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  1. Nonny

    Gallbladder issues

    My band had slipped before my gallbladder issues were discovered so I asked my surgeon to do both. He ended up removing the band completely. His reasoning was a massively increased risk of infection if he were to replace a prosthesis at that time because of the mess my gallbladder had become. I had to wait 3 months before having it replaced. They do have to be extra careful with infection esp where a prosthesis is involved I believe. It can be deadly. Nonny Forum Admin
  2. Nonny

    Newbie from Victoria "please help"

    Merged posts, thanks guys
  3. Both of you have some valid points. It's great that you have both found what works for you and I'd like to encourage sharing on the forums. I don't see where PinkPenny has told anyone what she thinks they should or should not be doing in my review of this post. Just her own experiences and links to what she is led to believe from the sources she has which are helpful to anyone reading. Let's play nicely please and accept that everyone is fighting their own battle however they can. We should always be grateful when people choose to share their experiences and accepting of what everyone chooses to do for their own journey. Thanks Nonny Admin / Moderator
  4. Nonny


    Thanks Penny! I'm so excited! Very nervous as you've said about the food being dry which is really not a bandit friendly thing but I figured I could find alternatives. I've also just had some fluid taken out because I think I've been teetering in the red zone depending on time of the month etc. So I'm praying I come back next month with losses up my sleeve. Great to hear you lost without the exercise Jellybelly. I'm quite limited with my movement thanks to chronic pain and injuries. I'm working on that part with an osteo too. Can't wait to do this with you both! Anyone else joining us can feel free to comment too.
  5. Nonny

    So much spam...

    I'm so glad you're back on track! Revisions are a pain but truly I would do it all again in a heartbeat because I can only imagine where I'd be now if I didn't.
  6. Nonny


    I decided I needed a kick start again so MOnday I am starting round 4 of 12WBT. Has anyone completed the program before? I am so nervous and so excited all at the same time. Nonny
  7. Nonny

    So much spam...

    HI All, I too am a Moderator and Admin on the forum. I'm pretty quiet because I feel my value has decreased since slipping my band and starting again. Most of the time I am here though and it's a pretty simple clean up of the occasional spammer but we did get hit hard this week and unfortunately it coincided with both Dave and I travelling. (I'm in Melbourne visiting my parents & CBS) I'm pleased to say all reported spammers have now been banned and all posts removed. Princess it is great to see you again Nonny
  8. Nonny


    Thanks for all your spam reports. It really does help us to get on top of it and we appreciate your patience. Please do not post to the spammers or acknowledge the spam in your posts as that then means we have more to clean up once the spam post is deleted. Thanks again Nonny
  9. This topic has now been locked and edited to again remove the doctors name. Yesno789 was given an explanation with their warning and deletion of the last thread. Everyone should familiarise themselves with the forum rules. http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules 5. Respecting Medical Professionals and Defamation Banding Together recognises the importance of working with medical professionals to help us all reach our goals. We also believe in respecting the views and opinions of others, including medical professionals, and recognise that we all need the expertise and support of our doctors in treating us. As such we expect that on the Forum that members will be respectful of the medical professionals treating them on the forum. The internet is not an appropriate venue for airing grievances against your doctors or hospitals, nor is "trial by internet" appropriate. If you have a genuine grievance against your doctor or hospital you should speak to the individual concerned directly, or use the appropriate official complaints procedure. Complaints against doctors or healthcare institutions should not be made on the Forum. Negative remarks about the medical profession, sections of the medical profession, or about specific medical professionals and healthcare institutions will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted and sanctions taken against the member concerned in line with the guidelines below and our Forum Sanctions Policy. We expect all Forum members to stick to the spirit of our principles in their posts on the Forum. Banding Together is about creating a positive, friendly, and supportive atmosphere, where the emphasis is on helping each other, and not the medical professionals who are doing their best to treat us. Defamatory statements about medical professionals in any form will not be tolerated. The 2005 Uniform Defamation Law is the legislation that deals with defamatory statements, which are something that lowers someone in the public esteem. If a statement is made orally it's called slander; if in a recorded format (including online) it's libel. Both individuals and organisations (where goodwill is damaged) can be defamed. Any person who makes a defamatory statement about another person, or organisation, where that person or organisation is identifiable or recognisable may be subject to a claim of libel by the person defamed. This would include the "naming and shaming" of doctors or hospitals where patients may feel they have received poor treatment. Carrying the legal status of "publisher", the Forum and it's owners and managers may also be subject to legal proceedings in the same way the original poster would be, where a defamatory statement has been made publicly. For this reason, for the protection of members, the Forum Administrators, Moderators, and the Forum, the practice of "naming and shaming" will not be tolerated on the Banding Together Forum. In the first instance, and for a first offence where a doctor or organisation is named in a negative context, the offending post will either be moderated or removed by the Forum staff, and a warning by Private Message issued. Repeat offences will be subject to a six month ban from the Forum. A third offence will result in a permanent ban.
  10. Nonny


    Hi all, It seems we've been hammered by spammers overnight. Please rest assured, I have banned and blocked the culprit, but I'm out attending a stall at the markets right now and I can't delete everything from my mobile. If there is anything new please report for me but anything posted prior to this time, I am aware of and will delete this afternoon. Thanks for beng such a help. Nonny
  11. Nonny


    It's mostly Australian but there are a few internationals - it's not run by Thermomix though. Just starting - yum!
  12. Nonny

    too fat for lapband :(

    I was banded by Professor Paul Burton. Absolutely fabulous! All the doctors at the centre for bariatric surgery are. Highly recommend to get an opinion from them. Prof Paul O'Brien and Prof Paul Burton are both there. Both are senior at CORE and are involved in the research and development of the Lapband and the training of other surgeons in the Lapband procedure, so you can't get better.
  13. Nonny


    The waiting would be horrible for you I do hope it's not band related, praying for a miracle for you. Xxx
  14. I put 40kg back on over 2 years with my slipped band. So happy to be losing it again now. It goes on so quickly.
  15. Nonny


    Shorty are you on forumthermomix?