you choose the sleeve over the band?

    I have had my band for 5 years now and have explored this idea many times. I think I finaly made my mind up when I had a leak earlier this year and due to the leak put on some kgs. It made me realise that I need my band as it has worked for me in the past shedding 85kg. I don't have the self control of stopping eating even when I am full so fear that the sleeve would not control this urge in my but the band does. Now saying that this is just my personal experience and opinion and in no way dampens the success that people have had with both. I have realised that over the years of being banded that it's more of a mental control and a lot of prep with my band but that's what I chose and have adjusted my lifestyle to suit that. I actually missed my the restriction when I had my leak and didn't realise till this happened how much my life has changed to accomodate my band. I personally love my band and feel it's what's right for me. All I can say is that each choice you make is a journey that needs hard work and control. Yes I don't eat steak anymore but I look at it as did I really need it in the first place. I have found many new foods that I can eat in place of the ones I can't but it's up to you as an individual to accept that. Food no longer is the focal point of my life or come to think of it my social life too. Explore all options and take advise from everyone but in the end it's your choice dependant on your lifestyle, family and of course what you want out of this. Good luck and ask as many questions as you can
  11. I would like to also add that I don't always reply to reported content as we get so much. I am on this forum checking it every day numomous times, so my apologies if I don't respond to you personally. Anon I had tried on many occasions to delete the posts you are referring to. I thought at first I did but then realised that either i was not doing it correctly or don't have that level of admin. Please accept my apology as I wasn't ignoring you and did try to help the situation.
  12. Princess

    Where has everyone gone!?

    As a moderator I read everything lol but rarely post. Being on this forum right from the beginning I have seen a lot of changes between members and posts. In every forum there is always going to be negative advice or feedback, a lot of the time a post will run its course without admin moderating but if need be warnings will be issued. If a comment that I either don't agree with or think is harsh is posted then I take it on board and make a choice to let it affect me or not. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes we don't agree but that is what makes us us I suppose. Embrace the feedback whether it be good or not, learn from it and take what you need then move on. If it comes to bullying then that's another matter but if I let all the negativity into my life that I have been given over the years then I would be a very unhappy person. Keep posting everyone as this is what forums are for. The members on this site are wonderful and supportive. :-D
  13. Princess

    Food doesn't interest me anymore

    I can safely say that I'm not interested in food and I've been banded 5 years but to my husbands horror I'm obsessed with shoes, clothes and handbags. I did take up roller derby 3.5 years ago so that became my number 1 interest in life. I never realised how fixated I was on food till the interest was taken away. I now appreciate food as a fuel source for my body as I consider myself an athlete now. I do also love watching cooking shows for the quality of food too and love cooking for my family and friends :-D
  14. Princess


    The only protein supplement that I can stomach is Beneprotein. It has no taste or smell and can be mixed in any food or drinks. You only need I scoop a day and I think the scoop size is about a table spoon. You can either order it online or I get my local Discount Chemist in Cairns to order it in for me :-)
  15. Princess

    lap band tube snapped

    Basically the tube snapping is what happened to me. It just happens. My surgeon couldn't explain why mine happened 5cm from my band. I had to wait 3 months for mine to be fixed as I had kidney surgery and sort that before my leak could be fixed. I think that if you mentally take it one step at a time then you can cope with issues of time and waiting. There's no point stressing about waiting times as you have no control over things like that. I believe don't stress but make a plan to cope with the situation. You will still stress that's only natural but taking control is a more productive step. Good luck and you will get this fixed and get back on track. You have done it before so can do it again. :-D
  16. Princess

    Longest time someone's had a band?

    I've had mine 5 years this June. It took me 15 months to loose 85kg. It has it's up and downs but honestly I would change a thing. I had a leak in my band 4 months after my original surgery but it was all replaced no problems. I also had a leak in my tubing end of last year and while waiting for surgery in January this year I put on quite a lot of kg but I wasn't being careful with what I was eating and I had a great Xmas and new year lol. I had the port and tubing replaced in January 2014 but the band is still original from 2009. Having the leak this year made me realise that I need my band. I was thinking of going to sleeve instead but after having no restriction I felt lost. What I didn't realise was how conditioned I was with my band. I actually craved the restriction and didn't ever get to a point that I didn't think about the size portion or what type of food I was eating in the months I had no fill. When I had the tube and port replaced I couldn't wait to get restriction again. It wasn't about it stopping me from eating too much it was more about feeling incomplete without it. I had spent so much time understanding my band and listening to my body that I just hadn't realised that I had permanently changed how I had adjusted how I relate to food but also how it was now apart of me, if that makes sense. I have shed my excess weight slowly but I'm also not as fixated on how much I weigh now either but more focused on what I eat. I still have a couple kgs to go but I'm feeling happy and complete again :-)
  17. I just made this last night and was delicious. I put a thin layer of oil in a roasting tray and put pumpkin, potatoes and red onion on tray. I then spray garlic cooking spray over all veggies then sprinkle chicken flavouring and garlic salt over the top, cooking spray holds the flavour on lol. Roast until golden brown. I then place veggies on paper towels once cooked. I mash the veggies all together in a bowl and put in a container in fridge. You can then take them at leisure to reheat whenever needed. Now if it's a bit dry when reheated or too mushy depending on what consistency you require I make a Roast Chicken cup of soup as per instructions, strain noodles or veggies if any in packet. Now reheat your mash and add the roast chicken cup of soup till you get the consistency you want. I love having this roast mush when I have to cook a roast dinner for guests. It's very yummy :-D Denise
  18. Princess


    Make sure you get the sugar free jelly :-D
  19. Princess


    I've learnt over the years that you never stop toning with exercise. Even if you don't notice it's still happening :-D oh and I exercise intensely at least 3 hours per day everyday
  20. Princess

    Night time pain

    You need to go to a dr asap. This is not something I would be putting up with at all. If it's not usual then go, tomorrow, seriously. I could list numerous things that could be wrong but how would I really know. Go to the dr get scans done then based on what the dr thinks get a referral to the right professional to help you. Please don't subject yourself to another night of pain and a misdiagnosis based on an answer on a forum. Please go to a dr :-( I only say this as I've had problems in the past and held off before going to a dr and I regretted it later, never compromise your health, you are very important to your family :-)
  21. Why not join a sporting group or sport you like? I joined Roller Derby over 3 years ago and I'm addicted. I knew know one or even how to skate but you just need to be keen. Now my whole fitness regime is based around my sport and I want to physically better myself. I'm not a netball or even a ball sport type but found my niche in skating fast and hitting other girls lol. Maybe it's another slant on exercising? Also like has been stated I need mental stimulation to exercise so I read books and blogs about my sport or watch videos of games while on the treadmill, def pasts the time and I look forward to the alone time to think :-D
  22. Ha ha I agree with Moe that it's BS. Look at the weight I started at in my weight ticker lol. My best friend actually weighed over 200kg when she was banded a year before I was. I think you need to find a dr that is advising what is best for you and not what they personally think or believe is best for you. If you want the band then go for it. I lost 85kg so it's more than possible with a band, it's hard work but can be done. Screw anyone that tells you otherwise. Do your research and stick to what you feel is best for you. Good luck :-D Denise
  23. Princess


    Hairband how much more protein does Maxine's have compared to Beneprotein?
  24. Princess


    I live in cairns so am very restricted with products available locally so I was buying Beneprotien online too. I recently went into all the chemist in cairns and asked them if they would be willing to order it in for me. Discount Chemist was more than happy so now I buy it from them.
  25. Princess

    lap band tube snapped

    wow sweetaz thats a new problem i have never heard of happening. 2 weeks ago i had my tube replaced due to a leak 5cm under my band. the surgery was very simple. the surgeon made a horizontal 6cm cut on top of my port, diconnected the tube from my band, slid the port and tube out, inserted new port and tube, reconnected it to my band then stitched me close. i was only in for about 2 hours and recovery has been great. i did not have to have my stomach filled with gas so have had not to deal with gas pain. very simple very easy. sometimes these things happen and there is no logical reason. i asked my surgeon how i could get a leak 5cm under my band in the tube and he explained to me that the reason we have a bit of extra tubing in our bodies is that it moves when we move, it can migrate up and down with each movement we make so he gestimated that at some point maybe my tubing had migrated over towards my port and somehow it may have been pricked with the syringe when i had a fill but he did say that that was totally a guess and really he couldnt explain it. i have learnt not to focus on the why but focus on getting it fixed and back on track. good luck with your journey and remember that with lapband everything is fixable and if it can go wrong it will. i named my band Murphy as in Murphys Law :-D oh and by the way this is my second leak that i have had to get repaired since my original banding in 2009 but i do not regret being banded ever