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  1. Princess

    New member needs help

    woohoo so excited for you. i can remember how happy and keen i was when i started my journey. you are right though this is not an easy choice at all and it never gets to that easy part but it can work. congrats on the start of your journey and i look forward to reading your posts on howyou go so you will have to keep us up to date cause i will be checking denise
  2. Princess


    hello everyone just wanted to share my victory today that i bought a size 8 pair of skinny jeans today, woohoo. never ever thought i would be this tiny and the other victory i have had is that i am finally starting to see myself as skinny. i have had trouble believing that i am this small size but the penny dropped last week and it finally dawned on my that i am as tiny as everyone says i am, it must have been the glimpse of myself in a shop window when i was sitting at the lights on my motorbike last sunday when i went for a ride, i looked at myself thinking that girl is so small on that motorbike then i realised it was me lol denise
  3. Princess

    Stomach Crunches

    catharine because i have lost so much weight my port can be felt really easy so then i can move it around in my side. i know that it probably sounds gross but i can move it about 2 inches around. if i stretch my arms up you can see a bulge where my port is so i move it slightly to the outside of my body to make lying on it easier . its really hard to explain but i just can and its only when i am lying on the hard surface of the skate ring, in bed its doesnt worry me or one any other surface. denise
  4. Princess

    Getting mad at bigger people?

    hi everyone. i have to tell you that i have been through this too. i still think mean thoughts when i see larger people eating or wearing the wrong things but i have learnt to keep my mouth shut. i also feel like going up to them and telling them my story but unfortunalty i cant. i also remind myself that i used to be like that so its wrong of me to judge and i am sure that someone somewhere was looking at me and thinking the same thing. i still do evaluate what people are eating but the only person i comment to is my husband. its something i think i will stuggle with for a very long time as i feel like i want to save them from themselves but we cant and like us they have to take control of their own life, but i spoke to my surgeon about this and he said that we all go through it. i never realised when i was fat how many larger people their is around me but also the amount of rubbish food or even portion servings that we have to deal with all the time. no wonder as a nation we are getting larger, its just so hard to get decent, quality and correct servings in food without paying a fortune but thats how it is now. denise
  5. Princess

    Stomach Crunches

    i was told to wait 6 months after surgery but after that go for it. i do heaps of crunches and other stomach exercises for roller derby and i dont ever have any problems, the only thing is that when i lie on flat hard surfaces i have to make sure that i move my port to the side cause it feels uncomfortable to lie on it denise
  6. Princess

    8th April Op

    hi everyone i am in cairns too and there seems to be alot of banders in cairns. would anyone be interested in maybe getting together with me for a coffee to maybe meet and greet for support and questions. i have completed my journey but am full of info. what does everyone think.i can provide my mobile number or you can private message yours to me and i can organise a time and place that suits everyone. yah for cairns banders denise
  7. hi and welcome. dr clapham is the best and most caring dr i have ever had. you are in good hands with him. banding is the best choice i have made too. some of us banders get together for coffee every now and then if your interested i can contact you and your welcome to come, most of the time its just me that goes but its and option if you need to chat about banding.


  8. Princess

    Application to use Super

    sorry i have taken so long to reply, my bad. my surgeon made sure that the replacement surgery was covered by my health insurance and the only out of pocket expense i had was the anaethesist which i only pay a portion of anyway denise
  9. Princess

    big big milestone

    thanks and good luck with your descision. just make sure you are ready, you are doing this for you and you read lots of infor on banding denise
  10. Princess

    big big milestone

    hi everyone i just have to say that for the first time ever i went out in public in a dress with no sleeves. i was really scared and self aware of my flabby arms but after a while i got used to showing so much skin and besides the amount of guys that checked me out made me realise that i am NORMAL now, woohoo plus no one really cares and neither should i. i just wanted to share cause this is such a big step for me but hopefully now i will do it more often. when i got home i felt so liberated and free. thanks for reading i just wanted to share this milestone with all my lovely banding friends denise
  11. Princess

    What Happened To My Fill?

    hi skye this is quite normal. the fill in the band will settle over either a short period of time or long. when i was getting regular fills i would find that i would leave my surgeons office and for the next week be saying to my husband yah i have finally reached my sweet spot as i would feel great restriction and be happy only to have it change usually in the 2nd or 3rd week. i would have slightly more restiction than before but no were near as much straight after my fill. my surgeon said its just settled. even now that i am maintaining my weight i have to see my surgeon every 3 months or so for a top up, its usually only about .3ml i get put in but its just maintaining my weight. so dont worry its can be very normal. if you have any concerns you need to talk to your surgeon about them as this is what they are for. denise
  12. Princess

    Good home wanted for some designer clothes!

    why cant anyone give away size 10 clothes as then it would be helpful to me ha ha ha Kate what a kind thing you are doing. i had the same problem and lucky a friend of mine fitted into most of my old clothes so she got really excited and loves me to death now lol. i now have to find a friend who fits size 12 due to me still shrinking good luck denise
  13. Princess

    Need a successful bander

    see my posting in introductions, Kerry Anne wow i would be there with bells on but i am in cairns . who are you and why are you going on kerry anne. are you a bander or professional of some sort associated with banding? denise
  14. Princess

    Success stories pls

    ha ha if i could get to sydney then i would come. i love the lime light denise
  15. Princess

    Egg salad

    I made this last week and I have it 2 days per week 2 eggs Mayo Grated cheese Chicken salt Salt n pepper to taste Hard boil eggs, peel shells off and let cool. Once eggs are cool enough grate into a bowl. Add salt, pepper and chicken salt to taste. Add about 2 table spoons of your favorite mayo and a small hand full of grated cheese. I add enough mayo to make as wet as I need. Sometimes I finely grate red onion into it for a change. I spread this on crackers sometimes and even add a small tin of tuna in springwater. I have even finally chopped lettuce and mixed it through. I once served it on little crackers as an appertiser at a friends party too. Use your imagination. My dietician recommends this twice a week for protein and hard boiled eggs are to dry to go through my band so this goes down great. Denise
  16. okay so we had a storm tonight and i was bored, so i got my husband to take some pics of my old fat clothes as i am giving to a friend of mine whom is larger. so please excuse the skin as it was so hot and humid as i am in cairns ha ha. Denise
  17. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    thanks meg and i am sorry to hear about your situation. i believe that things happen to us for a reason whether they be good or bad. how are you going these days with your weight? denise
  18. Princess

    samples of a bandits daily menu

    just bumping this thread as its interesting to see what we all eat on a daily basis denise
  19. Princess

    Application to use Super

    yeah thanks julie i have been so busy with roller derby now that i made the team, phew its hard work though and lots of fun. the band, port the whole lot was replaced. i didnt have to do the pre op prep it was over in an hour of surgery, then back on track. my surgeon said he might just replace the port and tubing but he couldnt find the leak so just replaced the whole lot instead. my recovery time was great too i think i knew what to expect so i was okay and i have had other major major surgeries and banding was nothing for me compaired to this before. but thats just me denise
  20. Princess

    Advertising on BandingTogether.com.au

    I agree Dave and will fully support this as a moderator
  21. Princess

    Application to use Super

    It's just something that can happen. My leak was due to my port turning slightly so when my surgeon filled it one day it perforated the diaphragm covering hence creating a leak. It was easily fixed though and I could continue with my weight lose without skipping a beat
  22. Princess

    Application to use Super

    good luck fred and time is a good thing. i didnt do mine through super but i am sure it will all be fine. how exciting though oh and i understand about the heat too ha ha
  23. Princess

    Hungrier After Fill

    Hi MelDavo its can be very normal to feel hungry after a fill. you will probably need more fill in the future cause fill in the band is what makes you feel like not eating but this only happens when you get closer to your sweet spot. also there is some swelling after the surgery which can take a good month to go down so this might also be happening. dont worry about your hunger too much this is normal just try and make healthy food choices and eat half a cup of food at one time and as soon as you start to feel full stop and dont eat anymore. my dietician said that when we start to get full we can sometimes sigh and this is true for me so when this happens i know that i have to stop eating anyway i hope this helps with your question. denise
  24. welcome chars70 start walking that dog ha ha its great motivation to exercise when you have a dog sitting there depending on you for a walk, the joy they get from a simple walk is a great feeling. i agree with everyone else you need a top up but only you will know your fill limit so listen to your surgeon as well. its not just about having the right fill but also being prepared mentally. the one thing i have learnt about lapbanding is that its a big mental commitment and sacrifice and once you have your head in the right frame of mind it all falls into place. keep us updated on your progress and good luck, you can do this. denise
  25. Princess

    Help me hang on!!!!

    hi krilyn i know that 5 months can seem like a while but trust me the wait is worth it. i waited 12 months and loved the time to research lapbanding and used the time to meet people and make sure i had all my questions answered. i am a control freak so i used the time wisely. once i make up my mind too i find it hard to wait cause i want it now ha ha but its better to have the time, prepare mentally as well as physically. as marion said its march already and so far the year is going fast. good luck with your surgery and when feeling anxious or down get on the forum and talk to us. denise