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  1. Princess

    Calorie counting

    I used this and it helped me plan my food. I never count calories
  2. Princess

    Weight loss after banding

    My surgeon said the same thing to me but in total I lost over 87kg. My starting weight was 152kg so going by this 60% recommendation I should have only lost half of what I actually did. If your determined and disciplined the band works and I can be what ever weight I wanted to be. My surgeon from the beginning said that he expected me to weigh at least 70kg which I did. At my lightest I was 57kg and my surgeon freaked lol. I had fill taken out and even though I liked weighing around 61kg I looked sick still and everyone kept asking me if I was terminally ill. With a little more fill taken out and management I have maintained at 65-68kg, except for this recent leak I just had repaired lol. I have met people who have lost all their excess weight and I have met people who haven't and I've met people who the band hasn't even worked for them. My advise to you is to just start on your journey and when or if that time comes that you haven't got to where you want to be then worry about it then. Oh one last tip it's not just about the intake of food or sizes of meals it's mostly about moving moving moving, exercise is so very important especially as you get closer to goal weight. The more you do the more weight you lose. Hope this helps :-)
  3. Princess

    Why Do Fat Poeple Put Other Fat People Down

    I agree with Missy Belle. A lot of the time it's to hide the fact that they are insecure about themselves so putting down other overweight people makes them feel better. I know that when I was at my fattest that I would look at other severely overweight people and feel sorry for them. I never verbally said anything but what I was thinking was not very nice but I realised that I was trying to justify myself to myself, if that makes sense, as my issue with my weight was that I hadn't accepted and realised that I was as fat as I was and I that people where looking at me and thinking the same thing. I don't even bother wasting my breath anymore when I hear these kind of remarks as most of the time the people making them will not get it or won't even care or won't even remember what I said to them in the first place :-D
  4. Princess

    Leaking Port!

    Stick with it and go through what ever process he wants to try as I'm sure he's just making sure before operating on you again. You are on the right track though and established that he is financially responsible for this problem, so well done. Just go through the motions for him to find out whether it is a leak or not then get it fixed. fingers crossed that it gets sorted soon enough for you :-D
  5. Princess

    New Balloon pill

    This type of "balloon" has been around since I was banded in 2009 as my surgeon told me about it but I think it's being relaunched now that WLS is more main stream then when I was banded. I feel that WLS is not taken as seriously by the general public as it used to be when I first had my band done as I can see everyone wanting to do this as they think WLS is an easy quick solution sort of along the lines of plastic surgery and Botox injections, everyone wants it done. Just my personal opinion :-D
  6. Princess

    Psychic / Spirit guides in Melbourne

    If you are providing numbers and names of businesses or persons on posts please seek that persons permission before posting their telephone numbers. Thank you, Admin :-D
  7. Princess

    Sick and gaining weight

    I agree that you should get a second opinion from another Dr asap before you decide what to do. I would also make an appointment to see your surgeon after that second opinion. Also do some research on this condition to better understand what is actually wrong, requirements, symptoms and maybe a solution. In the past I have had misdiagnoses of issues that I have had and they have freaked me out a bit too but I've done my research and got a second opinion and talked to my surgeon. I'm not aware of this condition but you need to look at all aspects before making a decision, good luck Denise
  8. Princess

    How do you have your cottage cheese?

    I'm going to give cottage cheese another go now thanks to these ideas. I like cottage cheese but haven't found a brand I like but will try the Bulla now :-) Denise
  9. Princess


    I went through the whole pre existing illness with my private health and both my old and new private health providers didn't consider obesity a pre existing illness. I think its bulls#=t :-(
  10. Princess


    Sorry I meant 2013
  11. Princess


    Just a word of advice that as of 1st July no private health is required to cover obesity surgery as part of basic cover anymore. Please check your fund provider to make sure cause most members are not find this out till you need surgery or if you swap to another health fund. I have been dealing with 2 private health funds and the health ombudsman for the past 5 months. BUPA did tell me that they sent out written notifications to all its members advising this and that you had until September to confirm you still wanted to cover but as an extra on you private health. If you didn't answer in that time then it was excluded obesity surgery from your cover and you have to do the 12 month wait all over again.
  12. Princess

    Leaking Port!

    Ok remember that even though they are skilled surgeons this can still happen and I know first hand what I'm talking about. I was banded in June 2009 but got my first leak in October 2009. Even though I had a very experienced surgeon he still managed to puncture my port which caused a leak and it only took one go for this to happen. I had the same time as you over the next weeks where it was filled then checked and this was to confirm that it was def a leak and not the fill just settling. Anyway I was in surgery within 3 weeks of the leak happening with no prep needed. It was a very simple op and he replaced the port, tubing and band as he couldn't find the leak so it was easier to replace the whole lot :-) and recovery was a lot easier and faster too. The only out of pocket expense I had was the anaethesist (spelling sorry). Now over 4 years later I have another leak and as I type I'm at the hospital for my pre op admission check in for surgery tomorrow. My original surgeon has retired and I now have a new very skilled surgeon and this leak is 4cm under my band in the tubing. This leak has just happened for no reason at all except it's just leaking. I have put on 20kg since the leak was detected in sept last year but due to a major stuff up with my private health I am only covered as a private patient in public even though I've had private health since June 2008 and instead of waiting till June this year to be private in private I chose this option. I have learnt going through all this twice that this is life with a band and no matter how much experience I have or my surgeon has this could still happen. I would suggest that you talk to your surgeon and negotiate having your issue fixed asap. My original surgeon was going to charge me for surgery for my first leak but I said no this is your fault and after much talking he agreed. He was always very understanding when I was discussing the costs with him so maybe you should give this a try. You will get it fixed and get back on track as it's just an expected hiccup with being banded. Bands and even people are not perfect but we just deal with it the best way possible. Hope this helps you :-D
  13. Princess

    How Much/How Often do You Exercise

    I'm do exercise every day. I train for roller derby and that's 3.5 hours Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. I also have a cardio session called Off Skates and that's 2 hours every Tuesday. I take my dogs for an hour jog everyday regardless of weather. I am self employed as a carpet steam cleaner so physically do that all day. I have a home gym and that's 2 hours every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I ride my horse once per week also. In between all that I go for a casual skate once a fortnight for usually about 2 hours and swim when ever possible. I walk every where I can too. I have just started riding my push bike a couple times a week as my furbaby just got the all clear from the vet to start joining me again. It sounds like a lot but I'm one of those people now that I've lost my weight that I just can't sit still for 2 minutes. I'm the crazy person that's up at midnight cleaning my house lol. My husband says that he gets tired watching me :-D
  14. Princess

    Site moved to new server + spam blocker!

    Well so far we have had no spammers to deal lol as it was all day everyday battle for us mods. We done Dave it's working a treat :-D
  15. Princess

    Spam reporting

    Thank you to everyone for reporting spam. I am in the process of blocking and deleting it all but there is a lot. If I've missed any just keep reporting and I will endeavour to stay on top of it :-D
  16. Princess

    So much spam...

    Oh Nonny your doing so well. I have to have surgery January 9th due to my tube just having a sudden leak 4cm under my band grrr and I've put on 13kg which was very depressing but my surgeon put me on Durromine Wednesday and I've dropped 3kg already so feeling back on track and counting down till my port and tubing is replaced. Its made me re appreciate my little band all over again and just confirmed that is all worth it in the end :-D
  17. Princess

    Update x

    Congrats. It a wonderful transition to not loving to loving. Having a lapband is more than a physical challenge is a mental challenge and it looks like your healing it. Well done :-)
  18. Princess

    So much spam...

    I have been a moderator on this site since the beginning. I always pop in and read posts but since I lost my weight life has gotten very hectic. I don't always post on here as there are so many members with just as much experience as me that offer the most wonderful guidance and support and are always ready to offer advise. This site is wonderful and has a fantastic core base of members. I will be posting on here more regularly now that I have quit a few things that I have wasted my time on so you will see me posting as much as I can between being self employed, studying, roller derby and my horse, dogs and husband lol. If anyone wants to ask me any questions fire away as I have been through good times and bad with my band. I currently have a leak at the moment and just scheduled for surgery to replace the port yah me :-/ but wouldn't change my band for anything
  19. Princess

    So much spam...

    Dave in Cairns :-( and I missed you. Hope you loved our little city
  20. Princess


    Ok hopefully I have gotten it all and thank you for your patience. If I missed any please report it and I will delete asap. Thank you
  21. Princess

    So much spam...

    Thank you to everyone for reporting spam. I am in the process of blocking and deleting it all but there is a lot. If I've missed any just keep reporting and I will endeavour to stay on top of it :-D
  22. Princess

    Spam reporting

    Thank you to everyone for reporting spam. I am in the process of blocking and deleting it all but there is a lot. If I've missed any just keep reporting and I will endeavour to stay on top of it :-D
  23. Princess

    Returning Oldie now newbie

    hi everyone just wanted to let those who remember me that i am back on the forum lol. been very busy with life. for those that dont know me i have been a member/moderator on this forum since the deginning. i was banded in June 2009 weighing 152kg and now down to a smaller and healthier me at 67kg. i love roller derby and am covered in tattoos, have pink and blonde hair and love to be loud and noticed ;-) having a band is not an easy journey and it never stops when you hit your goal weight. everyones journey is different and sometimes we stray off the path to smell the flowers but you do get back on it and continue. i hope that because i have been banded for awhile now that i can offer advice but also that most of the members on this forum can remind me of why i chose the band and how great it is to be alive, healthy and loving the new me. Denise
  24. Princess

    Start 149kg - Today 66kg

    Well done to you. i know exactly how it feels to loose such and incredible amount of weight. Congratulations and be very proud of yourself
  25. Princess

    Fat people humor

    i dont find it funny at all even though i do get a laugh sometimes from Billy. being at goal for awhile now i do understand that some banders resort to jokes about overweight people as they lose their weight, i am not saying all. its just a process that some go through and some dont. i do think however that if you find it funny to make fun of people in a situation that you were in yourself not that long ago then do it in the privacy of your home or close friends or family. you may be able to laugh at this kind of humor but alot of others do not. if the overweight resort to making fun of other overweight people then what hope do we have in changing the opinions of the public that we are overweight,overeating slobs in denial about our selves. denise