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  1. carmarg61

    STRUGGLING! not sure what to do??

    Maybe but I would rather treat the cause than the result
  2. carmarg61

    Losing the plot!

    Droogle I live in your general area Vic park . do you mind saying who does your fills. PM me if you prefer . I'll try nd work out how to find it lol
  3. carmarg61

    Question for Veteran Bandits

    Welty wish I knew the magical solution. A couple of thoughts, check your calorie Intake is 1000 -1200 cals. Using my fitness pal application makes that easy. Or some people here in the west have great success i think their program Is coffee for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and fish and salad for dinner. Those who don't agree with this program please don't jump in it should be personal Choice what people want to try to achieve their goal. What works for one doesn't always work For another
  4. carmarg61

    STRUGGLING! not sure what to do??

    Hi I had similar radiating pain which was relieved by having some removed. Would definitely recommend having some removed if you are traveling As you don't want to run in to difficulties while you are away
  5. carmarg61

    Dr Dolan's Patients

    Dr Dolan no longer works for Joondalup Health Campus, having completed the required ten years of service at an area of unmet need, but he will continue to provide services to public patients at all of his clinics at Glengarry, Hollywood and Mercy Hospitals as well as providing surgery at Osborne Park andSir Charles Gairdner Hospital. I didn't know where else to put this but thought it may be of interest to those looking for a public Dr, it is taken from his website
  6. carmarg61

    Emotional eating overload

    I feel your pain we have been through this with a young relative as someone said not as close as a partner,Concentrate on building memories.May help to try and find low calorie food to munch on my Dr suggested air blown popcorn ( homemade with popcorn cooker )which I find Helps with the munchies. Love and hugs hoping you get lots of support, our local palliative care team were wonderful for my niece and her. 4 y o daughter
  7. There has been some good advice here. Personally I told very few including only two family members. I thought I may have extended the Number I told as time went on, but 2 1/2 yrs down the track haven't felt the need or desire to. Remember you can change your mind and tellPeople but can't take it back, and many people can't keep information to themselves.
  8. carmarg61

    I need your help

    Sometimes I think you need to mix things up a bit, do more exerciseOr different exercise maybe add some strength/resistance exerciseWhich can be as easy as using food cans weights or physios will sell you strips of rubber band theraband. Same with food maybe change things around for a week and see what happens some people around here have great success with coffee for breakfast, tuna in oil for lunch and 100 grams protein and veggies for dinner.
  9. carmarg61

    I need your help

  10. carmarg61

    in Pain!!!!

    I found mersyndol helpful I think it has a muscle relaxant
  11. carmarg61

    doing battle with my body!!!!

    carmarg61, on 14 October 2011 - 12:53 PM, said: I too am finding the weight hard to move with careful eating and exercise and would be ecstatic to be 84 kgs. 94 kgs at present How much have you lost so far... your stats say you are 80% to goal... so you have done an awesome job already :)Have you plateued (sp?). 80% was being generous I have put on 3 _ 4 kgs since my lowest. I've lost 23 kgs
  12. carmarg61

    Bouncy bounce the emotional rollercoaster

    Good to hear you sounding positive,Current benefits wider choice of clothes shopsCheaper nicer clothesFitting into airline seats more comfortablyGetting out of the chair easierLess joint lain still working on that one
  13. carmarg61

    doing battle with my body!!!!

    I too am finding the weight hard to move with careful eating and exercise and would be ecstatic to be 84 kgs. 94 kgs at present
  14. carmarg61

    Band tightens from flights

    I think you are special lol I have travelled to Canada and Europe and within Australia with no great difficulty just being careful on the plane. I never have the band overly tight Sent from my iPad