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  1. I just wanted to say Welcome back Dave

    For those that don't now me I'm admin and moderate this page and have for many many years (i feel old now ha ha) I dont post very often but I'm lways lurking behind the scenes

    I wanted to thank every member of this forum. I read your posts and assist where I can but generally all members are responsive, courtous and very supportive to one another.

    Thank you for also being very patient with me moderating this page. At times we have had very active spammers but I have tried to keep up with it and remove asap.

    Keep recommending changes to this site as no suggestion is irrelavant to the continued improvement and running of the page.

    Remember that I am only a click away

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  2. I applaud you for speaking up about the obvious pain you have been though and issues you had. I find it hard to understand that they don't seem to take the situation you are in serious either. i do however feel that banning the lap band is very unnecessary though. i have had mine since 2009 and have had no issues from the band itself only from human error, well surgeon error lol. i have come across many people who have the band and have no issues at all so just worry about the effect it will have pushing for the band to be banned, feels like a pun sorry. This is just my thoughts and am in no way trying to take away from the seriousness of the pain you have gone through with yours though. There is going to be good and bad with everything esp having a foreign object surgically put in my body but I was told the risks and took that chance. I do not however wish pain, misery, depression and eating disorders onto anyone and neither should anyone have to endure what you have been through. Just my speak up opinion :-D

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  3. I started more than 150kg. At my lowest I got to about 59kg which was ridicolous as I looked sick. I had to put on weight so I am now around 75kg, which i am absolutely happy with. I have about 5kg of excess skin. Ive been this weight for about 2 years. I work out alot and started toning more about September last year. Even though my fat to lean muscle ratio is great i havent managed to put on any weight with the extra muscle mass. My surgeon said that I would sit comfortably around 75kg when I started my journey. I thought he was crazy but turns out he was right. Mind you I wouldn't have settled personally for just under 100kg so I was determined to get way under

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  4. Banded June 2009. Had everything replaced due to leak in October that same year. Besides that I think ive been very lucky with my band. I have been playing a full contact, high impact sport for 6 years now and not had any injury to my band or port. Ive had broken ribs, fractured tailbone, broken ankle and leg, dislocated jaw plus numorous other minor injuries but nothing lapband related. I had kidney stones a couple years ago and when the surgeon shattered one of them to remove out my kidney, as it was huge, he knicked the tubing from band to port. I did have the tubing and port replaced 2 months later but not my band. I even had a stent inserted into my kidney due to the damage from the kidney stone. I got hit so hard playing my sport while i had the stent in that it knocked the stent out of my kidney and down into my bladder but my band and port were fine lol. I may just be lucky though ;-D

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  5. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will look into this further over the next couple of days. I have checked your details and they all seem to be correct. Have you tried logging into your account from another access point to see if you have the same problem?

  6. Ive had 2 leaks since banding in 2009. First leak everything was replaced. The surgery was so much faster the second time around. Second leak i had just the port and tubing replaced and was nice and fast too. If you have a leak then it happens. Have the replacement surgery and get back on track. My first leak we have no idea why and my second leak was we think from some minor surgery for other stuff. It happens with a band as its not completely fool proof but you can do this. Get your positive mind set that you had with the original surgery and continue on your journey, you can :-D any questions ask away ;-)

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  7. I had to wait 12 months for my private health to kick in also. I actually was thankful for the 12 months as i did as much research as possible, met and talked to anyone and everyone plus formed great eating and lifestyle habits so that when it came time i was 100% ready. I never regretted having to wait that period. Maybe look at it as a set time to prepare yourself mentally

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  8. Ok enough is enough. I dont want to send out warnings but i will if need be. This is ridiculous. Remember that we are just typing words with no tone or language so it can always be misunderstood. I have deleted some threads on this topic that are deemed inappropriate. Can we please stay on topic and keep our own strong opinions about others to ourselves. I am in no way siding with any one person or topic. You can pm me if you would like to discuss this topic or post further, thank you for your understanding



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  9. I have deleted comments in this post as its getting completely off topic. This forum is for the constructive advice and experiences of members whom have had all types of weight loss surgery. What works for one may not suit another but the point is to offer knowledge of each situation we encounter. Failure to respect each members opinion will not be tolerated as per the guidelines and rules of this site.

    Thank you

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  10. I love exercise and can never sit around. I play roller derby and we train 3 nights a week and it's intense. We also have a PT session once a week and we are always entering physical challenges together as a team. Between that I have a home gym, a horse, 2 dogs plus a business that I physically have to work in everyday. I couldn't have coped with the level of activity I do now without losing my weight. Just added hiking a local track once a week also to up intensity. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm 40 as I feel like I'm in my 20's all the time lol

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  11. Hi and welcome. I have had my band 6 years. I love my band and like you I have to work on it constantly to stay on track and when the pants feel a it tight then I cut back lol. I have never regretted my band even though I have had 2 leaks. I do get a bit annoyed that there are so many knockers of the band and I now only have 1 friend left who still has a band but saying that I'm happy, I've adapted my life to include the band and after losing 85kg give or take anywhere from 5kg to 10kg I'm super happy

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  12. I have a love hate relationship with my band all the time lol.

    first things though is that I think you may have too much fill. In the 18 months that it's been like this have you told your surgeon about what you are going through as the constant stuck moments shouldn't be happening. Maybe you should get some fill taken out, go on holiday and come back starting fresh. You will get over the fear of stuck moments and enjoy going out to eat but you may have to find either the cause of your stuck moments whether it be mental or physical 

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  13. As an Administrator on this site I would like to remind everyone to read the terms and conditions of this site. This post is not aimed at any one particular post/s or person/s but if we could please stay on topic otherwise posts will be deleted.

    good luck Tishtish I hope you get your band issue sorted 

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  14. I've had my band for almost 15 years. I have a pouch but it's not bothering me and in fact at times I think it is a slight advantage since I can eat more normally when out at restaurants with others since more food can sit above my band waiting to go down. I asked my new surgeon at my last fill about whether I should switch to bypass or sleeve and he told me that I'm best to stay with a band because my main issue is sweet foods. Even if you get dumping at the start following bypass or sleeve you can gradually build your sweet food consumption up over time and dumping stops apparently. That's what he told me. So basically I need to work the band and stop dreaming about life being easier if I switched to another WLS. I have no problems with the band and can eat whatever I want in smaller quantities. I just need to avoid eating sugary crap and I will stay a normal size.


    It seems like a very large number of people are switching WLS at the moment. I'm not really sure why everyone is changing from one to another though. Just makes me wonder whether everyone switching really have issues with the band or whether some think their life will be easier with a different WLS. While weight loss is faster with the sleeve or bypass I still wonder about how much weight people actually keep off over the long-term.

    I just had a friend pm me about her band as she's had hers as long as I've had mine but she never went back after surgery to get fill in so it's never worked for her. Well now that she finally has fill and the restriction is starting she is freaking out cause there are foods she can now not eat. I told her this is common with thing with mine but I don't miss those foods which now do not go down and that this is the con of having a band. I said that the need to loose my weight, be healthy and live longer far out ways the need to eat steak or large meals. A week later her response to me was that all is good now as she's been back to see the surgeon and she's getting the band taken out and going the sleeve option. I personally think this is the lazy option for her to choose. It got me thinking though that maybe this is why there is such a high percentage of band removals to sleeve. Now I'm not saying that this is the case with all removals as sometimes the band works sometimes it doesn't in people but I do know from researching the sleeve that even though you still have to be careful with food, it's a lot easier than the band. Another friend of mine that I have know for years decided to go sleeve last year too as she said watching and listening to me made her realise the band is too much work, even though I don't find it hard at all. Everyone is different though and I in no way discourage anyone from the decision they choose to make for their own body

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  15. I've had my band for many years now and lost 85kg in 15 months with it. I think like everyone has stated that it's an individual choice. I had mine leak last year due to another surgeon perforating my tube by accident as he was not aware. In that time I considered to go the sleeve option but when I had the leak I resorted back to my over eating and I put 30kg back on. What it made me realise is that i needed my band cause I know that without that physical restriction that my band gives me I would over eat very easy and possibly stretch a sleeve. The band is a lot of work as there are things you can and can't eat that change on a daily basis. I'm fine with this and adjusted my eating habits accordingly. I love my band and would not consider a sleeve ever. Be happy with the choice you have made as that's what's best for you. There will always be someone who will convince you that their way is the best way but how do you know that's true, what happens if it's not. If you are happy with what choice you made then work with that. Good luck on your journey with your band

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