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  1. I tried to find you bit didn't come up, try me Denise Diepolar Mulcahy, my profile pic is the one of me on league uniform. Wow only 4 weeks it's so exciting but wait till you start bouting then it gets good

  2. i am going to brisbane on the 12th july for 10 days and am goin to visit NBR as that is our sister team and a few of the girls have travelled to cairns to hold triaining weekends. our captain has a twin in the NBR too so that helps. i am hoping to train a bit with them. they have a trans sexual in their team and apparnetly she was in a tassie team, racy rapidfire. i bouted against her last weekend

  3. wow tassie is doing well ha ha. i am up to 3 mins planking and i can now even do 5 man push ups. i love how the little things make me proud. r u on face book cause we should add each other. the new pic i have was in the townsville paper, its the best shot i have so far. i have an intraleague bout on july 23rd so very excited then i have 1 every month till nov then i go to brissy to bout big time

  4. omg i just read about them on face book well i think it was you are the only roller derby team in tassie arent you

  5. way to go bingowing. you may think you are the biggest there but you can offer so much more than other girls can so embrace what you have to offer. what league are you with. i just had 5 bouts in 2 days for the nth aust championships over the weekend in townsville. i am stuffed plus i go the flu. i will get back to you in regards to core strenght exercises as i will talk to team personal trainer

  6. thank you. i love roller derby and it will keep you so fit. i struggle every day to stay at goal weight as i am always underweight due to derby. it doesnt matter what size you are just do it as by the time you reach goal you will be ready to bout. i just had my first bout saturday night and now i have a bout every month till november yah cant wait.

  7. hi and welcome. dr clapham is the best and most caring dr i have ever had. you are in good hands with him. banding is the best choice i have made too. some of us banders get together for coffee every now and then if your interested i can contact you and your welcome to come, most of the time its just me that goes but its and option if you need to chat about banding.


  8. my new skinny me passion is roller derby, i should say my "addiction"