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  1. special-k

    Twenty Five Kilos lost...

    You look great , congratulations :-D
  2. special-k

    My bypass journey begins

    Hi all, I appologise I'm now a few weeks post op not posted any updates. im doing well and moving around much better. I have an nice scar from between my boobs to just above my bellybutton as my bypass surgery was open and dealing with the mind thinking everything is going to fall out lol (reality its not going to happened lol) I can finally sleep on my tummy which is amazing still some crappy sleeps but more comfy. The feeling of my clothes I usually wear loosening is awsome :-) yay So far I have dropped 12kg, im having fun getting enough water at the moment im usually a guzzler so im struggling with sipping. I managed to get the flu again so that certainly isnt helping :-( I brought a aqua rower last week and can't wait to get using it :-) I hope to post some pics & stats soon Takecare peeps Specialk x
  3. special-k

    Feeling pretty happy with myself

    You look amazing great work ;-)
  4. Oh dear learnt my lesson tonight :-\ someone over ate with their new stomach .... Grose feeling it was, not in a hurry to feel like that again oops

    1. Perky77


      Not fun at all is it!

  5. Grrr ...so I thought I had the anaesthesia paid his $1200 today a bill in the post another $440 ...jan is cranky :-(

  6. special-k

    Back to the Beginning

    Wow perky ;-) , What an amazing journey so far, & it must be extremely frustrating to have gained weight back, steroids are crafty little buggers good for somethings bad for others :-( .. Sweets stay positive you have done it before and will do it again :-) fingers crossed x
  7. special-k

    My bypass journey begins

    Hi all, doing well and home tomorrow :-) finally I can't wait to get out of the hospital bed. Im still really tender in my middle but I also have a crook back atm which isn't helping & passing some of that dreadful gas :-\ . I will elaborate more tomorrow when I'm home thankyou all for the well wishes xx
  8. special-k

    My bypass journey begins

    I made it :-) , I will fill everyone in tomorrow, sore tired & dying mobile phone :-)
  9. Todays the day bypass surgery

  10. Bypass tomorrow :-) .........

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    2. special-k


      Thanks darlin me too :-)

    3. Weightnomore


      Goodluck special-k

      I wish you a successful journey.. xx

    4. special-k


      Thankyou.... Now the nervs are kicking in

  11. special-k

    My bypass journey begins

    Hi suzie, thats a bugger :-( I guess they would probably see it a little extreme now that your in the very early 90 range. I'm starting at 130kg dr bessell didnt flinch when I told him my choice which was nice :-) my initial goal is 92kg ish but I hope to go Lower eventually... Gees I havnt been in the 90s since I was 18... And I can't wait You will budge the last kgs just think all the kgs gone sweets you have done amazing ;-)
  12. special-k

    My bypass journey begins

    Lol vanilla opti in my opinion is rank lol.... 8 days to go :-D
  13. special-k

    My bypass journey begins

    Thankyou all :-) .. Today I have been cooking soup mad :-) keeping mmy mind busy doing something I love. Hopefully finding a new job comes easy now ill wait until my surgery is done & healed up ... Chow for now ;-)