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  1. pinkscrapbooker

    is there a Tassie group?

    Hi leanne, moving day must be approaching very soon, is it all going OK?
  2. pinkscrapbooker

    Hello from Di & the girls

    Can you tell us more about the sleeve please Dianne. My background is as a theatre nurse, but I have been working elsewhere for the last 5 years, and not heard of this proceedure.
  3. pinkscrapbooker

    Hi I'm Carolyn and I have ten days til surgery

    My good friend started around the 130 mark (I think) and at only about 160cm she certainly had a high BMI. She is now about 55-57kg, and looks like a different person. She has really started living again! I am looking forward to being able to buy a wetsuit, and would like to learn to dive or maybe surf - I have always wanted to do more at the beach, but felt too self conscious. Sky diving would be an awesome reward. Good luck with the surgery!
  4. pinkscrapbooker


    Hi Cass, I am in Hobart, and I guess I was lucky that I had been in private health for years, and could just dive in and have surgery 10 days after seeing the surgeon. I put a lot of thought into my decision to see the surgoen in the first place, so it was easy to leap in and do it. I think if I had longer I would have talked myself out of it!
  5. pinkscrapbooker


    I think that your Dad's saying would be good on my fridge! I am hanging out for some food I can really chew. I never thought I would say it again, but I came home from the USA a few years back just dying for a salad, and here I am again saying I wish I could much on some crunchy greens! (it's funny how you always miss what you can't have) having my first non-blended soup tonight, and that is almost as good!
  6. pinkscrapbooker

    G'day from Gippsland

    Congrats on the decision girls, I am 2 weeks post op and feeling great! I have really surprised even me. I did find the first 2 days pretty awful, and felt that the surgeon understated how miserable I would feel - but what a difference two weeks makes! I think I am about 8kg lighter now, this is so much more than I had hoped for! You will oth do just fine, especially if you stick around here for support
  7. pinkscrapbooker

    New member looking for support

    Hi David, 18kg is great! What do you mean about the head thing?
  8. pinkscrapbooker

    is there a Tassie group?

    Hi Leanne, I am in Hobart
  9. pinkscrapbooker

    Another HELLO!

    The ticker is from tickercentral.com and the answer to the other question is that I am in Geilston Bay (5 minutes from Hobart CBD)
  10. pinkscrapbooker

    is there a Tassie group?

    Is there an existing Tassie group? I do better when I have people around me who are going through similar things to me!
  11. pinkscrapbooker

    re a yummy soup

    Hi, not a recipie, but just had the Campbell's chunky pepper steak soup. I did have to blend it and add milk, but very flavoursome anyway. My other favourite soup is 1L of chicken stock, 1kg corn kernals (frozen), 2 tbls of semolina and some minced garlic. Just simmer all together until warmed through and then blend to nice smooth consistancy. Nigella says erve it with cornchips and cheese, but a pretty good stand alone soup!
  12. pinkscrapbooker

    Another HELLO!

    Hi I am Tammy, banded on the 16th of April and bored being at home. I have so many things I should be doing (like writing my latest Uni assignment) yet here I am! Thanks Dave, I found all the other groups so hard to navigate (probably not if you had been following them for a long time) anyway, this site is so much more like the groups I am used to. I am a 37 year old mum of 2, Annabelle is 10 and Campbell is almost 8. I work as a child health Nurse for the state government. Hoping I can connect with some locals to share my journey (as my only other banded friend is at goal over 60 kgs lighter). All my other friends are overweight, and therefore a bit sceptical that this will work. Anyway, stop raving Tammy, looking forward to seeing others share their pre and post band photos!
  13. pinkscrapbooker

    Hello from Leeanne

    great to see a few Tasmanians! That is such a huge loss - wow! Where are you moving back to? I am in Hobart suburbs
  14. pinkscrapbooker

    Hi! Its me, Deb, the Bluezbandit

    hi Deb, congrats on great progress!
  15. pinkscrapbooker


    Hi Tassilass, I am another tassie girl, banded on the 16th of April. Can I ask why such a long wait for your surgery?