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    Has any one been bandid in Cairns

    you must be talking about Dr Clapham. i was banded by him but unfortunatly he has retired. i am booked next tuesday to see a new surgeon in cairns called Dr Woolven 451 Draper St Cns. he has been banding since september last year so i am not familiar with his work. i am maintaining so it will be interesting to see what he knows about the band. i can post how it goes and what he is like. i talked at lenght with the receptionist and she was very supportive about Dr Clampham and having to change surgeons but i will see. i had a very different bond with Dr Clampham so its goin to be hard to bond with another surgeon but i need someone i can talk to
  2. Princess

    100% strict on OptiFast?

    i agree with Justin, there is never a better time. i stuck 100% percent to the opti diet but i wanted to also. i know my surgeon refuses banders if they have not stuck to the opti diet but that's just his preference. it depends on you also, if you feel that your social events are important to you then you have to make the choice of when you start your diet and whether you stick to it or not. some people do and some people dont but that doesn't mean you are a failure or anything. it is very hard to do the opti diet but the results are worth it. good luck with your descision denise
  3. Princess

    Protein and Iron Issues

    i just wanted to say, and sorry if someone else said this, but you shouldn't drink coffee or any caffeine products 1 hour before and 2 hours after taking Iron tablets because it stops the body absorbing the iron. denise
  4. Princess

    For Those At Goal

    i am at goal as well and have been for 11 months and have to say that Fresh Basil is exactly right. i was a goal quite happy then all of a sudden my band went tight so had 1.5ml taken out put on 5kg, was absolutely shattered. i have now had 1.3ml put back in and am mentally adjusting to my weight going up and down, mostly not being obsessed with the scales and the figure it shows. i have learnt and i think everyone is going to have to deal with this issue is switching from being so focused on losing weight to now not losing weight and introducing many foods that i didnt eat before. i like the fact that i can eat alot more foods now with less fill in my band than i had before. i am learning to control my food and my body and band. i am now okay to eat the bad food but control is the key and its all a mental battle. it was scary suddenly being at goal but i have learnt more about myself and my band than i did the journey. everyone will need to find a balance that suits them. i am back and forth with my surgeon but i know that is because i can read my body and band so its not bad and if thats what i have to do then thats it. i would advise banders that communication with your surgeon is very important once you get to goal and i see my dietician once a month with questions and concerns and i feel that i need her more now too then ever. i do tend to use exercise more now to control my weight than every before but thats just me. it is very scary thinking what we will do when we get to goal but the truth is you just dont know till you get there. banders go through all the ups and downs of being banded and then worry about what to do when you get to goal but honestly you have come this far then you will cope with goal, we all can. good luck to everyone on their journey and you all WILL get to goal. oh and i just wanted to say that i lost 4kg in 3 days this weekend but due to my Roller Derby tournament in Brisbane, yahoo but know that i will probably put 2kg to 3kg back on over this week but dont care i am just happy that i am not the fat me that i was 2 years ago. Denise
  5. Princess

    My radio interview about my weight loss

    ha ha thanks everyone. i am really surprised that in my local community how many strangers are approaching me to congratulate my weight loss. i hope that my interview just makes people aware of what we go through and its not the easy way out or cheating. its hard and damn hard. denise
  6. http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2011/10/04/3331593.htm?site=farnorth This is a link to an interview I did on the ABC, happy reading and listening Denise
  7. Princess

    Cairns meet and greet

    i am def up for a meet but i dont want to go to sizzlers as i dont eat even a kids portion. fijay if its only 2 weeks after your banding then you will only be on mushies or semi solids so maybe a cafe that has variety as at lunch i am still pretty tight so just a light snack would suit me. i also have another derby girl who is banded and she will also be interested and i met a guy by the name of andy who is also on the forum and should be interested in a meet and greet. lets keep the ideas coming in regards to were to meet. i have met other banders at gloria jeans cairns central just to give an idea. denise
  8. i lost 85kg in 15 months denise
  9. well i finally did it. i decided on a design that represents the new me and my weight loss journey. so 4 hours later and lots of money here it is and if anyone wants to know it hurt like a bitch and out of all my tattoos this was the most painfull but worth it. sorry about the redness but i got burnt 2 weeks ago then this just hurt my back again but it will go down.
  10. Princess

    my new 80kg weight loss tattoo

    ha ha thanks, i still catch glimpses of myself in mirrors and have this 5 second blank before i realize its me. since this tattoo i have had an arm sleeve done. the reason that i did the arm tattoo was so that i had to show off my arm for everyone to see my tattoo as i hated my flabby arms when i lost my weight but now i love them and am always wearing sleeveless tops and bikinis denise
  11. Princess

    swearing on forum

    i have removed my original post. i have taken the "bitch" out of my profile so as not to offend any mentally challenged people. sorry if i offended anyone in regards to my opinions and if you must know the only word i think was offensive started with an f but i didnt think i had to single one particular word out. like i said i apologise if i have offended anyone with trying to keep most offensive words out of the forum
  12. Princess

    Anyone else in Cairns

    dont forget me i would love to meet you denise
  13. Princess

    swearing on forum

    i have removed my original post. i have taken the "diepolar bitch" out of my profile so as not to offend any mentally challenged people. sorry if i offended anyone in regards to my opinions and if you must know the only word i think was offensive started with an f but i didnt think i had to single one particular word out. like i said i apologise if i have offended anyone with trying to keep most offensive words out of the forum my original post was about trying to keep this forum inviting to outside users, i agree in society we are bombarded with sex and swearing and maybe alot of other influences that are mainstream and acceptable but why do we have to accept this. if a 16year old is aware of swearing in society does that make it okay for posters to use words because everyone else does. i was just maybe trying to set a class for this forum as alot of time and effort goes into it. as for growing some i dont need any thank you as i already have my husbands right were i need them and i aint no prude either just like to think i know when to use certain word and when not too, ha ha denise
  14. Princess

    Has anyone had the same experience

    that's great cairns thank you. if you private message me then we can arrange a day, time and place to meet or we can exchange phone numbers if you are comfortable with this. denise
  15. Princess

    Has anyone had the same experience

    hey stripey looking hot and doing so well, i agree it first amazed me how little food we actually need to consume not only to loose weight but to maintain our bodies with everyday life. i exercise heavily and still don't need a lot of food, i do substitute my lack of food intake with vitamins and powders but hey i dont care if this is what it takes to be "normal" then so be it. i still go to my dietician every 6 weeks and have regular blood tests and all is good. it just goes to show that we as a society are consuming way too much, what hope do the future generation have if they are being raised to eat this way but also food company's are pushing unhealthy, large portion servings as the norm, anyway i will hop down off my soap box now lol. Cairns i know how you feel as i too need a top up but Dr Clapham is away for awhile boohoo, how dare he go away from me. you were defiantly in the red zone too as i just went through this myself but clampham took out 1.5ml to teach me a lesson cause i knew better, which i did.he put .75ml back in before he went away but i will still need another fill of .3ml. as time goes on you will become used to your band and able to read/feel what is right for you. i just instinctively know what is going on with my band and body, you will become sync between the two. if i ever got my band taken out it would be a shock to the system both physically and mentally. can i ask who you went and saw to get some fill taken out as i have heard of this mythical dr watson at manunda but never been able to find him and he would be a great back up just in case, if you know what i mean. if you are interested in meeting for a coffee that would be great, i meet heaps of banders for coffee as they like to pick my brain. but other wise good luck with your journey and keep us up to date how you are going denise
  16. Princess

    Cairns meet and greet

    i am interested def. i tried to do this months ago but unfortunetly it didnt happen due to most peoples work and family commitments but if you can organise something then i am there denise
  17. okay so it all started queens birthday long weekend that i got .3ml taken out of my band due to a big roller derby weekend and needed to get more liquids in. so after that was taken out i felt like i was all good even though i dropped to 58kg after that weekend. the following weeks were good. then i started to notice that i was getting reflux at night but thought ok its something i am doing wrong or eating. i put up with it for a while then decided to go and talk to my surgeon 2 weeks ago because no matter what i ate, and i mean anything, i could not move my weight up or down from 60kg. i take alot of supplements but i was feeling very flat and losing interest in all physical activity, yes even roller derby, and my moods well just ask my husband but anyway i went and saw my surgeon and he was not happy at all. apparently my band had just decided to get tighter and of course i had put up with it too long. he decided to take out 1.5ml, eek. i left his office felling very stressed cause what happens if i put on weight. well 2 weeks later and 4kg heavier i have had .75ml put back in and am feeling great. i really enjoyed eating meat, bread, cake and any other food that i could get down, rice i have eaten so much rice its not funny. my surgeon was proving a point and i got it. coming home this afternoon i managed to get a slice of bread and butter down and i am really happy that i still can. my surgeon has also advised me that once a year he will be taking out 1.5ml and i get 2 weeks to go crazy if i want then get it out of my system and back on track. i like the idea of this because if i am going on holidays or an event comes up then that's my time to take the fill out. it has also made me realize that it is just food and really i am no better off not being able to eat most of the foods i have the last 2 weeks. dare say i will shed those extra 4kg in the next 2 weeks so not much to worry about at all and i have learnt a some very important lessons denise
  18. Princess

    Two operations...Two bands!

    i have never heard of this either. maybe he didnt explain himself fully, i find sometimes dr's never really explain things fully cause they expect you to know???? but anyway i have lost over 85kg with my band and i am very happy. i did have my band replaced 4 months after banding but this was due to a leak. my best friend has had her band replaced too but due to a slip. i know that some people are not reaching their goal weight with their bands and are changing to the sleeve op but i have only heard of this overseas. i would def travel to get a second opinion about this. there are quite a few bandits that have to travel for fills too and are ok. when you put it into prospective i would rather travel than get it done by someone closer but not trust them. good luck with your second opinion and i am sure you will find it worth while. also just a quick mention that over our lifetime we can expect the band to be replaced at least once as they could deteriorate, well this is what my surgeon has told me anyway. denise
  19. Princess

    what do you do when not hungry?

    my surgeon has always advised me that if i am not hungry then dont eat and instead to have a protein drink. denise
  20. Princess

    2 years plus members

    hi everyone i really needed to read this thread right now so thank you. 2 weeks ago i had 1.5ml removed because my band decided to suddenly go tight for no reason whatsoever and my surgeon wasnt happy that i have struggled for about a month before i went and saw him. so he took so much out because i am totally obsessed with not putting on weight, even the thought of putting on .1kg freaked me out but now after having so much removed i get his point. i have put on 4kg and at first i was really stressed but now not so much but still concerned just not obsessed i suppose. it has made me realise though that i need to relax my thoughts on my weight and even though i have put on kg most people that know me have been saying i look thinner??? it just does my head in sometimes aaarrrggghh. i am going back to the surgeons this arvo and asking for him to put .5ml back in. since i have had the fill removed though i have been able to eat so much food its has been great but i just dont feel full so i keep eating and eating and of course all the wrong foods but i have missed eating so many types of foods. time to get my mind back in the game and shed those excess kgs but its great to see that i am not the only one that struggles with my weight and the band even though we are at goal weight. denise
  21. Princess

    5 months on, small problem now.

    Welcome tomahawk great you have posted. i know what you are going through is not normal. i would personally move your appointment sooner. how much restriction you have depends on the individual and to say that you should have enough is not for anyone to say only the individual who has the fill. this may also apply to dietary advise and plans. if a dietician pushes breakfast then they have their reasons and i know quite a few people who eat breakfast and still successfully loose weight. tomahawk are you hungry in the mornings when you are having breakfast. i recently had some fill removed from my band because my band decided that it was going to restrict me more even though i haven't had fill added for awhile and i had the same problem as you that i would PB the first few bites then all would seem fine but since i have had the fill out its all been good and no PBing, that's not saying that you may have the same reason. i would consult your surgeon as soon as possible as they will be the best answer for your situation. congrats on the weight loss you are doing very well denise
  22. Princess

    My first stuck moment

    ha ha your all normal denise
  23. Princess


    shorty thank you for your kind words. the other exercise that i find burns fat for me but doesnt increase your heart rate to extreme levels is core strength exercises, i do heaps of these everyweek and it paying off with my body fat reducing and adding more muscle mass but the scales arent going up.
  24. Princess


    ha ha MelDavo i am the same as you. as this is my first skinny winter and all boots fit my legs even with jeans on, i have gone crazy buying boots. i just bought these great ones from a shoe store that come up over my knees. they finally look like i am not a knome as i did before. i just had to buy 9 shoe boxes to put all my boots in to look after them. aaahhh the joys of shopping denise
  25. being at goal since december has been challenging. firstly it was the mental adjustment to maintaining weight not losing weight. i had been so focused on losing and to suddenly have to stop was an adjustment. i see a dietician regularly so this helped alot. in the 6 months maintaining i have had some top ups but also some fill removed, it was more about finding a balance but as time has gone on i have realised that i can have more fill taken out and i use exercise to control my weight not so much the band. i have switched to things like full cream lactose free milk, full fat cheese etc just to help not loose anymore weight as i exercise ALOT. like greg i weigh myself every morning just to be able to control my weight and not let it get out of control. i usually stay between 60kg to 63kg depending on how intense my derby training is. i still take protein powder, benefibre and vitamins everyday as even though i am eating say 1 cup a day of food my training is very intense so better to be safe then sorry. i have noticed that even though i am maintaining and am free to eat basically what i want, i dont, my food choices are alot more selective and i watch the intake of fat i have everyday. one thing i have noticed is that the way i see food now is completely different, its better. i love maintaining my weight now and its all become routine but its taken months. you also have to accept that you will not get that element of surprise from people that knew you when you were fat. most people that know me now find it hard to believe that i was so fat and i have to show them pictures to prove that i have lost 85kg so that was hard to accept that people now see me as skinny and have no idea. my focus is now on balancing food but i am know were as strict on myself as i was when loosing weight. i do have moments were i eat too much or the wrong food but i just increase my exercise over the next day or two. i think over all it more of a mental adjustment than anything. i remember coming home after my official goal weigh in with my surgeon and just sitting there going what now and feeling lost but like i said my dietician was wonderful and very helpful with ideas to refocus me. denise