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  1. deBounce

    Long term bandsters

    3+ years banded, goal weight in 2 years and within 3 Kg for the last 12 months. I have learnt to live with my band, always knowing it is there but it rarly interfering with my life, if I forget it reminds me with a "stuck" moment! I can run if needed and have recently purchased a bicycle to ride to the railway station Best health decision I ever made.
  2. deBounce

    Weigh In Wednesday

    78.9 today Another 6 Months have passed without any major issues! Still maintaining the top end of my "happy weight"
  3. deBounce


    Good luck Trish, hope it works out the best for you.
  4. deBounce

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    2 year band anniversary and 40kg down No issues with the band No issues with what I can eat I'm happy with my decision
  5. deBounce

    The avenue

    Nice staff, you will be well looked after
  6. deBounce

    50kg down (well 700g short....)

    Wow, amazing
  7. No use comparing one set of scales to another If you are weighing yourself using the same scales each time then outright accuracy is not that important. The scales need to indicate the same weight repeatably! If they read 1kg less than last time you used them, you have lost 1kg In that you weigh .5 of a kg less (or more) on another set of scales is pointless.
  8. deBounce

    High School Reunion

    Amazing! Got to be so proud of your achievement.
  9. deBounce

    What to do after big stuck moment?

    I have had one small vomit session but without the stuck moment (something I ate didn't like me). Afterwards I couldn't eat much as it would get stuck and guessing the area around the band had swollen. After a couple of days I had 0.2 ml removed and I could eat freely again. My band and I had a good relationship before this episode, now it feels like I need to reestablish my relationship! Looking forward to getting that 0.2 added again. Theory of the fizzy drink is it will react with the food that is causing the blockage and stir it up, either allowing the blockage to pass through or come back out.
  10. deBounce

    Got given an air fryer

    We have a Phillips Air Fryer and love it. Simple and easy to use. We use it literally every day to cook various foods. Do a search on the manufacturers web site and Youtube for recipes!
  11. Welcome to Melbourne, hope you enjoy the journey. There are a number of us on here. CBS main clinic is in Glen Iris, they do have a number of suburban clinics and some rural clinics. There are a couple of semi-organized catch ups in and around Melbourne, depends where you live and how far you are willing to travel.
  12. deBounce

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Another great gathering. Good to welcome a new face to the group and catch up to see how the rest of us are tracking. Thanks
  13. deBounce

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    I'll be there on the night.
  14. deBounce

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm 78.7 this week. Down 0.3 since the end of December.
  15. deBounce

    band to loose? ??

    The band doesn't stop YOU eating! YOU decide what you eat and how much you eat, the band helps manage the hunger pangs until the next meal.