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  1. Princess

    I am still here

    hi everyone i just wanted to let everyone know that i am still around and read the forum frequently. i am training for my 1st upcoming bout in May so am dedicating alot of time to my roller derby team the Monsoon Maidens, ha ha. It seems roller derby is helping me shed some excess skin because even though i am still the same weight everyone keeps telling me i keep getting skinnier. not only do i have my bout in may but i also have to travel to Townsville for the Nth Qld Teams Bout and compete against them in June and then off to Brisbane in November for more roller derby bouting and thats with local bouts for the public to come and watch, fundraising events which we have to skate at and then social days and nights with the team for bonding purposes. i also have roller derby training 3 days a week and thats including all the other physical exercise i do and my veryphysical job, phew. i could never have done this or even kept up with the extra 85kg i was walking around with before. when did i become so busy??? get ready for your social life to go off when you start to feel good about yourself ha ha. so i do still read everyones posts and offer advice when i can but just wanted to let you all know that i am still here. good luck everyone and remember its a journey worth taking. denise aka Diepolar Bitch
  2. Princess

    I am still here

    Hi sweets thank you for your kind words. i am not going anywere as this forum was my savour when i needed support or just an outlet with people who understand what i was or am going through so i would never be able to miss my daily browse of posts. what can i say but i am addicted to this site denise aka Diepolar Bitch
  3. my new skinny me passion is roller derby, i should say my "addiction"

  4. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    thanks kj80.i find it really great that i can show that with hard work the band can work and that there is hope for us all to be thin, fantastic and happy with ourselves denise
  5. Princess

    Plastic Surgery

    having lost 85kg i have lots of saggy skin but you know what i dont care. you can tell if you know but i have found most people dont care i am just skinny so i blend in. some people that have lost weight ask me about my arms but when i tell them my weight loss they are more in aw and forget my arms. i always wear short sleeved tops or even bikini tops and i have learnt that i love me for me and so what i am skinny and proud of my body. when i am at roller derby practice i wear next to nothing on top as i sweat so much and the other girls dont even notice until i said something about my arms. you can see in my profile pics that i dont care anymore but its taken months for me to get to this mental stage and its not easy but thats just my 2 cent opinion. ooohhh and bio oil helps alot with not only dry skin but saggy skin denise
  6. Princess

    No restriction and frustrated

    dont be so hard on yourself basically shit happens. you havent put all your weight back on so to me that is still an achievement in itself. you have done very very well and we are not perfect. in a perfect world we would not need the band in the first place. you have recognised what you have done wrong and thats the start. you know that you can loose the weight as you have in the past. the one thing i have learnt about my band and myself is that my weight will go up and down but as long as i dont end up were i started its not so bad. you are doing really well and you have a little hick up but you get back on the band wagon ha ha ha, and start again. you can do this and you will. denise
  7. Princess

    I am hungry !!!

    hi val and congrats on your banding. firstly you are getting heart burn from the water because its sitting above your band. i get this if i drink too much. i will only drink cold cold water as if its any warmer then i get heartburn. cordial may cause problems too as i cant drink most diet cordials, there is only one type of cordial i can drink that doesnt give me heartburn. i take 1 to 2 satches a day of a product called gastrolight or hydrolight and this is rehydration powder that you add to 200ml of water and it helps with hydration. this was adviced by my dietician. do you see a dietician because its very important that now you are banded you keep yourself healthy. you could also try a protein powder everyday. i take beneprotein as it has no taste so you can put it in anything. i also take benefibre powder as this will help you stay regular without problems. i think that you will also have to do some research into a good multivitamin but this is what a good dietician will do with you denise
  8. Princess

    3 years banded and still struggling

    hi tam and welcome to the site firstly thank you for sharing your experience as it is not easy for you to do this. i have been banded 1.5 years and have lost 85kg and am maintaining my weight now. my band is looser than i have ever had it since i was originally banded so i have trouble sometimes. i understand what you are saying about still pbing as i do if i just dont think about what i am doing. i think that it will always be something that we have to be careful about as my band changes everyday but that doesnt mean that you are failing at all, its just that your life is hectic and you need to find a balance and i know that that is easier said than done in reality but i just had to organise myself and this works most days and some not.you will find your "groove" and what works for you just give it time, you are not super woman just human and if we were perfect then we would not have needed a band to start with. on the breakfast issue i understand what you go through but why are you forcing yourself to have breakfast if you cant get it down. i have a coffee or if feel alittle hungry i have a protein shake. i will never get food down before 12 noon so i dont try to i just adjust my diet to consider this and do what i need to do. maybe if you prepared a liquid breakfast the night before as i do or even that morning this might save you some time and you are not forcing food down and feeling uncomfortable. dont stress though you are doing well and will continue to do well and reflect back on all the weight you have lost and kept off and hold your head high. denise
  9. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    thanks everyone it is also inspiring to me to have all your positive comments even though i am at goal it is not always easy sometimes. i have been maintaining my weight well at least learning too as its not so easy to do this because i have spent so many years worring about dieting so much i never really gave much thought to what to do once i got there, i think deep down i never thought i would ever get to the point that i would ever have to just maintain my weight as so many other diets have never worked. my band is now loose, well looser, than i have ever had it but i have found that i can actually maintain my weight with exercise but also diet so that means that we can change the way we think and interact with food and diets. i bounce between 62kg and 63kg which i have finally learnt to accept and not be obsessive with every bit of food i put in my mouth. i did get to 66kg over xmas and new year but i have realised that that was because i wasnt doing any exercise, not even roller derby, so when i weighed in at 66kg it only took me 4 days to get back down to 62kg with exercise and a very controlled food consumption, so now i only allow myself to get to 63kg then i put the brakes on and get back to 62kg but its mostly the level of exercise to do this. i was hoping by posting my pics that it would be good for everyone to see that it does work as a tool and we can all change and the rewards are so worth it, so keep going everyone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all. i mean who would have thought i would get sick of people continously telling me "oh your so tinny" blah and especially when i am on my motorbike as most men say that i am too small for my motorbike or how do i manage to cope with such a big bike being such a small girl, little do they know that just over a year and a half ago i was a huge 150kg, ha ha if they only knew. denise
  10. Princess

    Diabetics Wanted............

    hi anne marie within 3 months of banding i was free from all medications from type 2. i now have constant readings of 4 and am relying on diet only to control my diabeties so it does work but i think it was a number of things for me not just getting my band. healthy living denise
  11. Princess


    chris i have sent you a pm about my surgeon in cairns denise
  12. Princess

    Soon to be banded

    hi and welcome to the forum. firstly good luck with your upcoming surgery. i have lost 85kg with the help of my band. i started at 146.8kg and am now 62kg and i am around the same height as you. you will find that everyone is different in their prep for surgery, just listen to the advice that is given to you by all the professionals you deal with. remember that the band is also just a tool and not a magic solution to weight loss and it will work for you differently to everyone else. denise
  13. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    thanks for your kind comments. sonia i could give you heaps of advice but were do i start, i think the most important advice i can give you is to stay focused, get your head in the right place and exercise exercise and exercise. the band does work but its only about 50% the other is commitment, hard work, control and dedication. i sacrificied alot of foods and got my band as tight as i could handle and still healthy, i still see my dietician every 2 to 6 weeks and have the whole time i have been banded and i found this very important. you have to work out what works for you and what doesnt and do heaps of research even after banding because there is always something to learn. denise
  14. Princess


    ha ha rosmay a bloody cookbook that is a good one, so funny denise
  15. Princess


    hi sweets and welcome dont feel bad about yourself at all. most of the negetive things we think about ourselves is due to the negetivity we get from people in our lives (not meaning loved ones and who support us), just because you had a tummy tuck and think that it did not work does not mean you are a failure because at least you had the courage to find and try something that may work for you. all that we go through in life is to test us and try us and you cant put a price on that at all. take what you have learnt from that experience and grow mentally from it.you are a valuable and irraplacable person and remember that there are people around you that believe that you are important in their world. i know what it is like to not like yourself and hate the self image you project but it does get better for you but you have to learn to love yourself first because if you cant then how can others. its hard but you will feel good about yourself again. its a long and hard journey but there is a light at th end of the tunnel. you are special and can do this. this is a new year to the new you. denise
  16. Princess


    Well my friend who is also banded but not doing very well at all with her weight loss came to hospital in July last year when I had my colostomy reversed and brought with her a huge vase filled with cadbury chocolates, go figure that one out. I was the most popular patient in the hospital after that cause everytime a nurse left I said take a chocolate with you ha ha. I had nurses that I never met before just popping in to see if I was just okay. Who knows what really motivates people to not understand, mostly I just think that most people are self absorbed to really care or listen but it's all a test and ultimately you are in control of the situation Denise
  17. Princess

    New Years Resolutions

    Okay so my new years resolution is a boring one but it's to keep maintaining my weight around 62kg to 63kg and not be so obsessed about keeping this weight and get over my fear of being fat again Denise
  18. Princess

    xmas piggy

    Ha ha you have to love Xmas and all the over indulging we do. Me personally felt like I had stuffed my face all day but when I wrote it all down it wasn't that much I just felt like I ate and ate and ate. I did go jogging both Xmas eve and Xmas day mornings as well as the usual nightly walk with the dogs cause I new I would eat more than I should so the scales stayed the same both days even though I had aloud myself a 2kg fluctation under advice from my surgeon and dietician who kept saying "it's Xmas give yourself a break", maybe we should all be listening to this advice lol Denise
  19. Princess

    rewarding yourself

    Rewarding yourself is a wonderful idea. I bought a pandora bracelet and for every 5kg I lost I added a charm. It is very full after losing 85kg. I also bought an expensive charm for getting under 100kg mark and for reaching goal weight and then another for the new me. It was expensive but it's the most important piece of jewelry to me and I wear it with pride. People ask me what my charms mean and i am always ready to tell them each charm represents 5kg of weight lost and love the look on their faces. You can do this with necklaces but also other bracelets. I chose pandora cause I wanted something expensive and important but that's just me. Denise
  20. Princess

    finally roller derby shots

    Ha ha that's funny Lisa. Thanks for the encouragement Denise
  21. hello finally was able to get some shots of me ready for roller derby practice. hubby just grabbed the camera as i was rolling out the door literally. sorry about the flabby bits in some of the pics, no come to think of it i am not sorry and who cares, ha ha :twisted: denise
  22. Princess

    finally roller derby shots

    thanks everyone i never thought i would be ever able to do roller derby but to be so scantly dressed doing it too is something i have had to get me head around but time is letting me accept the new me lumps bumps and all. denise
  23. you are looking so great. keep looking at your pics to keep you motivated because i think you are doing so well. cant wait to see more pics of you. denise
  24. Princess

    Non stop eating

    hi and dont worry we all go through this at some point. i go through it even now maintaining my weight so basically we are not perfect so dont expect yourself to be otherwise we would not need a band. okay my dietician made me do this to distract me from eating out of bordom. get yourself a shoe box and cover it all pretty or do what you like to it. then on pieces of paper write on each piece something to do say mow the lawn, weed the garden, take the dogs for a walk, clean the windows or any other thing you like to do but does not involve food. fold each paper and place them in the box. then when you want to eat pick a piece of paper out like a lucky dip and do that chore no matter how you feel. i do this all the time and it works for me. i change the things to do on the paper just to jazz it up a bit. hope this works for you denise
  25. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    I also forgot to add that I am now a size 10 bottom and size 12 top which I am really happy about Denise