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  1. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    Thanks everyone. I suggest that you keep your fat clothes once you reach your goal as it is very amazing to put them on and it made me realise not only how fat I was but most importantly how much I have really lost. I was a size 26 to 28 mostly 28 but I would squeeze myself into size 26 though but I don't know how. I was so uncomfortable in that size clorhing but I had no choice I was fat and you just can't hide that. Denise
  2. Princess

    need advice from long term bandits

    i totally agree with Nonny. you have not hit your sweet spot yet so you still have time. my surgeon said that to give it 3 to 6 months before you start to see any serious weight loss as this is the time you need to adjust your band and concentrate on your fills and levels. i only lost weight while this was happening for me as i just had my head in the right place at the right time and plus i worked my butt of exercising but like i have said in the past, i have a very physical job and i exercise alot as well. just be patient, you have time and never compair your own loss to any one elses, this is your journey and your journey alone. denise
  3. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    ha ha carmen. it took a lot of convincing to get him join me, years ago he couldnt wait to get in to them :twisted: .i kept telling him we will fit and just because he is a fat bastard (he weighs more than me now) that that didnt matter and there would still be enough room denise
  4. Princess

    heres something to get you motivated

    heres 3 more just for the hell of it. enjoy denise
  5. Princess

    finally roller derby shots

    oh and i finally decided on a derby name after much back and forth between my team and the international roller derby regristry i have decided on Diepolar Bitch. denise
  6. Princess

    Denises fat pictures

    hi julie thank you for your comment and you WILL too. denise
  7. Princess

    Denises fat pictures

    okay so i finally got around to adding my pictures. it was a hard choice what to post because all my older pictures look gross but heres a few of just how fat i really was. denise
  8. Princess

    Honesty is censored

    oohh and Tawney step away from the chocolate, ha ha denise
  9. Princess

    Honesty is censored

    okay okay no one is being censored or targeted in this forum. i am looking at the history and trying to figure out what is going on. yes there were some posts deleted but it has just been random deleting not one particular post, topic or forum member. i will also try and get in contact with whom i need to but i think we have a bug in the system. just bare with the site and if it goes again just facebook me but something is wrong so i am trying to figure it out a bit. denise
  10. Princess

    Public or Private?

    like you i had to wait 12 months for my private health to kick in. i did heaps of research in the mean time and trust me the 12 months will go really fast too. i thought if i was paying then private it is. i had a really bad experience with major surgery and the public hospital ie:i was very close to death because of their ingnorance, so i vowed to never go public again and let me tell you that the private hospital was fantastic. i felt like i was on holiday. i have had banding then re banding 4 months later due to a leak and then colostomy reversal this year in july all in the private and i loved it every time. if you are paying then i would go private as thats what included in my policy but it all depends on the area you are in. being in cairns our public hospital is so very understaffed and always full its just stupid so at least i cant be blamed for clogging the system by going private and i think that there might be someone less fortunate than me that might need the bed space in a public hospital more than me, but thats just me its really an individual choice. denise
  11. do i have any regrets. No no no no and no. love my band, love my life. make sure your head is in the right place and it will work. i finally love myself and would do it over again no matter what the expense. my out of pocket was about $3000 and all fills after are free no matter how many i have and i also dont pay to see my surgeon its all bulk billed i just have to keep gettng a new referral from my dr every 12 months. i dont wish i had had the surgery earlier because i wasnt ready. at this point in my life it was right to make the band work for me. good luck and remember though that the results are different for every one. some loose weight slow and some fast but its very important to work with your surgeon and see a great dietician. having a good support team is very important for the band to work for you and make sure you do plenty of research prior, theres nothing like being prepared. as for pre op diets and such remember why you are doing it and try and keep focused, i know it is hard but you can do it. good luck and keep us posted on how you are going. denise
  12. Princess

    Before and Finish Pictures of Me!

    hi julie and welcome to the forum congrats on getting under your goal weight. you look fab in your after picture and like everyone tells me you look like a different person. it just goes to show with lots of hard work and dedication the band does work as a tool to aid us in losing weight. you look so much healthier and happier in your after pic and i know how good you must feel too. congrats on reaching your goal and stick around cause there are heaps of newbies that can benefit from advice from us banders that have reached our goal. denise
  13. Princess

    SO naughty (but honest...)

    ha ha slowdell this happens to me all the time and i still lost my weight. i basically look at it that i am not perfect and this is why i have the band, i am only human. SHIT HAPPENS you are doing so well, dont stress to much over this day. it will happen again and again and you cant get down on yourself too much, i just start the next day off fresh and deal with what happens. i learnt a long time ago that sometimes i just have bad days but thats what make me ME ha ha, relax denise
  14. Princess

    Im so not happy!!!!!!!

    you go girl. good on you for getting on the treadmill. you are definalty in the right head space. things happen for a reason and this is just one of them. you have time, enjoy christmas and just think you will start the new year off starting your journey. you can do it and wait you are very strong. i know what its like to wait especially when you are so determented to get banded but be patient cause it will happen before you know it. denise
  15. Princess

    Notice the change

    hi i started at 146.8kg too, just look at my ticker at the bottom lol. i didnt really notice a physical change till around 20kg but i did notice my energy levels got better and stamina. just hang in there as it is worth it just go to the picture gallery and look at some of the forum peeps pix. you can do it and you will chin up as all of a sudden it will hit you and you will notice the change. enjoy your journey. denise
  16. Princess

    port ogram

    hi loveit i have had a leak in my port. it was october last year. when i went into surgery they couldnt find the leak so they replaced the whole lot band and all. it was the same surgery as when they originally did but i found it a breeze cause i knew what to expect. you will be fine. if you have a leak you get it fixed and get back on track. denise
  17. Princess

    Stitch like pain

    tanya the pain you could be getting is your bands way of telling you you are full. i get this pain when i eat to much or drink to fast as it sits on the band and takes time to go through. if the pain is still present in say 3 days then call your surgeon straight away but like your surgeon said to you it will take a couple of days to settledown but you also need to adjust to the change denise
  18. okay everyone but you are probably getting sick of me posting pics of myself but i just cant help myself as i am so shocked and you are the only ones that understand what we are all going through but here i go again. i bought a pair of jeans this arvo cause the size 14 are way to big and i only wear them on my motorbike cause i am sitting down. so here is a picture of me in my SIZE 10 SKINNY JEANS. ever since i can remember i have always always always wanted to be able to wear a pair of skinny jeans but size 10 WOW. so now i am wearing them to the next concert of my fav band Little Birdy with a white tshirt and red stiletto heals, woo hoo cant wait. denise
  19. Princess

    ho ho ho - no no no!!!

    ha ha everyone i can eat anything i want now cause i have had fill taken out after reaching goal. the difference is that i dont want to eat the bad food anymore. i do splurge from time to time and i am saving this for xmas and boxing day only other than that i dont want to and dont have to. i have changed since losing my weight, my tastes and what foods i want to eat are now a more healthier choice. i try to take really good care of my body as i dont want to be fat again and will not allow myself too either. i go out for tea once a month with friends and thats a splurge for me so i do break the rules but with in reason. when you get to this point you will all feel the same way, you will understand. denise
  20. Princess

    skinny jeans, skinny jeans, skinny jeans

    thank you thank you thank you everyone. it means so much to me to have people who understand what we are going through. as for skin i do have loose skin and now that i have stopped loosing weight i thought that would be it but i am still shrinking. i have noticed that my stomach is now getting smaller i suppose thats how i fitted into the size 10 jeans and they are so comfortable to wear, i never thought jeans would be as they have always been tight when i was overweight. skinni i know what you mean about my collarbones. at first i was embarressed by them but apparently its normal for them to stick out. i commented to one of the girls in my roller derby team about them sticking out the other day and she laughed and said at least i was little enough to see them as hers didnt stick out at all but i thought she was skinner than me. this is all so new but exciting at the same time, aaarrrgggghhhh denise
  21. Princess

    Size 20 clothes now!!

    yay yay yay yay yay. you will keep going to the larger size for a while now so get used to that one, i still go to the larger clothes section even though i am size 10 but now i just walk through and not stop to actually look at the clothes in that section ha ha. as for hubby better tell him to get used to you shopping for clothes. denise
  22. Princess

    I'M UNDER 200KG!

    that is fantastic. you are doing so very well and you are motivation to many people on this forum. i am so very proud of you and what you have achieved so far. keep going and i think you should post some progress piccys. denise
  23. Princess

    Yay !!!!!

    yay it is so rewarding when you can fit into clothes that you never have before. you are doing brilliantly. it all makes it worth it in the end. good on you denise
  24. Princess


    its because we are not eating as much food, the mouth still produces siliva but your not eating , say an apple which would scrub your mouth as you ate so we have a build up but after a while it settles down and all is normal again. the body is amazing and quickly adapts to change, shame my brain wasnt this quick denise
  25. Princess

    ho ho ho - no no no!!!

    rosmay i hear ya i had my first smas party on tuesday night and alot more planned in the coming month but i took my own little containers of food in my hand bag. i had a container of nuts and mixed friut, a container of m & m's and a container of mixed apricots, pear and pinaple pieces. they hold about 1 cup of food each and to tell you the truth no one noticed that i was eating from the little containers but i could nibble while everyone else ate all the party food. i think it was just that i was chewing so they thought i was eating the same food. one or two girls noticed and offered me food but i said no thank you i have my own, after a couple of times most at the party just stopped offering me food and accepted that i ate my own. no one cares really. denise