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    I am a roller derby girl

    okay everyone i have decided on a roller derby name finally. thank you to everyone for their ideas but i had to be really careful in choosing a name so that it wasnt similar to somebody elses. there is this international list that i have to submit my name too and everyone i chose was to similar to another so in the end its Diepolar Diva. so now i am just waiting on approval from the roller derby league. hope they accept cause then i will have to start all over again. at least it stopped me thinking about my weight, ha ha denise
  2. Princess

    I am a roller derby girl

    Hi everyone Well I tried out for my local girls roller derby team and I am happy to say that my first practice session is tomorrow arvo with the team but your help is needed to now find me a name so far I have come up with Blue bandit Princess bandit suicidal bandit But you get the drift. I so want to include bandit cause that's how I got here but not sure cause I wanted to include either princess or pink, so please post names you can think of too, oh and if you don't know what roller derby is watch drew barrymore in the movie whip it, ha ha Denise
  3. Princess

    big big milestone

    oh bindi thank you for your kind words but i feel that its you who could use a little encouragement. you have been through alot and it can wear you down but remember that we all can do this and you have to stick with it cause in the end it all pays off. i know that sometimes it can seem to far away and thats exactly how i felt some days even to the point i would cry and wonder why i am doing this and even now i am at goal i still question if i want to spend the rest of my life like this with the band but then i look in the mirror and think yes i am special, i can do this and so can you. what you have been through will make you stonger and more determaned to beat the set backs. we can do this and it will be hard but it can be done. love and courage to everyone and chin up as life does get better. denise
  4. Princess


    ha ha dominic i actually thought it was me i could smell, well at least after roller derby practice, yuk all sweaty. i know what you mean cause everytime i go in for a chat i just seem to miss everyone. just keep trying though and maybe we will be on at the same time, one day ha ha denise
  5. Princess

    big big milestone

    Thanks everyone. I had a great nite out and know one even takes any notice of the issues that we all have with our bodies. Skinnymini I think my arms are shrinking, slowly, cause I saw my dr recently and she told me that the loose skin is not as saggy as when she say me in February of this year and that my skin still has alot of elasticity to it and to just wait the 2 years cause she's certain that my skin all over will shrink but overall I am pretty lucky in regards to my excess skin so who knows Denise
  6. Princess

    Today Tonight

    Hi I didn't see it but my mum did and she was pissed at the report, so this weekend I am sending an email to them explaining how it does work and I am proof ha ha, wanker show Denise
  7. Princess

    Bathroom Scale Diet Tricks

    Oh my god suzie that is so funny. I must say that some of those ideas have crossed my mind Denise
  8. Princess

    Hello Hello Hello!

    Welcome back to the land of the living. I thought you were missing in action and i was getting to the point of starting to look for you Denise
  9. Princess

    I am a roller derby girl

    Holy shit slowdell that's an image I can't get out of my mind now ha ha Denise
  10. Princess

    I am a roller derby girl

    well i am happy to report i survived my first training session but my arse is so sore. i knew that i didnt hav a layer of fat anymore but i didnt relise how bony my bum was, ouch. i only fell twice but the last time i landed on the side of my butt and colar bone and it hurt but i still loved it and cant wait till next training session on thursday.i also have a no skate training session on wednesday arvo and the way i feel now i dont think i will survive the week ha ha. i have muscles and bones that i didnt know were in my body. it felt so good though to get on skates with just a tank top on and shorts and no one cared about my flabby arms. they all kept saying how little i was and would be good as a blocker??? not ready to find that out yet though. still deciding on a name but it looks like Lil Bandit is the go but keep the ideas coming. Tashy i think snowboarding or skiing would be great and if you want to do it then go do it cause lifes to short. i cant wait to see pixs of you skiing down mountains or even a snowboard stunt or two ha ha. i will have pixs soon though maybe next sunday training session. denise
  11. Princess

    depression and banding

    hi susan i had trouble with a psycologist before i was to be banded as she tried to stop me having the surgery saying that i was suffering from depression. well how wouldnt when you hate yourself and weigh 150kg, duh. she was ringing my surgeon and sending letters and i was so scared that she would stop the surgery but i rang the nurse and she said that of course i will be depressed this is why i was having the surgery and my surgeon ignored the shrink and went ahead anyway and now i couldnt be happier with my life and myself, i love me ha ha. who is it that is saying that your depressed and wouldnt cancelling the surgery add to your depression. i think its time start asking questions and putting your 10 cents worth in because this is your choice. its just so stupid that they would stop surgery because you are depressed when to me it all makes perfect sense. as far as depression going away after banding, well mine did because i was happy i had the surgery and was losing weight. i cant speak for every other beautiful person on this forum but to me we all seem a happy bunch who love life and ourselves. this to me just seems to add to your depression, it doesnt make sense. is it your surgeon that has said this and if so what is he basing this descision on, does he have proof from previous patients that depression can hinder or get worse after banding. if its a shrink then get rid of them or find a new one or even talk to your surgeons office. my surgeon didnt care really what the shrink had to say cause he understood why i was having the surgery. i am so mad when this happens because i have been through this and i think its not fair to stop you. get back to me as i am very interested to know who said this, but chin up babe you will get there in the end as you are strong and know whats best for you. denise
  12. Princess

    I am a roller derby girl

    thanks girls. it surprises me how close we are all because of this forum and how much we all know about each other. after going today for the first time i couldnt wait to come home and post on the forum and tell you all ha ha that is so funny cause i regard all you as my friends. thanks for your suggestions i am definalty going to include bandit but i love all your suggestions so far, i think its going to be hard cause i like all the names ha ha. denise
  13. Princess

    What do you say???

    hello everyone i just tell everyone that my husband locked me in a room for 15months and would only feed me bread and water. then when they are standing there with there mouth open i walk off saying wouldnt you lose weight too, ha ha ha ha ha they dont know whether i am joking or not and if they dont ask me really how i did it then i leave it at that. if they are really interested i tell them lap banding and i find that most people know someone who has had it done or is about too, i have only had i would say 2 people out of the many thousands i have told be negative about it but i dont care really. its my choice my body my life my band so anyone thats now negative i cut them out of my life, ha ha denise
  14. Princess

    my pic

    wow mk what a difference. i bet most who know you dont even recongise you now. that is fantastic. i love your little furry friend ha ha. how much have you lost. you are doing so well denise
  15. Hi dom thank you for sharing your picture with us. its a big step to find the courage to post pictures of yourself as when i did it was admitting that i was fat and that i have a problem and that is hard for anyone to do no matter what size you are. you are taking the right steps to the new you and never be ashamed of yourself no matter what size you are. your are still very important to the world and to all of us on this banding forum. denise
  16. Princess

    Feeling like crap

    Wow on your weight loss, that is fantastic 6.5kg, you go girl. Not long now, think about that light at the end of the tunnel. You are doing amazingly and you can do this. You have to keep me posted on how you do as I am so excited you are going to be a bandit soon, woohoo Denise
  17. Princess

    addictive behaviour

    Not to be a bit of a downer but it's true. You move your fixation from food to other things. I will now try and list my addictions since being banded 16 months ago, Shoes Perfume Make up Clothes Clothes Clothes Jewelery Going out Clothes And then clothes I am also trying to break my addiction to loosing weight and so far so good. I never realized until I was banded how much time and thought I was putting into food and not just eating it but thinking about it too. It's usual to take interests in other things when you are not interested in eating. I saw a shrink the other day and she said to me that I now have to take the focus of losing weight and channel my focus onto something else. I don't think you will ever stop the need to focus on things but just have to learn to control the focus and what you are focussing on. Denise
  18. Princess

    How is your partner coping ?

    hi dusty congrats on the weight loss but having lost 83kg myself i know what you mean. not only do we struggle with the change of our self image but it greatly affects those around us. i have lost many of my friends because with the new me comes a confident me but this can be very uncomfortable for some. my husband has been very supportive but has also struggled at the same time with the changes. i suppose one area that is really different is when we are intimate. he says its like he is with me but i feel like a stranger so we do it with the light on just so he can see that its still me and that has seemed to help him, sorry if to much information ha ha. he is slowly adapting but i am changing and its brought up a lot of his insecurities as i do get alot of male attention now, not that i mind. i just reassure him everyday that i love him and i did this for me and for him too. i want to spend the rest of my life with him and he supports me no matter what. give you partner time and things will change. i have been very lucky that my husband has accepted the changes and changed with me. we exercise together, work together, eat together and just about do everything together. i bought a motorbike for myself in february this year then bought my husband one for his birthday in april this year and that was the connecting event for us both and it just clicked with him that we can do things together now as i have the energy. maybe find something fun to do together, you never know. its hard really cause i never got told about how this would affect my husband and its sort of learn as you go cause before i lost my weight i was so focused on me but now i have to include my husband and his feelings cause it does affect him. denise
  19. Princess

    Hello Everyone, New Guy here

    hi dominic and welcome to the forum. as you can already see everyone is great on this site so dont ever feel like you cant share your experiences or problems with us all. congrats on the descision to become a bandit. it is the best thing i have ever done, hard but worth it in the end. keep us posted on how you go pre op and post op and i am so excited for you starting your journey to the new you. denise
  20. Princess

    Hi there

    hi and welcome to the forum congrats on your loss too denise
  21. Princess

    Feeling like crap

    Hey Jodie you know that you can do this, you are strong and have gone through worse than this. Think of the end result and what you are working towards. I believe in you and know that you can do it. I am cheering for you as is everyone else. I know you and I know you have the stamina to see it through Denise your friend
  22. Princess

    New to the site but and Old Hat at the Band!

    Oh my god you are the angel i need at the moment. Firstly welcome and congrats on your weight loss and also maintaining it. Great web site you have too I have already checked it out. I have just reached my goal weight ( well under it) and am now at the stage of maintaining but after spending the last 16 months focussing on loosing weight I am now freaking out about not loosing weight anymore, if you know what I mean. My surgeon this morning took out .4ml as the weight keeps dropping off and I also have an apptmnt with his psychologist tomorrow but I have no one to talk to about my feelings when you reach the end of your journey. Sorry to poor my heart out but I have been wishing there was someone who had already been through this and here you are. You will find everyone wonderful on this site and I know that alot of their caring words and thoughts have helped me when I am feeling down so welcome once again and I look forward to picking your brain in the near future ha ha Denise
  23. Princess

    15 KG baby!!!!

    Nolle you are doing wonderfully. No matter how big or small the milestone, it's all worth celebrating. Your a star Denise
  24. Princess

    Under weight! What the

    Okay I just want to have a whinge really but I am now officially under weight. Go figure that one out. I have an appointment with the surgeon wednesday morning to take out some fill but I am now freaking out a bit about the transition from loosing weight to now maintaining weight. It all seems so hard sometimes. I have spent the last 16 months retraining my brain to lose weight now it all has to be trained again. To be honest with you all and I haven't said this even to my husband but what am I going to do now that I have to stop losing weight. I love the feeling of losing weight so now what. I am an intelligent women so I know that I have to stop it's just going to be hard and I know I can do it but....... Anyway I will see how it goes only one more day till I can see my surgeon. On a happy note I still find it hard to believe I have lost over 82kg and now weigh 64kg. WOW 64kg yeah last time I weighed this was when I was born ha ha. Anyway I am just having a down day, you know periods and all. Thanks for ready my whinge. Denise
  25. Princess

    So I kinda got a bit lazy ...

    Yah Dave welcome back to your site ha ha. Wondering how you have been going as it's been sooooooo long since we heard from you. This site is growing in leaps and bounds and we have many wonderful members now. I look forward to see your posts about how you go and congrats on uni Denise