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  1. I tried to find you bit didn't come up, try me Denise Diepolar Mulcahy, my profile pic is the one of me on league uniform. Wow only 4 weeks it's so exciting but wait till you start bouting then it gets good

  2. Princess

    still around

    hi everyone just wanted to say that i am still around and read the forums often but usually running out the door before i have time to reply. i had a little wow moment the other day and had to share because i thought they had stopped now after reaching goal but as the weather is getting colder i put on my size 10 skinny jeans, which i love to death, cause its been about 4 months since i have worn them but they are now too big, aarrrggghh. they are the best jeans ever and its so hard finding jeans that just fit perfectly but luckly for me i got another pair exactly the same but now a size 8 . i knew i shouldnt have gone to the shop cause i always walk out with more clothes than i need but i did manage to fit into a size 6 boot leg so just had to buy them so i can go around to everyone and say "look at my tag, just look at my tag" . i am now officially smaller than my mum who is the same height as me and has weighed up to 61kg my whole life so now she cant steal my clothes cause there to small for her he he denise
  3. Princess


    hey shorty glad to see you are back at the gym and doing so well. based on my training when you heart gets too high then you need to slow it down a bit but not enough that your heart rate drops again cause you want to keep warm. a personal trainer told me years ago that if your heart rate is too high then its dangerous and your heart is working overtime and you could possibly not loose any weight cause your body starts to panic, this was before i got my band so it was years ago. as you loose weight and your fitness levels becomes more tolerant you will have to increase the intensity. now i have to basically be flat out for my 3 hour trainging sessions as otherwise my heart rate doesnt really rise so i have more training sessions a week to keep fit. now i understand why some people get addicted to exercise cause my tolerance level is very high so i have to do everything flat out all the time and i am lucky if i sweat even in summer but its great. good luck denise
  4. Princess

    still around

    ha ha thanks everyone. i read posts all the time cause this site is freakin awesome and of course everyone else on here too but i just never have a lot of time. watch out for when you loose your weight as i am bouncing off the walls sometimes but i love it. i am so proud of every member on this forum and the support that you all show each other, i remember many dark times i had throughout my journey and this site was the only connection that i had with other lapbanders or just people who understood what i was going through. so thanks you to everyone and i hope that i can continue to offer support to everyone else. my head is so filled with knowledge and experience with the band that i am starting a support group with my dietician but i am also going in a book about lapbanding and my journey so hopefully i can inspire many more people with bands. denise
  5. WOW SheN how exciting that this is the start of the new you. all i can say is remember that its a mental challenge as well as physical with the band and YOU CAN DO IT. keep us posted when yo come out of hospital and take it easy, i am so thrilled for you and good luck denise
  6. i am going to brisbane on the 12th july for 10 days and am goin to visit NBR as that is our sister team and a few of the girls have travelled to cairns to hold triaining weekends. our captain has a twin in the NBR too so that helps. i am hoping to train a bit with them. they have a trans sexual in their team and apparnetly she was in a tassie team, racy rapidfire. i bouted against her last weekend

  7. wow tassie is doing well ha ha. i am up to 3 mins planking and i can now even do 5 man push ups. i love how the little things make me proud. r u on face book cause we should add each other. the new pic i have was in the townsville paper, its the best shot i have so far. i have an intraleague bout on july 23rd so very excited then i have 1 every month till nov then i go to brissy to bout big time

  8. Princess

    Anyone else in Cairns

    well i was thinking that if everyone was interested in meeting that maybe the cairns show long weekend would be a great time to meet. i was thinking the sunday the 24th or even monday 25th. what does everyone think and were would eveyone suggest a good place. denise
  9. Princess


    not only have i just bought a size 8 pair of skinny jeans but my big news is that i got asked to be in a banding book and i said YES, woohoo and my other victory that is not banding related is that last weekend i played 5 roller derby bouts in 2 days for the nth aust championships and The Reef City Roller Girls came 2nd, my team was the fittest their. i had a fitness score done with my dietician the other day and i was 97 which is professional athlete level, i love roller derby ha ha denise
  10. Princess

    Today is a FRICKEN AWESOME day! :-)

    congratulations, i know that feeling and you just want to shout it from the rooftops ha ha. i went around telling everyone and even complete strangers. keep up the great work denise
  11. Princess

    Feel a little bad for fibbing

    ha ha welcome to the world of banding. my band is the same some days i can eat anything others not. the more fill you have in your band you will realise that there are just some foods that you will never be able to eat which is fine because you can always do what i do and find a healthy substitute. my surgeon put my band into prospective once for me by taking a pencil and telling me to look at the end with the rubber on it now picture that is the size of the hole that you band has created and imagine food trying to get through that hole, well i can tell you it made me chew chew chew and chew my food even more ha ha. i have found that the best foods that you could get through your band are the bad foods, i put it down to them being either fatty, sugary or processed but with every thing with the band this is just a trick i play on my mind as for your friend i dont really know but maybe even though she is your BF its not the right time to share with her. once you start loosing the weight maybe you could use that to prove to her it is working for you but then again maybe its never going to be the right time and you are the most important issue at the moment so you have to do what you can to keep on track with your band. stay positive and if you want to tell your BF you will know when the time is right. denise
  12. omg i just read about them on face book well i think it was you are the only roller derby team in tassie arent you

  13. way to go bingowing. you may think you are the biggest there but you can offer so much more than other girls can so embrace what you have to offer. what league are you with. i just had 5 bouts in 2 days for the nth aust championships over the weekend in townsville. i am stuffed plus i go the flu. i will get back to you in regards to core strenght exercises as i will talk to team personal trainer

  14. Princess

    Anyone else in Cairns

    hi everyone, great response, i would derf be interested in meeting you all for a coffee and letting you pick my brain ha ha. in the next week my roller derby schedule might be changing from sunday arvos to sunday mornings so that means that i might set a time and place on a sunday to meet everyone for a coffee so just hang out another week and as soon as i hear about the change i can arrange something. i skate at the cairns rec centre on behan st manunda just one street over from the pcyc. denise
  15. Princess

    Anyone else in Cairns

    Hi from cairns and banded by Dr Clapham. He is a wonderful man and surgeon. If you look back on my posts and profile you can see my progress. I try and get cairns people together for coffee but no one seems interested. My dietician and I are trying to start a support group to and run it out of her office on McLeod street so trying to find interested bandits who just need to talk and pick my brain ha ha Denise
  16. Princess

    Random question

    why am i the one who has the most odd habits. i have found that i get the hiccups when i am fulll. its like my body is saying we have had enough. if i am too busy and not taking any notice of how much i am eating then i get the hiccups and i stop. maybe its a habit i have conditioned myself into cause sometimes i dont feel like i have had enough then i get the hiccups so i stop for a break then wow i notice i am full. thats about the only time i take notice of them so maybe i have gotten them before but never noticed denise
  17. Princess

    Artificial Sweetners

    hi everyone. i use a product called Sugarless. they come in satchels or tablet form. i love it as it actually tastes like sugar in my tea or coffee, well to me anyway. i didnt like the taste of other sweetners. denise
  18. thank you. i love roller derby and it will keep you so fit. i struggle every day to stay at goal weight as i am always underweight due to derby. it doesnt matter what size you are just do it as by the time you reach goal you will be ready to bout. i just had my first bout saturday night and now i have a bout every month till november yah cant wait.

  19. Princess

    lets meet for christmas

    hello i think that maybe we should get together again between chirstmas and new year for a coffee or lunch what ever anyone wants. my dietician yesturday told me that she had given my number to 2 other ladies that have just been banded so i am hoping that they give me a call and we can also meet them, but who knows. let me know what you are all doin over the hols and what you want to do. denise
  20. Princess


    hey shorty sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. i am 156cm tall and i never thought i would be this tiny. i had an incident last week which blew me away at the size i am now. i play roller derby as we all know and i have my first bout on May 7th so have been training very hard and my husband (god bless him) decided to borrow my parents video camera, as we dont have one cause i never wanted to look at myself, and record my team and me training on tuesday night, well what a shock i got when i watched it and it wasnt from the very serious fall i had either and found half my tooth lodged into my mouth guard but that i was smaller than most of my team mates, what the! i could not believe that i could be this thin and still think i am larger. i have watched the 2 hours over and over again and still can not believe its me, its so bizarre. something in my brain has clicked and i am really starting to look at myself in a new light. you can do it shorty and get to that size 10. i think the only reason i can fit into size 8 now is that even though i am not losing anymore weight my skin is shrinking. i saw a customer of mine yesturday that hasnt seen me since December and the first thing she said to me is are you still loosing weight and i get many people saying that even though i am not. i have not lost a kilo since reaching goal in december. i look forward to the day that you post about how you can now fit into size 10 jeans denise
  21. Princess


    thats okay, you know you have the same motivation and drive as i did when i started and look how good i did. i have realised that the band worked for me because not only for the heavy exercise i did but mentally i was ready which to me is the most important factor in the band working. the second most important thing was the amount of support i got from my family, customers, surgeon practicly everyone i met was cheering for me. the only negative aspect was that i lost my fat friends because of their insecurities not mine and once i learnt that this was their issue not mine i was fine and accepted that this will happen and i would rather be thin healthy and live longer than loose someone i considered my friend but really was not. i have made many new friends with the new me not to mention a whole roller derby team ha ha but i have been honest and upfront about the person i was before and they see the pics when i friend them on facebook. it isnt all plain sailing and you will have many obsticles in your way but with the right attitude and support anything is possible denise
  22. Princess

    Protein Powder

    i hope this link works. also the other thing i forgot to mention is that when you are choosing a protein powder you need to find one that is 100% Whey protein isolate, all the others are a waste of time. http://westfield.com.au/au/retailers/pharmacy-online/products/resource-beneprotein-227g-x-6-units~951796
  23. Princess

    Protein Powder

    okay i have done alot of research into this issue with my dietician cause she is wonderful. i use a protein powder called Beneprotein by nestle. its very cheap and a great protein powder. i have tried many and you have to be very careful of some of them as they can be very high in calouries. this one is the best as it has no taste so i can put it in any food or liquid and you only need on scoop and its about tablespoon size. most of us need at least 70grams of protein every day but if you exercise or physically work or both then you need to increase your protein intake to possibly 100grams a day. i carpet clean all day then have intense roller derby training 3 nights a week, jog 3 nights a week and also walk my dogs everyday for at least an hour so i need to keep up the protein to maintain my muscle mass. a good dietician can monitor this for you too. i can buy 6 x 227g canisters of Beneprotein for under $120 delivered to my door online from a chemist in westfield shopping centre or you can check your local chemist and see if they sell it or can get it in. i can also buy it from my dietician but its cheaper online. just to let you know 1 canister can last me up to 3 months. denise
  24. Princess


    thats a great start but it doesnt surprise me either. i have lost 85kg in 15 months and like you my job is very physical and then i also exercised on top of that. basically your body is using its stored excess (if you know what i mean ha ha)which is great for you. your weight will even out and you will have many times when you loose none at all. if you are concerned though call your surgeon and ask as this is what they are there for. other wise if you following the rules then you are doing well and it should be okay but ring youyr surgeon if you have any questions. i would rather waste a call then to worry about it further. denise
  25. Princess

    Rude and Unhelpful Comments Stop Now

    thanks dave i understand your stance and it was bound to happen. being a forum member right from the beginning of this forum i have noticed a change lately. what we have to remember is that we are all going through the same thing but interpret the situation differently. you may not always agree with how one person is dealing with their band but that is their choice and even if they ask for help or just need to air an issue about themselves then that is their choice and all we can offer is support. no one can say that one opinion over another is right or wrong, just offer support and positive advice. i am sure that at one piont or another we have all experienced negativity towards ourselves and its not a nice feeling. we are all friends here and we need to offer the best of ourselves to each other as we may need that in return ourselves one day. denise