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  1. Contemplating

    Very tight band last few days

    I don't think so, I've just had ten days off and had a lovely break. It's very random I've never had this before
  2. Contemplating

    Very tight band last few days

    Hi I've had my current fill for the past five weeks and have been going great. I'm around 7ml. But yesterday and today I can't even keep liquids down it's very tight. Going to call doctor tomorrow. Anyone else had this happen?
  3. Contemplating

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    Hi All Yes it's definately a slower process I think when we don't have as much to lose. I've lost 15kg and would love to lose another 5. I think I have about 6.75 or 7ml in my band. I hadn't had a fill for 3 months (Last nov). Just had another 0.25ml put in a week ago. I'm exactly the same - sometimes you can eat some things - another day you can't. I'm quite restricted of a morning and it seems to open up better around lunch. How much do you weigh Wanttobethinner?? I wonder why he won't give you more fill - are you feeling any restriction?
  4. Contemplating

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    I was banded in June 2013 and to be honest it wasn't since my fill at the end of November that it's made the biggest restriction to my eating. My first fill was 5ml then 0.5ml then another 0.5ml and then 0.25ml. Each of the other fills seemed to make a little difference for about a week but then my hunger would return. It will happen Just think of how long it took to put the weight on - I'm happy with any loss as long as it's not a gain. I think because we have less to lose it's going to go a lot slower. Chin up though - this year will be our year
  5. Contemplating

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    Had a tiny fill of 0.25 on the 28/11 and it has made a difference - the scales are going down again They had came to a stand still on about 79/78kg - today 76.5 wooo hooo. Must nearly be at my sweet spot I think. How are you all going?
  6. Contemplating

    Hunger after each fill - Help please

    Thanks Kazbo I really hope so. I was a bit naughty the last two weeks (I absolute this savoury snack called nuts and bolts - its a nutra grain, nuts and spices type thing) and it's clearly high in salt - resulting in me putting 1/5-2kg back on the scales :/ It's taken over a week for the scales to finally come back down again. Oh well it's Christmas hey hehehe
  7. Contemplating

    Hunger after each fill - Help please

    Thanks everyone. I'm thinking of getting a small fill Thursday now Felt a huge difference in the last fill 2 months ago and it's just starting to loosen a little - randomly LOL.
  8. Hi My band currently has 6.25ml in it and my last fill was 2 months ago. Last month I was experiencing good weight loss and my surgeon and I agreed we would not put extra fill in as my eating was restricted enough. I'm due to see her again this Thursday. I'm finding that in the last week my eating has increased portion wise. I suppose what I'm wanting to know is - is it normal to feel quite restricted for some time after a fill and then feel like it's loosened? If that makes sense. It does seem to depend on the day. Mornings I can't do breaky but lunch and dinner I seem to be able to eat a good cup to a cup and a half at the moment.
  9. Contemplating

    I've been given the option

    Good on you - take the plunge and join the club - the benefits far outweigh any of the cons
  10. 80.1kg this morning - soooooo close to the 70's LOL

  11. Contemplating

    Any lower BMIer's out there 30-35 range?

    I'm not in Sydney sorry
  12. Contemplating


    Wow I'm only 3 months in and am soo excited at the changes to come now I've seen your post - you look so much happier. I wouldn't be able to wipe my grin off either LOL - Well Done
  13. Contemplating

    Breakfast - Who has it?

    Ok thanks - I've only been banded for 3 months and now have 6.25ml in my band. Find it very hard to eat in the mornings.
  14. Contemplating

    Breakfast - Who has it?

    Ever since having my last fill last week I really find it hard to have breakfast - I have maybe 2 mouthfuls of porridge and then can't stomach anymore. I've been reading other posts where others feel the same way. Is this what usually happens?? I seem to be able to eat lunch ok and a little for dinner. Last fill obviously made a big difference lol